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  The pictures I make in a 3D program from e-on software - Vue 5 Infinite 

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In order to use the pictures in other context you must have permission from me 

What does the picture tell you will be nice to hear what you think about it   

 If you write a good story from my photos, you may get a good upvote from me  

 enjoy the picture    


What a lovely composition @xpilar.

Oh my...the contrast between the sky and sea.

A bird I would rather be....if that is molten lava I perceive.

Lovely to think on these things @xpilar.

Great fun.

All the best to you and yours.


Molten lava is what I perceive.......

Thanks for your thoughts and description,
being a bird is probably the best in such a place @bleujay


Hi @xpilar, I love the art you created beautiful sky,the combination of pink and yellow on blue sky suggesting me that it is possible evening hours of the day on lonely island of volcanic origin. It seems that nobody lives on island the only inhabitant is a sea monster who knew that waters very well and lived there years but one day after an earthquake and underwater volcano eruption that strange rocky island appeared just in the middle of endless water. The monster decided to explore it, he never had a change to be really on the air, he even did not know if he can breath outside of water. So one day he slowly started to climb on the rocks initially very cautiously as he was in unknown territory, once he was a half way out it was a tremendous power forcing him to ground, it was nobody around but only him, he just wanted to know who is stronger and was fighting against it, he brought all his tentacles out and raised his body, the power eased up, he did not know that it was a power of gravity. But he felt himself stronger, he conquered the unknown land. Day to day, he liked to come and visit this rocky place, once when he was on the land enjoying the beauty of sunset, he felt that the ground started to shake, he knew what does it mean, it was more powerful then him and the gravity. He tried to hurry up back to water, but his body was too heavy and he was too slow. Another eruption of volcano brought fire and heat of lava that reach the monster. He knew what does it mean, but in this moment he just thought that it was a worth to see this beauty of sunset and to feel the gravity once and die. That is my story to your picture @xpilar, thanks for reading.

wow ... cool imagination ... the description is very complete ...

Wooow, Thank you for your thoughts and description / story of the picture @stef1

Thanks @xpilar, I have never tried to write therefore, I am pleased to hear your compliment. I love drawing and painting that is why your beautiful sky and sea attracted my attention and the story just came up itself :)

Visited your site, you are incredible artist @stef1

Thank you very much @xpilar for your visit and for nice comments you left, was pleased to learn you

you're welcome @stef1

not a volcanic eruption or that space mall fallen off and exploded I hope

Perhaps your thoughts are correct @englishtchrivy

it's a giant snake monster that is wrapped around a volcano

thanks @otakatik


the ace's work around then, obviously, couldn't be intruded on in light of the fact that it grasped abnormal state consentration to process the metal. The couriers were ready to pause, and keeping in mind that taking a gander at how astonished they know the method for making keris made by the bosses. The iron bunches were then beat and requested by the experts utilizing just their hands. Furthermore's, all the more astonishing that iron protuberances are consuming and bursting yet the bosses' hands don't consume by any means.

Empu employments are really not completed but rather in light of the fact that there is an imperative errand person, at that point the work is halted and meet the ambassador of the paradise. The bosses at that point present themselves. The other is named Mpu Permadi while the other one is named Mpu Rama. At that point they present themselves and a touch of clowning, at long last Batara and Dewa panyarik additionally uncover the reason for his landing Batara likewise promptly pass on the motivation behind his entry and bolstered by the announcement panyarikan lease, which proposes that the two bosses were moved from that area since it will be set a huge mountain that will be utilized for adjusting the slanting island of Java. Batara Naradha clarified the event of the seismic tremor and the state of Java island is exceptionally stressing and expect that the two individuals will comprehend and comply with the will with no hindrances. Furthermore, remember the god panyarikan likewise clarify the significance of the activity for the survival of the island of Java is the penghuna.

