The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

new series in space 3 A.jpg

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Greetings @xpilar,

What a lovely digital artwork.....the colours, the scale, the depth....just splendid.

What thoughts did bleujay have when looking at your work......

The viewer is at a great height looking down as if from a tall storied building surrounded by other tall buildings and the sunlight is catching reflections as if one is looking through a prism....enchanting!

All the best to you and yours. ^__^


NB Appreciate the reSteem.....very kind of you.

it's nice to hear your description

thank you very much @bleujay



Muy lindo el diseño,precioso,bonito
aprecio allí que hay un becerrito
echado, durmiendo, allí, tranquilito
y llegó un gigante con agua en un tazón
y al becerrito se lo lanzó
y un chimpancé con un narizón, cariacontecido
allí se asomó, viendo, sí, mirando lo que sucedíó
pero el becerrito aunque despertó
se hizo el dormido para que se fueran los entrometidos

Esos personajes los vi en el cuadro digital
solo que ahora lo puedan encontrar
Sí, estan allí, en la parte central.

thanks for good description @brismar

Your eye has managed to see it, it's well done

You decide what place to be in STEEMIT.

There was a large pond called STEEMIT many lived there happy, every day many fish were born that with their magic keys entered a wonderful world of fun, knowledge and prosperity.
Some day some changes came to the pond and many of the inhabitants disagreed with what was happening, others supported the changes and happily accepted the transformation.
But this division of decisions among the inhabitants of the pond made coexistence very unstable.
That is why one day the king of the pond summoned all the inhabitants of STEEMIT to make a decision, in front of them was a fork that divided the pond in two, each fish was free to decide which path to take.
It was inevitable the pond was divided in two But with a united end where anyone change their course.


Steemit was transformed there was a lower road, full of green water, where the fish resisted changing, full of anger and rage I didn't want to produce anymore.
But at the top a pond full of life, color, exciting labyrinths, the fish became small dolphins and small whales, the fish that were already prepared became dolphins and whales that were in charge of guiding the way to the little ones, Everyone here was elated by the changes that were presented every day, joined and encouraged each other.
Steemit split but only you decide which way to go, I am at the top of the pond, sharing, enjoying and knowing. Here in STEEMIT I wait for you.

Hi @jdbs

Thanks for your great story
and with words of great importance

That look so mystory

thanks for the description @cryptotrader84

A beautiful image, if I had to put a name I would place the lost dolphin, the image relaxes and makes me see dolphins, because they are my favorites. Excellent friend, @xpilar.

thanks for the description @lauram

you are absolutely right, you can see dolphins there 👍

A black ring

One day you called me, you looked at me and you kissed me

On my finger a ring you placed and I felt the queen of the universe

But every day I went up the stairs in the park and with another I saw you

I saw a ring like mine placed on your finger

I felt like dying, the pain of losing a great love, it hurts in my soul

A few days later I found out that many rings you gave

Black rings like your soul, black chains that mistreat

That for you they were worth nothing, black rings that as chains caught us

You are a mirage of a perfect man, the truth is you are worthless.

thanks for the poem @anasuleidy

Good day, a giant snake was fragmented due to its great size to be able to transport it to a laboratory where it would be studied for its aspect, because it was unique in its species.

thanks for the description @leca

What a beautiful image this is. It is worth admiring i must say. Thank you for sharing this

Nice to hear, thanks @adedapo-glory

very nice and great digital-art my dear friend @xpilar

Very beautiful as usual, thanks a lot

You are welcome

It looks like the roads on the space.

thanks for the description @elianaelisma

It takes a lot of work on each of your posts to get a lot of pretty good posts

thank you so much @mohamad786

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, World Of Eights.

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Globels The super parking lot of ships that live in the unknown intergalactic space.

Awaiting many space vehicles that travel across the multiverse, for the collection of data on all existing lives. The space vehicles come and go and rest in this comfortable place created with the highest technologies for a better development of the inhabitants.

Good graphic art, writing fascinates me and the most comforting art since it is my passion.

thanks for good description @rizta

Hello @xpilar, your digital art really creative
Color that is transparent and looks clear as a very luxurious crystal, also like glass that reflects each other's light

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thanks for the description @tya.saputry

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Wow beautiful digital art work

Space mid station fine art work I like it.

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Like buildings in the sky with very beautiful colors.

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thanks for the description @elia34928

Lovely and stylish digital drawing it looks so beautiful and artistic in design

This one looks like a shot took from a jet in space.

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thanks for the description @maxwellmarcusart

Lovely picture worth admiring

The picture looks very nice and very nice to everyone

Excelente creación amigo, lamentablemente desde mi telefono tengo limites de caracter para escribir una historia, buen trabajo.

I love your work is very original, cool and full of creativity.

His daily digital art is incredible, demonstrates his creativity and talent.

The pictures are awesome. You have clear imagination. The description on the the second picture got me. The Road to Steemit is made by our post. Fine! Love the pictures.

Nice to hear, thanks @chinagorom

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thanks for the description @akhimoni

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

It turned out very beautifully. It's like looking into a kaleidoscope, where beautiful amazing patterns are collected from glass fragments.

Nice to hear, thanks @magnata

To support your work, I also upvoted your post!....(i like your pust)

thank you so much @hafijur-rahman

must welcam @xpilar

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Fantastic creation so good to see something incredible !

Creative work by the creative person.nice one

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I love your talent and the commitment you print in each creation, is very colorful and relaxing, thank you!

Beautiful artwork. I think it is a city outspace.

thanks for the description @rihonkeugata

very beautiful color mix. I really like your digital image.

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C'est fou avec tous ces angles!

thanks for the description @revueh