"Jesus Enjoying His Last Spliff" Original Painting

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Jesus 2.jpg

Yesterday I posted my painting In Heaven They Smoke Pot. Many of you liked the funny title and the way it was painted. Today I had the idea to give Jesus the relieve of one last joint. I made this quick painting and I am thinking of making a big format one with better quality.

The little sign with the fly agaric on the cross referes to the theory that the stories around Jesus for real refere to this mushroom. In old times when people talked about drugs they used code words just the way we do today. It might be possible that the new testament is refering to a hidden mushroom cult. If you are interested to find Bible quotes that support this theory or to find out more about the theory check out this link.

Jesus 1.jpg

Lots of Light and Love <3


The mushroom is a nice touch. I forget the title but there is a book that makes the case for mushroom references in Christian and Jewish stories. It is a interesting idea as psychedelics can certainly cause a religious type of experience.

Yes, there is a lot of evidence pointing in that direction. But we will never know for shure. Maybe Jesus came from outer Space ;D Everthing is possible.

Haha. Too bad he didn't bring space mushrooms.

Now that I think about it, I think there is a story from some of the native people in Mexico. The gods had to kill themselves to create the world. When they went up into the say their blood fell on the ground all over the world and where it fell, they say, mushrooms grew. Later when they converted after the Spanish came, they changed the story so that it was where the blood of Jesus fell.

Oh my God! Poor guy, why not on the floor?

True story... Maybe that could be another painting. I really like the contrast of suffering and pleasure though :D

I love to smoke without suffering :-))))

@yoganarchista, That's hilarious drawing work I saw friend. But your thinking, drawing process adorable. I don't know why you selected like these art work. However great effort.

I am happy you find the work funny. I think it is important to have fun in life as Nietzsche says: "Not by anger, but by laughter, you kill. Let us kill the spirit of heaviness!"

Sound being awesome. Glad to find happiness via your creativity.

Amusing nd funny art.i like it..........keep it up dear fnd.....

Thank you :) I am glad it is funny to you :)

I am very very thankful to u as u upvote my post.u are the first person who upvote my post,as i am new on this platform.....May God keep u happy all the time......

Hehe :D I hope he had good dope ;)

Are you kidding!?

I bet he would be offended...


I dug up this photo of him that his brother Jerry Christ sent me about 1000 years ago. This is a photo of him right before the crucifixion... He was getting crunk right before lighting a spliff...


FYI... He was the only saint to wear gloves during the holy roller bowling match...

Oh dear, you have made true funny on Jesus by painting smoking. He may be looking rock star!

Lol, for shure he is rockin hardcore :D

Excellent work...It's a little funny type but it's great.....Your art are also very beautiful...keep it up my dear friend ☺️

Chic article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

You made a good choice of painting it's adorable I love that you painted Jesus and the most important thing is how you have fun doing your painting that makes the art impeccable, good work friend
have a nice week with many blessings and successes

your art is so amazing...

Thank you :( Same question to you -positive comment & no upvote?

sorry i dont no your rules... now upvote your post

It is not about my rules. I ushually upvote every comment to my posts and I think it makes no sence to write a positive comment without upvoting. This is bot-like behaviour :) You can do better by writing real individual comments and upvoting the things you like. This is what strenghtens the community.

Wao this is soo beautiful and amazing art i like it.

To bad you didn't find it wearthy to upvote it then :-/

Sorry friend i upvote you but it don;t show you i upvote you agin check it.

Thank you for the support ;) I think commenting positive and not upvoting is a bit strange, but it happened to me before through misclicking

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