"Boulder Ballerina" Original Painting

in art •  5 months ago


This is a painting I just created during work. I have recently started bouldering and it has already become an addiction. My bouldering style is not this elegant yet...


Lots of Light and Love <3

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The bouldering bring a color, sparkle and energy to the painting. Thanks so much for sharing your artistry and energy @yoganarchista


Thank you @enjoywithtroy :) All the best :)

@yoganarchista, Most powerful reaction of her and superior color selection. Bouldering style nice and smart to mine. Nice you decided to share to us.


I am happy you like to see my works. Thank you for the support <3

The dancing beauty on wall. The elegant moves on foot holds. Full power to you for upper body strength.

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Thank you for your nice comment :)

It seems like freedom and feel free, i can fly like a bird and dance as well, beautiful art.

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Pretty nice :-)