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I love this very much, @indianapatt :) You are super talented and very thoughtful, I love the exploration of duality that you delved into with this piece. How true that we all must shed part of our duality, and let go of our masks, of our faces, and be a little bit more true through the real words, our actions <3...

Gorgeous presentation of the step by step process, as well ! And I love all the close up views of this fantastic self portrait at the end of the post, too :D

Really, really gorgeous work <3 I love the composition, the colours, the pose of the figure.... You are communicating so much emotions with a faceless portrait ! Wonderful work !!!!


I appreciate your support and your comments! They are definitely food to keep making art. I do not usually do self-portrait, it makes me feel so uncomfortable the process of introspection to achieve it but here I enjoy it I hope it has been noticed! <3 very grateful with the votes I will be able to fix my laptop and thus continue to be active making art on the page! Thank you