What is Blender?

in art •  last year


Blender is a FREE opensource application to create a lot!

From making 2D and 3D characters to creating an intro for your Youtube videos.

And it doesn't have to be hard to create something.
You can find a lot of youtube videos on how to work with Blender.

I really like the videos from Blender Guru
He has a lot of videos (for beginners and advanced).
Here's an example:

I recently made something very easy:

So if you are interested in making things like this, or making characters for games,...
You can do it all with Blender, and you can even export the things you made to use them in game engines.

Here are some images made in Blender:

download (1).jpg
download (2).jpg
download (3).jpg

I hope to reach some people who always wanted to give this a try but never found where to look 😊


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I think Udemy has a few courses on Blender.. (but they cost) These are really nice images. Wow! Thanks for posting the link to the tutorials as well.


Yes, pluralsight has some nice tutorials to, but it's played as well. But I need for school anyway so :)

I have a mate working with Blender for his game creation. I looked into it but don't have the time to learn and make stuff right now, would be cool to make a working character to move about in Unity (code it too).


Cool, I just try to watch some tutorials when I have nothing to do, but I still need to learn a lot, but yhea it would be cool to do that 😉


When I have nothing to do, I comment on Steemit posts. ;) which is also when I do have stuff to do. :P
Well I am doing software development, final semester now, so it can get busy haha.


Nice, I'm studying IT aswell, going to my second year right now and also software/application development as my choice (don't know how to say this properly in English) 😃


Ah awesome work mate, work hard at it! Choice* is the English way :)


Thanks ;)

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