At that point Mpu Permadi and Mpu Rama took a gander at each other. Seen from the look of his face as did not need with the will of the divine beings. Surprisingly the two bosses have an enthusiasm for their own particular with incomplete work. What's more, for reasons unknown the two bosses would prefer not to move if the area, while the work to make the keris has quite recently started and should be finished in that area. What's more, the two bosses additionally contend that if the making krisnya not completed flawlessly then it will bring debacle for people, in this manner they request to hold up until wrapped up.Thanks for sharing your beautiful @xpilar

Thank you for your thoughts and description / story @deybala


king mounted xpilar
according to the lagenda in the sea barents to the north of norway there is a very creepy mountains, its mountains named xpilar it becomes a mystery, some say there is a large gas source, some say it has a source of water, oil and gold. but no one knows what is there because those who try there never come back.

old grandfather rasya tell this legend to the stubborn son of jeffryphysio and his lover nisaphysio. old grandfather challenged them to know what was there, old grandfather intends to keep them away from the village.

old grandfather challenges received by @jeffryphysio and his lover @nisaphysio they are not alone, there is a friend of their friends who are also curious about the Xpilar mountain.

With a large ship they set off across the ocean to the north of norway, already 9 pm they were in the sea without expecting the xpilar volcano to show itself. They are desperate, they feel that the old grandfather rasya deceived them but suddenly their ship crashed into the rock.

Mount xpilar volcano xpilar, they panic to save themselves, one by one of them pulled into the sea by the ruler of the mountain xpilar, @jeffryphysio managed to avoid the seizure of the ruler of the sea but his lover @nisaphysio in captivity by the octopus ruler xpilar mountain, @jeffryphysio trying to help the lover but what power xpilar ruler pierced his heart, saw the incident @ jeffryphysio can not help feeling sad. He shouted and woke from his sleep.

Thank you for your thoughts and description / story of the picture @jeffryphysio


You ask me why I dwell in the mountain;
I smile and make no reply for my heart is free of care.
As the peach-blossom flows down stream and is gone into the unknown,
I have a world apart that is not among men.

The fog has risen from the sea and crowned
The dark, untrodden summits of the coast,
Where roams a voice, in canyons uttermost,
From midnight waters vibrant and profound.
High on each granite altar dies the sound,
Deep as the trampling of an armored host,
Lone as the lamentation of a ghost,
Sad as the diapason of the drowned.

The mountain seems no more a soulless thing,
But rather as a shape of ancient fear,
In darkness and the winds of Chaos born
Amid the lordless heavens’ thundering–
A Presence crouched, enormous and austere,
Before whose feet the mighty waters mourn.

Amazing Art Design from you Sir @xpilar nice job.

Thank you for your thoughts and description @dabbey

The fog has risen from the sea and crowned
The dark, untrodden summits of the coast,
Where roams a voice, in canyons uttermost,
From midnight waters vibrant and profound.
High on each granite altar dies the sound,
Deep as the trampling of an armored host,
Lone as the lamentation of a ghost,
Sad as the diapason of the drowned.

The mountain seems no more a soulless thing,
But rather as a shape of ancient fear,
In darkness and the winds of Chaos born
Amid the lordless heavens’ thundering–
A Presence crouched, enormous and austere,
Before whose feet the mighty waters mourn.


Thanks for your thoughts and description @rahulislam

@xpilar nice picture

I think this picture like Tangkuban Parahu Mountain in the indonesia.

Tangkuban Parahu or Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of the mountains located in West Java Province, Indonesia. About 20 km to the north of Bandung City, with lush pine trees and expanse of the surrounding gardens, Mount Tangkuban Perahu has a height of 2,084 meters. The shape of this mountain is Stratovulcano with an eruption center that moves from east to west. The types of rocks released by eruption are lava and sulfur, minerals that have sulfur sulfur, minerals that are currently inactive are sulfur vapors. The area of ​​Gunung Tangkuban Perahu is managed by Perum Perhutanan. Its daily average temperature is 17 ° C at noon and 2 ° C at night

Thank you for your thoughts and description @ipo.sasky (directed)

You're welcome @xpilar hope you like about my descripton on your post, i'm @ipo.sasky

Hallo @xpilar, at this time you are trying the image of his imagination, unconsciously this picture is a sign that this volcano is in the bottom of the sea. this image of ginung is removing lava that is hot liquid, which is around it, as a form of God's power that fire can live above sea level. this picture is as true as it is told in the vidio below.

