Reputation 68 Celebration Drawing and Gif <3

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Thank you all so much for your support. I am part of this community since 20 moons and I have now reached reputation 68. I remember a time when only the biggest whales had a reputation that was this high. I am so happy that my artwork and writing, my movies and contests get so much appreciation by the community. I have made some awesome friends here who I meet in Berlin regulary and I am so excited to open @kaliberlin soon where steemians can buy books with SBDs.


To celebrate the new reputation level I made this little hippy style drawing. 67 was the summer of love, I wanna make 68 and every reputation to come the reputation of love <3 The shot below was taken in Lisbon, without this community I might have never seen this beautiful place. Thanks again for the awesome time at steemfest.

PL318128 (3).JPG

Lots of Light and Love <3


Ahah, i only recently discovered you. Actually it was thanks to the thread where you were announcing the hoping of your bookshop!

What a trippy place!

I will consider myself ultralucky i will get to hangout there :P Love this platform and anyone involved with psychonautics and more generally anyone who loves the psychedelia 😍

Godspeed for your amazing project. Vi mando un sacco di cool vibes!


PS: volevo mostrarti dei lavori su delle replicazioni psychedeliche di cui un mio amico si occupa. Io le trovo fantastiche e ritengo debba essere molto più conosciuto. Se ti/vi interessasse, ecco il suo profilo Instagram!

I checked your instagram profile and I follow you :)

Ohhh that's not actually mine! For some reasons i thought you were italian??? so silly of me! It was just a dear friend of mine who makes psychedelic replications! Just wanted to promote him and thought you could've liked his work since they were related to the psychedelic experience!

my IG ,in case you were interested is 😅

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Yes you might have thought that because I resteem my friend @bronsedi. Iknow him for many years and we were flatmates some time ago. I know he is a great author thats why I resteemed also his italian posts that I can only understand by using google translator -which is not for real but I know he writes great articles. I found your instagram account now too. Anyways I am ushually not so active in instagram. I mainly use it to promote my steemit articles :)

Thank you very much :) I think it is important to spread the message of the mushrooms :) There is a reason 60s and 70s where so great in many ways. I hope this revolution can start again. This time with the support of the blockchain technology. Who knows what can happen :) I am excited to see what comes :)

I would really love if a new Summer of Love would happen again soon! I don't think it's unlikely, is it?

Congratulations! I hope someday my reputation will reach that high. In the meantime, I'm happy with my 45 :) - Here you can see how your reputation is growing. I was watching it like crazy last days because I always thought it would happen soon and then it took a week longer. If you keep posting and writing quality comments you can make it too :)

I hope so!! I've never seen that site before, I'll check it out! I also enjoy using, because it shows you your current rep down to the thousandth. Thanks for sharing this with me!!

Congratulations on the 68. You are loved and we embrace you and love following your great work.

Thank you very much @enjoywithtroy :) I appreciate your support so much and I am happy about your comments :) I love your work as well and I would write more comments on your posts if the day had some hours more. At the moment I have so much to do in @kaliberlin that I do not have so much time for steemit. But I like to support your posts for I see you put a lot of love in them and you are enriching this community <3 Thank you <3

Congrtulation my beautiful and honest lady

Thank you very much my talented and successful friend :)

Congratulations!! Dear @yoganarchista. Your hippy style drawing is very cute and colorful. I like it so much. It seems in your drawing that joys and happiness are spreading everywhere. Go ahead. As a follower I wish your great success.

Thanks @yoganarchista for handsome reputation. And thanks for sharing the joyful drawing.

Steem on!! Cool drawing, love all the detailing you did!

Thank you very much. I am at home with a cold today. So propably I will draw some more tonight :)

Congratulations! ☺

Congratulation dear friend...wonderful this art. i appreciate this drawing...resteemit done

Erstklassige Leistung!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch und weiter so.
Sieht gut aus was du machst ;-)

Congratulations, Your Welcome always , love your posts <3 @yoganarchista

Excellent your art..Really Outstanding your drawini impress see your photo.

Congratulation @yoganarchista.
Im on my way work so hard by posting a content almost everyday consistenly and hopefully my reputation will become better and one day if its possible as soon as possible to be 68 as you are now. Even I cant be that much at least i get 60 as soon as possible. Anyway, i know thats not easy to get a better reputation and im wondering what should we do to get better reputation?
First of all. Thank you so much.

Over all that's the great post ..
I realize it is so valuable post .
Best of luck ..Carry on your own way..👍👍

I have post you,, the best

I see the picture is very similar to the Indonesian batik motif

Huge congrats @yoganarchista!
Steem on!

thank you for sharing @yoganarchista this is amazing nice, @jhoni mintak permission want to make tattoo on the body.

Schön, wenn du deine Freude teilst. Alleine dafür schon mal der Glückwunsch.
Bei dem raschen Farbenwechsel muss ich aufpassen, dass mir nicht ein Flash-Back auf die Schulter klopft. Aber den Zusammenhang Ranking 68 mit dem Sommer 67 herzustellen - darauf muss frau erstmal kommen.
Nur musst du aufpassen, denn damals hieß es:
Don't bogard that joint, my friend and open up your wallet and share your savings!
Das waren noch Zeiten ...

Mit einem zwinkerndem Auge, Wolfram

Congrats !! You deserve :)

G that is some really cool art. I can't draw very well but i do partake in the fine arts.(music/acting) i like how it changes color and i like to see others doing well. Im working towards gaining my own status. Slowly but surely. Have a wonderful day!

Congratulations to this milestone! You are very deserving of this. I will never forget the first time I joined in a contest here in steemit. It was your nudedrawingcontest that I earn 16 sbds the highest so far since I joined last december 2017. 😀😀😍 i will continue to be your fan, and participant of your art contests. My loyalty is in you.


Congratulations for this achievement! is the result of all your efforts and support to the community. on the other hand, I would like to invite you to the contest that I'm hosting. Would be interesting to see your psychedelic style. Regards!

It's great, that you have achieved such success on Steemit! I wish you not to stop there! Waiting for new contests, drawings, photo!

congrats :) I already enjoyed @kaliberlin when i was there for the meet-up. good luck with that as well. it's a cool place. someone is playing the guitar right now next to me and i can appreciate your drawing. trippy :D