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I have just finished this ballpen drawing of a young woman. I wondered how the piece would look if I add some colours but I did not want to risk to destroy the original drawing so I made a copy and painted over the copy. The copy was black & white. After finishing the coloring I used a fineliner for emphasizing the lashes and pupils. I hope you like this drawing and I wish you a nice and happy day.

94GQdE2w9U-BUtjk-nPe (2).jpg

Lots of Light and Love <3


Great to see that you are busy like a bee on the steem blockchain again :-)

I am glad that I find the time now. I left all other social media meanwhile so if I feel like sharing something I do it here. Thank you <3

I think you did very well to keep the ballpoint version intact. Both of them have their own beauty and i like them equally:)

Mayfe if you like you could start posting your artworks at nTopaz Platform It is a very supportive art community and your work will get more attention there in my opinion. Check it and if you need ny help, feel free to ask:)


Thank you for your comment. I am happy you like my works. I will have a look. Thank you for the invitation :)

You are very welcome, I will be happy to see your artworks there and if you need any help feel free to ask😊

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Thank you very much :) I am really happy that I got featured. Thank you for supporting artists on steemit <3

So nice you didnt take that risk of destroying the work but made a copy of it.

Good job.

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This is something I am playing with more lately. I think copying things really opened a lot of opportunities for trying out things. Best wishes and thank you for your comment :)

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