"In Heaven They Smoke Pot" Original Painting and Process (created for @hellovely)

in #art5 years ago (edited)


I have just finished this painting of a baby angel smoking a joint. This artwork was created for my friend @hellovely.


I got started with making a rough drawing of a pot smoking baby angel on a canvas that had a print of a still life on it.


The next step was to add the backgroundcolour ad decide how the clouds shapes would look like.


I continued giving more depth to the clouds and adding a warm yellow shade of light to them.


Then I started bringing colour to the skin of the little angel.


Then I gave the little fellow some eyes and continued adding more shading to the skin. At this point I met @hellovely and showed her the painting. She said she would prefere the angel having some hair.


I continued adding the hair, light in the eye and finger and footnails. Also the joint got some glowing ashes and smoke. The finish made many very thin layers of colour to smooth the skin. At the end I signed the work.

I hope you enjoy this painting. It was a lot of fun to create it.

Lots of Light and Love <3


Well i must say this is an interesting artwork, but in a good sense

Thank you very much :) I am happy you enjoy it <3

Ha! I had quite the laugh with your title. Nice one! :)

But why the still life under your painting if you don't mind me asking? Seems a little distracting don't you think?

It was because it was the only canvas I had handy. I am staying at my parents place at the moment. In the end it was not to bad for it was supporting the shaping of the clouds :)

You'd be surprised at the amount of things you can paint on as long as it's primed with gesso. And if you wanna go even cheaper, getting yourself a bunch of watercolor paper and some shellac works great! ;)

Thank you for the advice :) I will have a look for that :)

You're welcome! :) I personally like to get the amber colored kind because it acts as an imprimatura. One less step to deal with ;)

Very nicely done, and I like the title! Also, very interesting to see the step-by-step going on top of still life... one image morphing into another.

Thank you :) The title was inspired by Bill Hicks. I was curious what would happen when I started working on the pre-printed canvas and I like the effect as well. Thank you for your comment. I will check ut your blog now as well ;)

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@yoganarchista, Wow, so cool and amazing fashionable design from you. There are live looks indeed. Just perfect skills showing.

Thank you very much for your nice comment. I appreciate your assessment :)

Very beautiful painting indeed
you're a great artist
I enjoy watching great drawings

Thank you for your interest. I am happy you find beauty in it :)

Wow great art my dear friend...keep like this...i am enjoying you art😊

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Thank you for your support and considering me your friend. All the best for you :) I will check out your blog now as well :)

Thank you so much dear....for you support..😊

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Very neat and love that you showed the process! Do you sell any of your work for STEEM/SBD? I have a small collection I'm working to expand I dubbed "The Steem Room"! Every piece in that collection was paid for using STEEM/SBD!

Hey, yes, I actually sell some works, depending on what you are interested in. I have lots of different works: collages, drawings, paintings on canvas and many more. Do you have something particular in mind?

Here's the work I have so far, do you have a way to view your current work online somewhere? https://steemit.com/art/@bigdeej/aquarium-of-awareness-has-entered-the-steem-room-art-gallery

How do you feel about my painting Titty Terrorism. I feel it would match very good with the other pieces of art in your collection.

Hahaha so great, I had to look closer first, and thought I was hallucinating, not because of the pot smoking baby (lol) but because of the background. But then I understood you painted this on top because you had no other canvas. Well that worked out just fine! I would love to try painting on canvas too , but I already have so many things lying around to draw and paint with water coloring pencils. Nice work, I follow you too looking forward to see more :)

Hey there, I am very happy you enjoyed the painting so much and it was a surprise for you to see that baby with the joint :) It is a lot of fun to paint on canvas. I can really recommend it to you <3

@ yoganarchista I must really appreciate how you got started with making a rough drawing of a pot smoking baby angel on a canvas .I think it took lot of time drawing those painting.but you have done a very beautiful painting.I really enjoyed this painting.keep it up and do share more .

Thank you for your comment. I am happy you appreciate my efforts to make a goood painting. I wish to you all the best :)

Up voted ,

Agree in heaven they smoke pot

Lokking forward to it :D

This is very good Idea :) I like this art :)

Thank you :) I am happy to read your comment :)

You are welcome :) I try come look more soon :)

pretty painting @yoganarchista you're a great artist I'm impeccable, god keep blessing your hands and creativity

Thank you for your support and your blessings :)

the first time I see you and write you, now I follow you and support your art <3

Wow, Beautiful artworks keep it up

Great art friend I like this beautiful and amazing type art. Thanks for share @yoganarchista.

Thank you for your support :)

Amazing painting

I followed you and upvote you, follow back @hammad41

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