Kavachi is a volcano in the shallow waters near Vanungu Island. The mountain, also known as Rejo te Kvachi or Oven Kavachi, is one of the most active volcanoes in the Pacific.

Volcano like Kavachi is what proves the truth of the Qur'an, when 14 centuries ago have mentioned the fire under the sea.

والبحر المسجور

"By the sea, there is fire in the earth." (QS: At-Thuur: 6)

For centuries, many thought there could be no fire in the sea because the fire would have been extinguished by sea water.

Thank you for your thoughts and description @mawardy

At one time, on the island of Java has not many areas inhabited by humans because the area is mostly still a jungle inhabited by wild animals and supernatural beings. The condition of the island of Java at that time was very bad, so worried about the survival of the living creatures that inhabit it. There are only a few parts that are occupied by a group of people who live in groups and they like to move around because of the nature that sometimes does not support and also attacks from wild animals.

The inhabitants of this island of Java did not realize that the land they occupied was turning sideways, so there was a concern that it would slide and sink into the South Sea. Who knows this situation is the gods in heaven who care about the survival of the inhabitants of Java island at that time. The gods in heaven finally agreed to make the island of Java is not tilted, so the inhabitants can breed and more advanced civilization.

Then the gods also conferred to determine the weight they would place in the center of the island. They decided to use Jamurdwipa Mountain which is very famous for supernatural beings and very high up in the southern sea. The gods then gave direction and asked permission of the inhabitants of Mount Jamurdwipa aga immediately moved the place, because the mountain they occupy will be moved to the middle of the island of Java. From the results of measurements that they have done earlier, it is located inhabited by two people who are working in the middle of the jungle. The two men were the masters who were making the kris. The gods then sent the Gods Panyarikan and Batara Naradha along with the guards to tell the two men to move immediately because the place will be placed Mount Jamurdwipa.

The messengers of the god were fascinated to see the two masters who were working on their own kris without an aid tool. The masters are mixing all kinds of metal materials and with their bare hands using the palm of the hand and the fingers to forge and twist the mixture of the metal powder until it clumps.

After the master's work at that time, of course, could not be interrupted because it embraced high-level consentration to process the metal ore. The messengers were willing to wait, and while looking at how amazed they know the way of making keris made by the masters. The iron clumps were then pounded and ordered by the masters using only their hands. And what's more amazing is that iron lumps are burning and blazing but the masters' hands do not burn at all.

Empu jobs are actually not finished but because there is an important messenger, then the work is stopped and meet the messenger of the heaven. The masters then introduce themselves. The other is named Mpu Permadi while the other one is named Mpu Rama. Then they introduce themselves and a little joking, finally Batara and Dewa panyarik also reveal the purpose of his arrival Batara also immediately convey the purpose of his arrival and supported by the statement panyarikan rent, which suggests that the two masters were moved from that location because it will be placed a large mountain that will be used for balancing the sloping island of Java. Batara Naradha explained the occurrence of the earthquake and the condition of Java island is very worrying and expect that both people will understand and obey the will without any obstacles. And do not forget the god panyarikan also explain the importance of the job for the survival of the island of Java is the penghuna.

Then Mpu Permadi and Mpu Rama looked at each other. Seen from the look of his face as did not want with the will of the gods. It turns out that the two masters have an interest in their own with unfinished work. And it turns out that the two masters do not want to move if the location, while the work to make the keris has just begun and must be completed in that location. And the two masters also argue that if the making krisnya not finished perfectly then it will bring disaster for humans, therefore they ask to wait until finished.

Both envoys argue that if this case is an urgent matter, so if you have to use coercion will be executed. The two envoys never ceaselessly explained that his task was for the survival of the people on the island of Java. But the two masters are also firmly on its foundation, if the workmanship of the dagger is not perfect will also bring disaster for humans

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @dewimaulizapret

Clearly hot wedus waste consumed their home yet regardless they didn't move from its place. They both say Goodbye Father and Mother. In the long run they both passed on with a consuming body, all that stayed of them was their bones alone their bones heaped together.

