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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition5)

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That is lovely digital Art, full of adventure:

...Finally it seems that the ship set off and Johny who is hiding under the deck could make a deep sign of relief. Now. for next few hours nobody will come down under the deck to search for anything, as everyone was busy with their own tasks.

Johny was 15 year old boy, whose father was a simple sailor of a royal ship, but now 4 months ago he got a bad news, the ship was lost after last storm and until now nobody knew what happen to the crew. The families already hold a funerals even without bodies but they needed the rest for the souls of lost ones. Johny never had a feeling that he lost his father. He thought that people might have a feeling when one of your loved one dies and he did not have. That day he had a good sleep and had a good days with his friends laughing and playing. it is not possible that he would not feel it. He was convinced that his father is alive maybe ill but alive, maybe lost his memory but ALIVE. That is why he was on this ship hidden under the deck, run away from his grandmother, who was only his family. He lost his mother as a little child and he did not want to lose his father. If anyone would be able to find him it was HIM. That is why he was on this Sailing ship that was heading to the same place to "new World", that is how his father called that place and he is coming too...


Hi @stef1

thanks for the great story of my digital photo

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