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Sculpted this quite some time ago in 3D-Coat. It was supposed to be the first of a series of bosses, videogame bosses concepts, that I had in mind.


Full Res

I thought of boy/girl of around 17 years old, as main and playable character, who lived in a small village, very in sync with nature and spirits. Visually the world would feel like a mix of ancient cultures (I should develop artwork at some point in my life - hahaha). Perhaps in a coming of age rite-ceremony, in which he/she have to overcome certain predicaments in order to learn more about nature and spirits, naively unleash an ancient sealed evil. To defeat this evil he/she has to travel and get the aid of several spirits, guardians of nature, who kind of refuse to help him/her. Because of the refusal he/she has to fight them. These spirits were once persons that were tasked with protection, preservation of nature and balance, thus their souls were "trapped" in these special Idols:

c1.jpg These were my initial sketches for the idol bosses.

It's just a concept story I still have in my mind, but would be nice if at some point I'd partner with some writer to develop this. And a dev to make a game !!!

After the sketches I went and picked the upper right one:


And sculpted it. Here is a gif of the sculpture -I think it was my first finished sculpture in 3D-Coat- :


So I went and uploaded this works to opengameart dot org under cc0 (public domain equivalent) copyleft. Some day I received a message of a dev who wanted to use these sketches in a game, I said "of course they're cc0 so you can use it in any manner you want". But the sketches were super rough, so I cleaned them.


The guardians-spirits-bosses:

This one was the only one to had retained his human form, I was not sure if left it with or without mask. I thought this guy could had been a master melee fighter.

This could fire some ancient lazer beam from that stone helmet it wears hahaha.

Floating feline wielding big ass ancient machetes.

Weird totem guy.

This one was inspired by Nito - First Of The Dead.

Weird guys. They're freak friends.

This one could wield massive precious stone knuckles.

I imagine the sword to be of freaking magma... or just incandescent rock

Four floating fists.

This one could be master of serpents.

Little fella riding an ancient tech turtle :0.

Reptile totem head -_-...

Funny thing is this dev commissioned me to make a few things for his game. Later, I made several others just for fun, also these idol bosses sketches ended up appearing as enemies in the game... and suddenly between the two of us a game was produced. I'll write about the game in the next post, hopefully someone get to play it and like it. Is a turn based action card game.



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Many thanks... wanted to participate in the contest of the 80's... great great contest !!!

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Thank ya. Missed ya.

Nice beard he has :D
And another bunch of cooly b/w thumbs! Like it very much :D

I put a mirror-like material in the beard, but didn't look nice :( Thanks mate