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Digital art made by @xpilar

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dinosaur tiger fighting 3 A.jpg

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Hi @xpilar! Pictures and quality of images and lives of some ancient stars that are very interesting to talk about.


It might be too long to explain one by one about the above picture in detail.

In this case, call it Pterosaurs which are often considered by people as flying dinosaurs because they lived in the age of dinosaurs. But, actually, Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs but flying reptiles that lived hundreds / thousands of years ago.

Pterosaurs are carnivores. The word carnivore, I think becomes the keyword in your digital image above.

Why ?

In the picture above, some carnivorous animals such as Pterosaurs, tigers, eagles, lurking and preying on dinosaurs of the Herbivore type.

And in the picture above also seen a type of herbivorous dinosaur observing his friend who was preyed on by some tigers.

So in conclusion, you want to show a view of life in the wild about the way they live and survive.

And in this case, carnivorous animals such as tigers always become kings in the forest.

Thank you @xpilar! A beautiful and happy day for you and your family.🙏

thanks for your great description @seha76

Yes sir! Thank you too for the appreciation. 🙏

Real dinosaurs

Today Daniel got up very early happy and full of spirits, today he felt bigger when his parents entered the room singing "Happy birthday", Today Daniel was 8 years old his mouth was open when he saw the huge gift that his parents gave him, Without thinking, I tear off the bow and the paper that hid the interior of the gift.
He felt so happy to see that now he had a complete jurassic world, triceratops, tyrannosaurs, saber-toothed tigers and flying dinosaurs. Daniel could not believe it, he had everything he wanted and much more.
I hug and thank her parents for the best gift in the world and with her hands full of these beautiful toys she ran to the back of her house to play.
The patio became an environment conducive to the dinosaurs come alive, Daniel was exploring the Mesozoic era and from afar, hidden among the large trees saw his toys grew and grew to life, in the blue sky flew the dinosaurs, a herd of saber-toothed tigers disputed territoriality with a huge triceratops, while dinosaurs with huge necks watched from afar the bloody scene of their companions.


Giant steps made the ground vibrate. Daniel was excited when his father picked him up off the floor and told him that the time to play had ended that he had to prepare for his birthday party.
Daniel as he walked away watched as all his large dinosaurs became small toys.

thanks for your great description @jdbs

Hello xpilar, your digital image is amazing. and very good to be a story. I will make a short story from your digital image. hope you like it.

one day, a short necked dinosaur was walking in the woods. he is very lonely, he has no friends at all. he goes for a walk to find friends. while walking, he met 2 dinosaurs who had long necks. he is very happy. and he invited them to be friends. but dinosaurs that have long necks refused. they don't want to be friends with him because of the different types. they followed their predecessors, who had hatred with short neck dinosaurs.

Although it has been rejected, he always invites them to be friends. he always follows them, and they also avoid him. and one day, he was walking again to look for food. when on the trip, he met again with long neck dinosaurs. and he asked again to be friends with them. Long neck dinosaurs are very upset. they still refused his invitation to be friends. they even ran away to avoid. but short neck dinosaurs were sure that they would be friends with him. and he also pursued them hoping that they would like to be friends with him.

when he was chasing, suddenly he met several tigers. he is very scared. the tiger looks very hungry and wants to eat it. then the tiger attacked him, he asked for help, and the two long-necked dinosaurs heard a shout, they followed the direction of the screaming sound. they were very surprised that short neck dinosaurs were under attack. they were very sorry, and they helped him by expelling some of the tigers.

finally the tiger ran scared. and short neck and long neck dinosaurs, they finally became friends. they live happily.

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thanks for your great description @aulia1993

Natural selection

Life in this world undergoes changes. changes are influenced by the law that occurs. So in this life adaptation and natural selection apply.
As we know from school lessons, life on this earth doesn't just exist. it goes through a process of historical annihilation. From when the earth is still hot, then single-celled living things appear until giant animals emerge.
Dinosaurs lived on Earth in an age called the Mesozoic Era. This era lasted 252 to 66 million years ago.
The Mesozoic Era is divided into 3 Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic periods.
The Cretaceous period occurred 145 to 66 million years ago.
The Jurassic Period occurred around 201 to 145 million years ago.
The Triassic Period, which became the beginning of this era, occurred in 252 to 201 million years ago.
Triassic and the Great Continent of Pangea. Pangea is when the earth still consists of one land that has not been divided as it is now.
Early emergence of dinosaurs occurred in the Triassic period.
At that time many living beings began to live on land.
In this period the Earth consisted of a large continent known as the Pangea Continent.
Reptiles breed easily and spread throughout the continental continent.
In a new place of life, living things adapt and become new species.
In the Jurassic period, the Pangea continent was divided into 2 parts due to the movement of the Earth's crust.
The northern part of the land becomes the Laurasia Continent. Which in the south becomes the Gondwana Continent.
In the Jurassic period, living things that we know as dinosaurs reached their greatest body development.
But the ongoing life changes. extreme climate and lack of food make competition among animals more fierce. Plant-eating animals lose their suitable habitat and must avoid predators. This is where the law of nature applies, who is strong he who wins. Animals compete to survive. Nature does the selection and who can survive then he will be able to continue his life.
Moreover, then there is a theory that says meteor showers that made the extinction of these ancient animals.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

thanks for your great description @rokhani

You are welcome @xpilar. May i use your artwork for my next post? if you give me permission I will use it. Thank you

Yes, you have my permission @rokhani



Cierto día uno tigres, como siempre salieron de su guarida para ver que cazaban para su sobrevivencia, y vieron un venado que merodeaba cerca de un arroyo, y mientras tomaba agua, uno de los tigres l ataca, le clava las garras, y los colmillos por el cuello; mientras tanto, aves de rapiña sobrevolaban para participar del festín después que los tigres quedaran saciados y dejaran alli parte del banquete .También otros animales estaban alli como espectadores.

Excelente toma fotográfica.

The wild animals in their natural places

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thanks for your description @mrme1984

Ancient times were so brutal, as seen in the picture @ xpilar, they killed each other to preserve life, but once the giant birds were ready to enjoy delicious dishes without having to hunt, the bodies of those who fought became delicious food like it seemed. Amazing art of @xpilar

thanks for your description @ericha

I imagine it was a forest in ancient times because there were dinosaurs and other ancient animals.

thanks for your description @elianaelisma

Beautiful art work about the life in the ancient forest with background the blue sky.

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