Rough Self-Portrait and an Observation of Thoughts (Original Drawing and Writing)

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Ich habe heute ein schnelles Selbstportrait gezeichnet und die Idee entwickelt, dass kein Portrait unabhängig von der Qualität der Arbeit, ja nicht ein mal eine Fotographie oder eine andere mechanische Abbildung, so vollkommen sein kann, wie das des Künstlers von seinem bereits transzendent selbst geschaffenen Avatars. Sollte mein Körper tatsächlich die Schöpfung meines Bewusstseins sein, oder ist es die unseres gemeinsamen, geteilten Bewusstseins? Oder zeige ich mich mit dieser These gar eitel und verdiene eine Zurechtweisung durch das Schicksal, Entstellung des Körpers oder schwere Krankheit? Ich vertraue darauf dass der Kosmos mich liebt in meinem Selbstwachstum. Ich bin dankbar für meinen Körper, ganz gleich ob ich an seiner Schöpfung mitgewirkt habe oder er ein göttliches Geschenk ist.

Und doch, gelegentlich zittere ich in einer elementaren Furcht vor Schuld. Das Verhalten meines Avatars verursacht mentale Verwirrungen. Sowohl die Frage, wie ich das Verhalten vor meinem Gegenüber rechtfertigen kann als auch die Frage, ob überhaupt die Möchlichkeit besteht irgendetwas zu verbergen. Als seist du getrennt von mir, als würden wir uns nicht bedingen.



Today, I drew a quick self-portrait and developed the idea that no portrait, no matter how good the quality, not even a mechanical photographic picture, can be as perfect as the transcendental creation of the artist which has become her self made avatar body in this world. Should my body really be the creation of my consciousness, or is it imagined by our shared consciousness? Or do I show myself vain with this thesis and deserve a correction by fate, disfigurement of the body or serious illness? I trust that the cosmos loves me in my self-growth. I am grateful for my body, whether I participated in its creation or it is a divine gift.

And yet, occasionally I tremble in a basic fear of guilt. The behavior of my avatar causes mental confusion. Both the question of how I can justify the behavior before my counterpart as well as the question of whether at all the possibility exists to hide anything. As if you are separate from me, as if we were not conditional.

Viel Licht und Liebe <3 Lots of Light and Love <3


Well done! You address many fundamental points - that is the self recognises itself in your writings. You add to the non-illusion by a sharing a Van Gogh - like observation. There is much Love and Light in this. Upvoted.

AVATAR !! THE PLENARY EXPANSIONS OF VISNU!! have you heard about? upvoted & resteemed! dear @yoganarchista!

@yoganarchista, Awesome art and in my opinion, perfection is not important but Attempting to understand aspect is really important in life in my opinion.

And we are creations of shared consciousness in my opinion. Means, our souls are immortal and it will going to takeover next chapter in next body and our flesh (body) is mortal.

Our life is not an big question if we stay close to reality, and the reality is ourselves and our higher self, which is not in the position of outer world, inturn it stays within us at deepest innerself zone.

And in my opinion sometimes we receive confusion because we hold battle in innerself between the Conscious Reality and earthly beliefs.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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self growth is beautiful and yes the cosmos loves self improvement. I think they would love you portrait as I do. Blessings.

always have to be grateful to God for our body and for what we are is a divine creation beautiful words friend, this drawing is perfect I love art congratulations that you keep having that creativity that you have blessed

wonderful art that you carry within you friend @yoganarchista you are blessed by what you do, this portrait of you could not be more like ati, nice work and wonderful words always be grateful for what we are this is pure blessing <3

You have created a very beautiful art that shows that you are a very good artist..And a creative thinking person too...that's why I always like❤️ your blog very much...👌👌👌

@yoganarchista Your body should really be the creation of your consciousness.very nice thoughts.keep sharing.

Very good posts, hopefully a successful brother is always in the esteem business

I wonder if the cosmos loves us or is indifferent. Of course, we might all simply be the cosmos and each of our 'selves' just iterations made by other's perceptions held together with some sort of self actualized "glue".

I like your sketch, though :) People always assume my little profile icon is me, it isn't. It might be a version of me, though, and I was simply unaware when inking it.

Oh nice post and art i like it. thanks for share.

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