Then, their dad and mom were stressed over their circumstance there.

"Mother what about the conditions of our youngsters diasana" asked mother.

"We ought to appeal to God for them to be spared," answered the father.

The following day they intend to make up for lost time with their kids. By chance there is a gathering of save groups who need to clear survivors who are still there at home. They leave with SAR group via auto, on their route relentlessly to appeal to God for their youngsters, sooner or later they at long last achieved the street to his home, they both raced to see the state of their kids. Subsequent to getting rumhnya they are extremely shocked with the conditions of his home that most have been scorched. They both go into the house, they are extremely shocked on the grounds that their kids are not in their home, they look to different places in the house, at long last the mother discover her tyke however tragically they have been executed, the mother was crushed by the occurrence's, dad ... Father .. come here.

Father answered, what the father was additionally astounded by the condition of his two kids. They both call the SAR group to clear his two youngsters, after his two kids are emptied they intend to cover his kid the following day. Mother converses with father how well our two kids are gone, at that point father answered, regardless of what we ought to get by with the trials we encounter this. After two weeks Merapi has quit taking out wedus junk and different materials, Mom and Dad are hopeless on the grounds that they have no place to live any longer, the main fortune she has is a battered auto.

Father conversing with the mother should we simply pitch this auto to purchase a house and meander far from this place, the mother addressed the father's discussion so please on the off chance that it needs father. Yet, we need to meander to where well, my dad addressed surely to a place a long way from this place, how with the grave of our kids, my dad answered we will be on a journey each year once, so we should store the container to go from this place. In the long run they both left from a place near Mount Merapi and they remembered to visit the graves of their two youngsters. Such a significant number of stories from me ideally can fulfill everybody ..

thousands a debt of gratitude is in order for my sibling @xpilar for this mind boggling challenge i really injoy this picture

Thank you for your thoughts and description / story @sansastark


Peda antiquity, heard the story of one of the daughters in heavy Java named Dayang Sumbi has a son named sangkuriang, one day sangkuriang went hunting in the company by a dog named Tumang, but Sangkuriang did not know that the dog is a god and also his father .

Peda while hunting Sangkuriang meet deer deer, Sangkuriang remembered that his mother very happy deer. Finally Sangkuriang tells Tumang to chase the deer, but Tumang loses track of the deer and Sangkuriang becomes angry that Sangkuriang is eager to give the deer's heart to his mother then Sangkuriang kills Tumang to take his heart and go home.

Arriving at home Sangkuriang he gave the heart didapatkanya from hunting to his mother to cook. When eating Dayang Sumbi remembered Tumang and asked Sangkuriang, Sangkuriang responded with a frightened face "Tumang mati" Dayang Sumbi angry instead and hit Sangkuriang head with a spoon of rice and drove him from home.

After the incident Dyang Sumbi regretted it, he always prayed and very diligent as he hinga one day the goddess give grace to Dayang Sumbi is in the form of eternal beauty and never old. After expelled his mother Sangkuriang wandered everywhere, finally Sangkuriang back again to place Dayang Sumbi then the two men met.

Sangkuriang finally fell in love with Dayang Sumbi, Sangkuriang proposed Dayang Sumbi and Dayang Sumbi received it. While Dayang Sumbi was looking at the scar on Sangkuriang's head and questioned him to Sangkuriang, Sangkuriang replied "this is a scar from being hit with a spoon of rice by his mother"
heard the statement Dayang Sumbi shocked and told sangkuriang that he is his mother but sangkuriang do not believe and still intend to marry her.

Dayang Sumbi requested him to make a sailboat in a day not buloh more, Sangkuriang menyanggupinya and Sangkuriang stem the river Citarum for the place of the boat in pembuatanya Sangkuriang get help from the jinn results penyubunganya in perantauanya, because the help from the djinni jin almost finished Dayang Sumbi begged to God. Dayang Sumbi makes the rooster crows earlier, and finally succeeds the genie who helps sangkuriang flee and leave sangkuriang alone. Because upset the boat was in the kick and fell over the mountain and blend with the mountain and named Mount Tangupan Perahu, Sangkuriang finally died from falling into the river Citarum.

