The little Caterpillar - Animated Watercolor Sequence 🦋

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A small exercise in whimsy today! For my card project I am experimenting with animation and gif optimisation techniques so I thought I'd try and animate a sequence of watercolour panels of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The different panels are supposed to show different times of the day. I almost like the still drawings more than the moving bit! I find working with water based paints rather meditative!

Here are the individual panels:


And here the small result :)


It doesn't always have to be scantily clad girls or burly dudes. Sometimes my drawings can be a little bit more subtle too! :)

back to the drawing board,




ohhh it's so pretty~~ love it. <3

I think in this case the gif could use to be just a taaad slower. I think part of what makes the still images nicer in this case is that the gif timing isn't suuuper spot on. but then these are sort of calmer compositions so it's almost better anyway to kind of... contemplate a bit.
So I suppose I agree with you in the end. :P

Have you tried doing a gif in photoshop instead of premiere btw? with simple image sequences like these it works pretty well, and you'd save yourself the extra step of converting it because photoshop can export a gif directly..

permit me to link you up to the useful little reminder tutorial I found. I once did an entire storyboard animatic in photoshop, so I knew the thing existed, I'd just forgotten where.. ^^"

anywho, lovely work as always my bro<3

Ohhh thanks for the tips!
I'm gonna make a slower one tonight :)

Nice work there showing the morphology of a butterfly :) Love how you play with the background colour as well to show the mood.

Sometimes the simple tools and means are the most effective! I thank you

Lovely @zeroooc! I'm vibing so much with caterpillars and cocoons recently, this is a really sweet rendition. The colors here are quite appetizing!

I tried to make it as serene as I could!
Glad you like it :)

@zeroooc absolutely beautiful :). Would love to see more like this ♡

I'll see what I can do for you @redwellies!
I really love water colours.

cool! I've been trying to learn to use watercolor these past few days, this would be a nice exercise 😊

Oh I'm glad I can teach you something! That makes me happy

Nice work :)

Leiwand auch der Resteem :)

I love the different backgrounds, that so simply and elegantly show the change of day time and seasons, you can really feel it turning from winter to spring!

Hihi, often the simplest tools are the most effective! I'm not great at step by step animation so I gotta improvise and keep it a bit more abstract ^^

I like the idea and the colors, well done!

Cheers! I used some good water colour paper for this as well so the colors translated better. Should take more photos...

Yes they came out so brilliant, which watercolour do you use? I found my self enjoing Talen's ones

wowowowow zero! this is so lovely and pretty <3 the watercolour really makes the piece very whimsical * ___ * And i love the animated result, also. It's so beautiful~ i wanna be a butterfly too now ^ ___ ^


Weeeeee thank you!
flap flap flyyyyy! And with the beat of your wing you shall bring chaotic good into this world of orderly evil.

Quite moving! Happy Valentines, resteemed!

Happy Valentines to you too!
Thank you :)

Dude that's beautiful! I love the animation, and a really nice colour scheme.
Such a nice tranquil theme. Well done! ^^

Hihi this was a fun one :)
Only painting, little thinking. I'm usually better when I think less anyways. An exercise in tranquility if you will xD

Very well done. Subtle yet complex!

It is a live! Cool work :)

Thanks dude!

Nice post!

Thanks dawg.

Watercolors are my favorite. I liked the narrative work behind your artwork. 😉

This is lovely! And came out great. I love the attention of detail, as the sky continues to shift suggesting a change in season/time. Also butterflies are so fascinating, I've recently been overtly obsessed with them & moths.

Amazing. Lovely way to practice. I like the color shifts behind the silhouette of the butterfly.

Thanks! Different gradients and colors to show shifting moods! It's an old trick :)

beautiful work!

I thank you!

Wow that looks great. :)

thank you!

Awesome man... I just wish the GIF would play a bit slower

ill make a slower one tonight!
thanks ^^

Nice pic friend

Thank You!

cool! was this done in paper?

yes it was! I'll take some pic of the individual sheets later tonight :)

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