The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

new series in space 2 A.jpg

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After many years living in space, humanity is submerged in the first space hurricane, a whirlwind of metallic waves and stelae ignite and surprise the small world created by a select group of humans. The Ovoid, as it was called, is being strongly attacked putting its security system to the test. Hundreds of celestial bodies collide precipitously against the layers of energy produced by an artificial nucleus.

Translated with

thanks for the description @jadnven

The strength of a pilot.

Aviator Daniel went out every day to pilot his spaceship, enjoyed his flying hours near the neighboring planets, always in search of something new, but something different never happened.

His son Jam sometimes accompanied him because it was a special moment between father and son, although he was very young for years he had piloted with his father.

One day Daniel and Jam flew away but something happened that changed their lives forever, on a planet called earth, it approached more than normal and received a discharge of magnetic slings that attracted it with great force to the earth.


Daniel was totally scared, his heart was beating so hard, he could not let go of that invisible force, his board did not react as he wanted, but his biggest terror was that his little son was at his side, Daniel was not afraid to die but his Jam was Very young, he was an innocent being, full of life.

When Jam noticed that his father could not pilot the ship, he gave him strength, which motivated him.

Daniel was full of courage, did not understand how his little son could be so positive, his son's faith gave him strength, and almost automatically managed to get out of those slings and pilot his spaceship.

His son was jumping and jumping all over the spaceship, his father was his hero, and he promised his father that when he grew up he wanted to be a pilot like him.

Looks like someone traveling on a long corridor from one space station to another.

Woow friend @xpilar, your imagination is something unimaginable haha, I usually stay thoughtful from time to time and in those moments I usually lose track of time, maybe I travel to this place my mind. Good image, thank you for sharing it.

Nice to hear, thanks @adeljose

It was the time of year zero, where the world, as we knew it, had ceased to exist, galaxies became confused with nature and it was easy to find a star in the middle of the ocean, the infertile land reflected a mirage in its head. They were just ashes of what once was the planet.

P.D: You have a great art, your graphics blow my imagination: 3

I imagine a huge cosmic freeway racing along at the speed of sound, and along the way you can get off on small planets with beautiful nature.

thanks for the description @magnata

Hi Dear @xpilar. i am new joining steemit and new to your blog.
your digital art is awesome and very nice drawing really i like your post.
thank you sharing with us.
Have a good day......

Thanks for your description @hafijur-rahman

nice to get to know you, welcome to Steemit

Your digital art is very interesting @xpilar,
the background is like in space, it looks like stars are scattered,
And a very creative round of digital art, full of color combinations that are very suitable

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welcome to steem ,.....i like newbies

Nice to meet you

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thank you so much @tya.saputry

A beautiful futuristic world... maybe in the future we'll be building structures so close to space. Nice imagination, @xpilar.

thanks for the description @charcoalbuffet

Your black eyes sorcerers.

You definitely cast a spell on me

Black eyes like the night that haunted and drove me crazy

Where I walk I see you, where I think of you, my world goes round

You bewitched me, your life is my world, and my world turns turning everything upside down

Love sorcerer, black eyes like the sky

You my land you turn and you burn me, you my air that gives me life and pain

Damn spell that condemns me, to madness and ties me to pain.

Extravagant image, it resembles a storm dragging things with it.

thanks for the description @sughey

Hola, soy yo, el gatitito que te observa desde su escodrijo
me han enviado al espacio para un experimento,
pero ando buscando algo de alimento, y, también mi abrigo
quedé maravillado con tanta belleza
me olvide de comer, me importó un carrizo
más de veinte horas cuando aquí aterrizo
espacio infinito con miles de estrellas
me olvido del hambre, me recreo con ellas.

Excelente trabajo.Felicidades xpilar.Bendiciones.

Dear @xpilar

I've noticed that you've been supporting me for quite sometime already and I feel like I owe you a lot. Is there any way to contact you via DM? I would like to contact you and see if there is any way we could help each other to grow on steem blockchain.

upvote on the wa y :)

Nice to hear @crypto.piotr

you can contact me on Discord, but I'm not often there.
But you leave a message where I will be notified

How to find you on Discord @xpilar?

My account: crypto.piotr#3426


hey i sent you a friend request

Good morning, beautiful mixture of colors that reflects the spectacular of modern art and your ingenuity.

thanks for the description @leca

Hello @xpilar, digital images show the splendor and beauty in space. and this is very good to be a description. Earth's natural resources have been exhausted. many people who surrender destroy and take the natural resources in very large numbers.

therefore the earth is no longer able to bear the burden. when a disaster occurs somewhere, like an earthquake, the earth is very easily damaged. that is because the land is dug in large numbers to find oil resources. in addition, many gold mining, and others that cause the earth is not strong anymore.

this is just my description of the digital image that you display.

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Hi @ camil77

that's not the way things are done at Steemit

You have to create friendship and it does so first by commenting on posts
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Learn from the good deeds and ask for help when you feel like it

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Creative and an artistic digital drawing work , your artwork is always amazing and unique

thank you so much @obest

Colourful Whirlwind

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very nice and great and amazing imagination my dear friend @xpilar

Beautiful image , thanks

It is an incredible art, so many details, a 3D work.

Excellent creation of digital abstract art, I like friend, greetings!

Hey great!! It is a rock work with galactic details, it is a risky work, but it works very well.

thanks for the description @elider11

So gourgious work

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Cool art

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Nice digital art!

Nice expression good colour combinations.

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This is a picture of rocks in space.

thanks for the description @elianaelisma

Very nice how the rocky texture blends into space, @xpilar!

I think these are beautiful lights in the sky.

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Your imagr are always great and always worth admiring

I love your art, it's full of details and color, great sir.

maybe this is space am i right???

Yes that is correct @sardar-sani

That's looking more amazing than ever

Modern drawings do not require modern comparisons for us

thanks for the description @mohamad786

good post

Beautiful outer space views.

Tu imagen se ve espectacular, en realidad bastante abstracto, pero hermoso. Felicitaciones por tu creatividad, @xpilar. Mis saludos.

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Planetary Collaboration Point.

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