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @riskimauliza


the challenge is exceptionally troublesome for me, however I endeavor to comprehend it however flawed, as I would see it, a mountain is a nation has laws and standards of guidelines, a moster is a man who commits himself to secure the nation, while the ocean we can translate the impact of different sorts of liberal belief system and kumonis that effect on a nation when the impact of this impact controls a nation, at that point the general population who give themselves to the state, prepared to settle it even prepared to ensure it. thanks for post @xpilar

Thanks for your thoughts and description @jofri47

Looking at the images created by @xpilar, I think about my struggle in this media,

pict by @xpilar
I stand alone, with weak strength, and have great passion, I think about it, my spirit is very big, but I never had trouble in introducing steemit to them,

Yes. like the one made by xpelair, a volcano in the middle of the ocean, but in my life it has a meaning like.

the mountain is me
fire is spirit
water is them

every day I face it, answering the question who does not want to be in this media. and even wanted to drown me, but the burning fire would not easily go out, like water running, I would drain my spirits slowly. The hot steam that has a positive meaning will my channel slowly.

they will know how I struggle, and how as it is in this media, the number of people who want to be part of them, I have hope to envelop this water with hot steam.
hopefully I can face it Pray me.

Thank you for your thoughts and description @jol09

In my opinion, the mountains in the picture are likened to a human being in dealing with things from two different sides. Monster as a negative prejudice and water as a positive prejudice.

In dealing with a problem, if we always think negative or prejudice continue then gradually we can be destroyed by itself, as strong as whatever we are, whatever our success. Because these negative thoughts are very influential in our decision-making, which ultimately leads to our own destruction.

However, if we address a thing with positive prejudice of course positive results as well. It will make us stronger, successful, and triumphant. As in the picture, the mountain will be more beautiful because of the water (sea) surrounding. Natural biota that exist remain protected, ecosystem awake.

Thank you for your thoughts and description, @nisaphysio

the contest is very difficult for me, but I try to solve it though imperfect, in my opinion, a mountain is a country has laws and rules of rules, a moster is a man who devotes himself to protect the country, while the sea we can interpret the influence of various kinds of liberal ideology and kumonis that impact on a country when the influence of this influence controls a country, then the people who devote themselves to the state, ready to fix it even ready to protect it.

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @rasya

I think it's a very tough contest, but now I'm trying to answer.

It was a different ruling resistance, the ruler of the sea trying to control the mountain area which is controlled by its permanent inhabitants, so there was a fierce resistance between them, so that some of the mountain area was destroyed by the enemy forces.
Thank you @xpilar.

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @sailor01

Thanks @xpilar, I'm waiting for the next contest.

I saw a very sturdy mountain in the middle of the ocean. A great power ... A large snake that surrounds it shows that it is an area that is defended from outsiders. The rather dark color describes as if it were a deserted and creepy sea ...

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @heriafriadiaka

You are welcome @xpilar...

It's nice today to comment on your contest brother, after a few days can not access the internet so it becomes a constraint in commenting in your contest, regads by @green07 to you @xpilar.

image made in @xpilar

The unique image, thank you for sharing so it is a trigger for instinct, imagination and high illustrations for the steemians who contribute to this contest.
Well, I think it is very difficult to give 100% perfect meaning to this picture, but I will try to illustrate it, in this picture looks mountains, the sea and two giant animals, some of these things become the objects that are necessary to give and interpret the meaning.
The sea gives the philosophy that water can extinguish the burning coals and mountains is a place that gives a comfortable and beautiful place like a king who is at the top of the throne, while the two giants who wrestle reason and anger or obsession and reason is the king who descended from the throne tries to dampen the obsession that wants to master the mind at the top of the throne, but the obsession is not soon to be paralyzed or dimmed in a short time, reason requires patience to muffle an obsession when the cold of the sea is abundant. Thank so much

Unseen of the human potensial. We never realize our power that we have.

