The attempt to draw a hyperactive dog

in #art5 years ago (edited)


Today I felt like drawing my dog friend Prinz. I have never tried drawing him before because he is super hyperactive.


It was not even easy to get him on the selfie but drawing is another level. If you try to sit down he will run towards you and carry rotten apples with him. And he will jump on you and nip you with his nose until you throw the apple. When he has got the apple he will return and play various games with you to convince you to throw the apple again and again and again. Anyways I wanted to draw this crazy but also smart and loving dog. The solution was to keep the apple under one leg where he kept nipping with his nose and then looking at me again with this reproachful expression of impatience.


This was my first try. What do you think? Which drawing comes closer to the spirit of Prinz?

Lots of Light and Love <3


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@yoganarchista, You draw again remarkable art work this time using live source. Impressive skills used by you.Better description also.

Thank you for your support :) I think I can still improve the drawing but it was a fun task. I am thinking about drawing the neighbors sheep later :D

Ahaha wow I think it was the brilliant attempt under the circumtances really my first impression was a giggle when I asaw cutie
Amazing Lively drawed keep on going with your fun ART :)
Resteemed <3

Upon seeing this I remembered my Dog Winslow. He was so hyper too.

And btw, nice drawing 😊 Hello Prinz

Prinz greets you with a happy "wauwau!" Thank you for your comment :)

I like the first drawing more but both are awesome. :)
Prinz is such a cute and fluffy dog. <3

Yep, he is really fluffy <3 Thanks for the comment :)

Good art Friend. You did your work perfectly,Carry on....

Thank you very much <3

You are welcome.

It took some work but nicely done. i would wonder what your fury friend thinks of it. LOL Thanks for sharing the moment @yoganarchista

He looked at the drawing and made a grumpy face... I think he wonders why I spend so much time doing a drawing and not throwing the apple :)

nice art
looks like the real one

Thank you :) I am happy you recognize him :)

Beautiful sketch & you looking gorgeous.

Definitely your second attempt are more closer to the prinz, its eyes have something alternative reaction and drawing perfectly, showing your intimacy with its chemistry!

I think that you successfully conveyed the spirit of your dog!

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