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Digital art made by @xpilar

fjell og natur 5 A.jpg

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Arrived the light.

There was once a dreamy and imaginative child who had never seen the sun, nature, colors, light ...
This child was born without being able to see, but he had developed an incredible passion for art, his parents taught him different textures and with paintings he showed shapes, the child had a favorite artist called xpilar, his art was widely known in the world and it was with his art that the child developed his love for art.
His parents always had him canvas and temperas so that the child when he had his moment of inspiration could create.
His paintings reflected his reality, his world ... and although he could not see his abstract art was majestic, his talent was known and his fame was growing.
So much so that his paintings were sold more and more and at a better price.
Thus his family could gather and be able to make the corneas operation necessary to be able to see.
The day came to remove the bandages from the eyes of the child and his parents were present at that moment, his mother and father by his side both taking a small hand.
The doctor withdrew the bandage and the light arrived, those present cried, laughed, thanked and congratulated.
The next day the parents took the child to an important Norwegian museum, the doctors, their relatives, friends, admirers, the press and a special guest were the artist himself @xpilar.
in front of everyone @ xpilar I give her a painting that I made especially for the child, it was the first time I could observe, contemplate and admire a painting of the artist with his own eyes.


The painting was beautiful, the child hugged the artist he admired so much and cried, thanking him for giving him a reason to dream when the light was off.
The boy and @xpilar embraced.

Think of you (poem)

In the darkness of my room I started thinking about you.

Immediately think of you filled my inspiration and I felt free in nature

I felt free to fly like the birds in the blue sky, touching the thin clouds of cotton

Imagine you take me to the cusp of the highest mountain where I am happy

I know that for now I have a dark and cold room but thinking about you illuminates my life and gives me peace, peace naturally.

Se asemeja al crater del Sabancaya localizado en Arequipe -Peru- el que estuvo inactivo durante 200 años. no obstante, el pasado siglo,(en los años 80) se activo nuevamente


Como un cráter, alla en la lejanía, en su quietud aparente se divisa
Resplandece algo de luz, en tal ambiente
Así, con ese tenue resplandor que ejemplifica
Trémulos muchos, aun creyendo en las bondades,pero a la expectativa
En otro entorno, donde se desenvuelven en su vaivén
Riendo,gimiendo, sigue su ritmo en diferentes ámbitos, la vida.

thanks for your description @brismar

It's going to rain soon

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Excellent natural art Mr. @xpilar, thank you for your daily art.

Wow !!!!! unbelievable beautyebe beauty,.

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the work of your imagination is very good and interesting to enjoy

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This is an impeccable work and full of harmony. Excellent work!!

I imagine this is a hill view under a beautiful blue sky.

I imagine this
Is a hill view under a
Beautiful blue sky.

                 - elianaelisma

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