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Be; doing

Self portrait without face


Who I am? Why am I here? And the precise association with; What or who wanted it this way?, Often arise in daily life, even in every decision that is taken however small or insignificant it is considered, and is based on respect for what we believe about ourselves, what we are But to what extent are we?

My art is an extension of myself I learn to know each day through painting and sculpture, I exercise sublimation as a way of transforming the most savage and primitive instincts of being into more accepted acts from the moral point of view.

Psychoanalysis sulblimation

In psychology, sublimation is a mature type of defense mechanism, in which socially unacceptable impulses or idealizations are transformed into socially acceptable actions or behavior, possibly resulting in a long-term conversion of the initial impulse. Sigmund Freud believed that sublimation was a sign of maturity and civilization, allowing people to function normally in culturally acceptable ways.

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Self-portrait without face N ° 1
Oil on wood



Undo the mask

the ego

The falsehood, the violence.

The constant questions about the human being, added to my philosophy of life,
and spiritual beliefs have led me to conceive a good
and evil duality that inhabits the human being.
This instinctive violence is hidden under the apparent

In this sense, my paintings and sculpture focus on the representation of deformed, deformed bodies that extend and regroup in search of liberating the soul, the very essence of being.


Release the soul

Accept our mistakes, our duality.

With the purpose of reconciling ourselves with the universe to answer the questions that afflict us so much, and to achieve the liberation of earthly desires, we must know ourselves and conscientise our repressed impulses to heal them and have a greater control of them, considering the world of excessive violence in the that we live.

Self portrait without face

The faceless self-portrait aims to be a reflection of who I really am, a memory that we are more than a face, a mask, makeup, a body, skin, a social stereotype, we are what we do with our time with our actions.

A c t i o n s are best words




  • Red pencil
  • oil
  • turpentine
  • bond oil
  • wood
  • Brushes



  • Step 1. Line drawing

  • Step 2. mark low, medium, and high tones
    skin color; red, white lowering the tone with green

  • Step 3. Generate expressive stains, with a plastic bag over the material.

  • Step 4. detail the folds of the mouth, and eyes to see shadows (low tones, medium and lights), even when they are not in the composition.







Thanks for the support!

I hope you liked it, it's always a challenge to portray yourself and more to capture the essence of your artistic work. follow my art in ig:

This is my entry to the #artexplosion contest thanks to @juliakponsford for the opportunity.



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Very cool concept. I think it makes sense what you say about our good and evil duality.

Excellent job on developing this idea. Well done!

Thank you very much for reading me, I am very happy to receive your support. thank you

I love this very much, @indianapatt :) You are super talented and very thoughtful, I love the exploration of duality that you delved into with this piece. How true that we all must shed part of our duality, and let go of our masks, of our faces, and be a little bit more true through the real words, our actions <3...

Gorgeous presentation of the step by step process, as well ! And I love all the close up views of this fantastic self portrait at the end of the post, too :D

Really, really gorgeous work <3 I love the composition, the colours, the pose of the figure.... You are communicating so much emotions with a faceless portrait ! Wonderful work !!!!

I appreciate your support and your comments! They are definitely food to keep making art. I do not usually do self-portrait, it makes me feel so uncomfortable the process of introspection to achieve it but here I enjoy it I hope it has been noticed! <3 very grateful with the votes I will be able to fix my laptop and thus continue to be active making art on the page! Thank you

Me encanta, felicitaciones, haces gran trabajo!

muchas gracias !

I Love you 😍😻🙈🙊 Soy Tu Fan #1 jajaja e.e

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awww yo la tuya