Getting older Gif (two of my drawings connected to a story gif)

in #art5 years ago


I created this gif with the first two drawings I drew in myy drawing diary. I hope you enjoy this weird work of mine ;)

Drawing man
Drawing woman

Lots of Light and Love <3


@yoganarchista oh wow! I had to look twice because I thought the change was quite subtle. love it!

Thank you :) I am happy you enjoyed it :)

I love it. What gif creator did you use, or how did you create it?

I used photoshop. The is an animation funktion there :)

I never realized that, will google demo. SO many things on photoshop that I have never even touched :)

Wonderful art! If you have enough time in your hand visit my blog friend.

I did :) Thank you for your regular support :)

Thank you so much 😊

This is amazing - You are art master

Thank you very much <3

You are always welcome my honest friend and sweet lady

Outstanding drowning excellent art work. Thanks for sharing such a good post

Thank you for your support :)

well it is also good work some different colors from your yesterdays art and good work on it today @yoganar

Thank you very much for your support <3

This post very nice..great art and story thanks for sharing this post..

wow! Another beautiful drawing:) Keep inspiring us..

wonderfull (vaijan)

nice sketch, can you give me tutorial

This is a great art! love it!

Very interesting work @yoganarchista. :)

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