Fruit challenge- Art class 7 days 3 sbd DAY 4 Avocado

in #artclass3 years ago (edited)

Nature expressions my fruit photography


Strawberry Day 4


Avocado Day 3


Picking cherries farms


Cherry baskets

Cherry picnic


Make new fruit post every day
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Post your link at discord in art challenge
Post your entry link in my comment each day

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Share your art and photography at steemschools


An honor can be a big family part of Stefschools @flysky

The initial challenge of success

How many of your life's arts is, of course, the challenge of being the most meaningful thing that gives the most positive things, in the coming of life it takes a process for us to be great in life.

I am very proud to be a part of the great people in steemschool s I see many positive things done by the whole big family. I am sure one year ahead Steemschools become a very great flatform.

@flysky your a best family in di planet.

That is the best way

Wow! The fruits are looking soo... tasty 😋

This shots of the cherry fruit from the tree to the basket is so amazing
Keep the great shots coming

Awesome fruit photography post thanks for sharing your excellent idea can I do this dear

Great challenge @flysky Cherry sounds tasty. Ready to be a part of this challenge.
I know its late but here is my entry

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