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @green07

You are welcome, yes, I feel imperfect giving explanation about the picture in contes this time

Territory is one that must be in defense or to be grabbed, that's what happens in real life. the mountain monster who first occupied the place would not give up its territory to those who wanted to seize it, when the sea monster came to take possession of the place, with a burning body he made a resistance to maintain his power between life and death. An extraordinary battle going on around it, the monters did not even allow the ruler of the sea to approach his place of power.
This is a short story from me, thank @xpilar

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @nazarul

You are welcome @xpilar

You always do your own to imagine the art result, I love your work sir :)

Ok I would like to imagine on This one your 3D art

At first glance I see this as a picture of a mountain of merapi that is in the middle of the Ocean. The ban is clearly melting around the island, and like there will be a great volcanic that will come out.

This picture is reminiscent of the history of Mount Karakatau in Indonesia, the great explosion makes the Sunda Strait as liaison of sumatra and Java island a little spooky when passing aboard ship crossing

How do you think about My imagine sir? Ever you hear about Karakatau before? You must search on Google if never yet :)

Hopefully you are wish the Best and steem on forever, I would like to see another art in next time greeting from Aceh sumatra Indonesia :)

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @dilimunanzar

Good morning @xpilar and happy weekend. Today I want share my other story about this amazing picture

A thousand years ago this place is a very beautiful tourist attraction and crowded by residents BERTELENGKEH (a village on the ocean dekay)

There is a beautiful princess living with her mother, while the princess's father has long died drowning in the bottom of this beautiful ocean.

Since the incident the princess became a moody woman and often aloof at the edge of the ocean while staring blankly toward the mountain that is in the middle of the ocean.

The mother always forbids the princess not to sit and reflect on the edge of the ocean, because she does not want to remember the sad story.

But the Princess's longing for his father always made him sit there at sunset until late at night. Seeing the attitude of the princess who never listen to his command, the mother growled and angry, finally the mother also cursed the Princess became a demon.

Shortly after that when the princess was sitting pensively on the edge of the ocean, suddenly the body of the Princess feels like a fire burning heat, because it can not stand eventually the Princess jumped into the ocean.

After a strange incident that night the mountain in the midst of the ocean changed like a cinder fire every sunset until the morning before. From then on the Princess never again returns to BERTELENGKEH village.

Thank you for your thoughts and description / story the second time @catellya

@xpilar in my mind you are designing a work in the middle of an ocean lies an island, a hidden island whose existence is hard to find on the island there is a very active volcano that at all times exerts lava melting on the surface and mountain plains

Thank you for your thoughts @abnurmulya03

This time it seems you discovered the gold mountains located in the sea. But when you go closer to the mountains you find a lot aliens is protecting the gold mountains. It's time for planning to get rid of these alies and capture all the gold made mountains:)

Thank you for your thoughts and description @kamchore

Contest interesting with the spice up a good 3D image, I @thepink is a new steemians who participate this contes, I want to try to tell you about the picture, hopefully interesting and entertaining all friends.
In the gamabr it gives the impression as or for two distant and different human beings, the first in the land of heaven and the other in the ocean, but destiny to bring them together in one place. This is the path of one man's life with another human being ... thank you @xpilar

Thank you for your thoughts and description of the picture @thepink

You are welcome @xpilar

Very intresting rd drawing. Incredible creativity I impress this work . @xpilar your great artest and your drwaing is very unique. I appreciate your work .
Thanks for sharing nice blog.
Stay blessed.
Steem on!

This is a volcano erupting, but there may be other messages tucked away to be revealed. And I see there are octopuses there who are mastering the lava. My conclusion, this is an early warning against an active volcano. Hahaha, very important message games.

Thank you for your thoughts @fajar16

you are welcome bro.

Hi @xpilar works amazingly, you are very expert in this 3D field seems.

My imagination when looking at the picture of your work is like a mountain volcano, so horrible there is a vulcano in the middle of the ocean like this, would have caused a huge tsunami when the eruption occurred.

The amazing original work @xpilar

Thank you for your thoughts @ericha

you're most welcome @xpilar

Hello there @xpilar, how are you?

busy, working a lot @asbonclz

[email protected],l so love with your post and your art a beautiful sky,that remember me about that this world so beautiful and when l look your art l want try it and my hope can as you

thanks @rizwan123

I very like the art you created beautiful sky
Pic art is very extraordinary, the colors are eye-catching.
according to what I see outside of the meaning in your picture, like a volcano that looks hot larvae who want to get out of the mountain.
volcano that is located in the middle of the vast ocean without any one there ..
hmmm awesome ...@xpilar

Nice that you like it @mfaisalyusuf

hii friend @xpilar, nice creativity made with your imagination and thoughts,nicely designed picture. it shows High Hopes. appreciations and Support for you.

Nice to hear, thanks @rabeel

like a monster with a lot of arms in the sea.your work feeds your imagination thanks

Thank you for your thoughts @banum

From my sight, the image you created is a volcano erupting.

Thank you for your thoughts @jamalgayoni

Best wishes....
I am here not commenting on your post ...
I am here sabagai beginner in steemit and some days I always follow your post ...
Sebernanya this is not feasible for me utarakan to you, but with shame in the heart I have to say
Actually I really hope your help in every post I because during the post that I share no progress and no one wants to help, I feel sad with all this ....
Once again @xpilar lord I really hope your help ...
Hopefully what you hope in every post you always get the achievement as you have hoped and hopefully always be successful both in steemit and in other fields.
Best wishes for all of us ... !!

outstanding art @xpilar.Thanks for sharing. i like your post and following.

thanks @suchi

pemandangan yang sangat [email protected] senang melihat post anda

thanks @fackrurrazi

what a creativity!!!!!!!! lol......

thanks @steemibu351

beautiful photography and art dear bro @xpilar

keep it up

Great image what software are you using?

e-on software - Vue 5 Infinite @travelhackerpro

You are really good at imagination and this art.for me it looks scary I don’t know why?🤨...but great imagination.

hehe, thanks @dilkash

thanks @kayes12345

good post @xpilar, I like your post

thanks @rozipasee

It's so amazing sir... great work ... keep it up... :)

thanks @sushovon002

wow......pretty cool art.

this is really amazing and creative to see great work by you i enjoyed it :)

thanks @cutiepie

Unique 3D images, equipped with Volcano, lava and sea water

thank you @rifky2505

Pretty nice work done buddy !

thanks @rehan12

Wow, amazing

thanks @klen.civil

you are really talented bro thanks for sharing :)

thanks @starving

creative work and beautiful this is
wonderfully made with the software :)

Nice to hear @brainceo

wow! great job.
this picture is so beautiful or there one item looks like a snake.

Nice that you like it @raisa.marzan

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The art that sweeps my heart to imitate your ahlian in the world of 3D painting techniques

Nice to hear @quencore

i am enjoy this photo. great work.

keep it up. thanks for sharing

thanks @rimon24

welcome dear.

thanks @myeasin

Wonderful art..I appreciate your desing.
Thanks for sharing this post.
Best of luck.

thanks @sharminkona

its wonderful to see your work always i had a good time watching your post :)

Nice picture friend

good picture, i will follow you can i save and use your drawing? thank you for being kind to everyone. I really expect an upvote from you

What should it use for? @alputhi09

This photograpy very artistik.. Thank you for imagination shere to me..

thanks @halidabahri

You are a true artist @xpilar

thanks @sarramoon

This is a fact that you are witty

this is looking magnificent greatly made
one of the best :)

thanks @starboye

wow.......awesome art.
thanks for sharing

thanks @mdmunna

dear @xpilar..
your photogarphy is a amazing
excellent art...
& i am very surprised to see your art, you know so beautiful art.....
thank you so very much for sharing.. dear @xpilar & dear @sultan _aceh...
i like you all time & resteemit your post...

thanks @numanahmed

the creativity is simply on another level wow