The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

new series in space 4 A.jpg

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Hi @xpilar, as always wanted to share my little story that was inspired by your digital Art:

…How many hours gone since the astronaut was unconscious nobody knows. He just remember being outside of spaceship but the next time it was very bright light and he was blinded with that light, as well as he could not hear anything and slowly lost his consciousness. The next thing he know he is in a room that looks like labyrinth the right and left side as well as top and bottom are looking the same. Is he in place full of mirror and why he is there.
He was given some nutrition and was allowed to walk around but once he was trying to leave one room, he appear in other but similar. He decided to sleep and hoped to wake up on his spaceship. But the next day, nothing been changed, he lost his feeling of time and room. He started to think he is loosing his mind. After many hour finally he heard a voice who spoke to him in his language and explained that this is a space ship but navigated by AI, that looking for some company to travel with and this human being was only one who was strong enough mentally not to get mad. He was rewarded for his patience and now there were two of them a human and AI caught in this golden cage on their long way to explore the space and to search for companions to create a new community abut of course after being able to stand the test…


thanks for a very good story @stef1


How much power

The power of the heart of the space vehicle, surpasses technologies of all localities, this engine is like the human heart gives the life and energy necessary for displacement, perched and at rest continues to amaze the sense of sight and giving new distractions to the inhabitants close to your locality.

Thanks for the good description @rizta

Are you graphic designer as a professional @xpilar?

Hi @crypto.piotr

No, I am not a graphic designer and am not a professional.
But I learn a little more each time I produce a picture in my imagination

I love it looks like an axis that gives rotation to the earth.

thanks for the description @elider11

Digital art is very creative and interesting @xpilar, in my opinion it's almost like a palace or a certain royal building, the bottom like a glass-filled floor, and the top like a sky, really amazing

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Thanks for the good description @tya.saputry

I imagine a huge cave on another planet, where a space station is located deep underground, away from prying eyes :). Thank you for the beautiful picture.

thanks for the description @magnata

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¡Que belleza! el globo terráqueo en movimientos, (rotación-traslación),
como si fuera presentado en miniatura para apreciar a la vista humana
los efectos de tal desplazamiento;razón por lo que se ven varias esferas, y
en el centro la energía que lo mueve.
Si ven esta explicación me llaman de la NASA,jeje,sobre todo por la posición
de la tierra, porque soy quien interpreta el diseño, pero bueno tal vez la posición
sea por el efecto el recalentamiento, jeje.

No está demás estimular las endorfinas con un poco de humor, pero lo más importante es que esta precioso el diseño.

thank you so much @brismar

I'll call you from NASA 👍

I like this image, illusionist and at the same time mysterious, good creation my dear @xpilar

Good day @xpilar, seeing this image I think it would be perfect for the shield of a series of superheroes, is truly beautiful and gives the impression of power.

thanks for the description @leca

Very beautiful image as usual

Welcome :)

Awesome image. Made me to remember one film i watch some time ago

Nice to hear, thanks @doyi

Mitosis at the machine level

thanks for the description @marcusantoniu26

Definitivamente la imaginación y el arte no tienen limites, a mi se me parece a un corte de un molusco bivalvo. Felicidades amigo, @xpilar.

Thank you @lauram

I like the picture you associate with

good post

You are continuing improve day by day great express 😀

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I like it, very futuristic sci fi style

thank you so much @madalchemist

The color and shape of your digital images is extraordinarily beautiful. and in my opinion, your digital image looks like 2 machines that are connected and work together. and very good if compared to the current steem conditions.

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We wish you a pleasant day.

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thank you @aulia1993

nice that you support SPUD and that you often now take PowerUp
and with funds you buy steem, it is great 👍

Thank you very much @xpilar.

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Wow. Wonderful image. Still thinking what i can bring out of this wonderful image

thank you so much @adedapo-glory

Nice and beautiful creative digital design . It looks really nice

It is a picture of a very beautiful carved building.

thanks for the description @rihonkeugata

very impressive digital works

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very nice imagination my dear friend @xpilar

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wow .... good digital art

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Wow amazing.... I can't describe this image.

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Very beautiful picture with a beautiful golden yellow color.

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Pretty impressive picture. I made a great start to the day thanks to you :)

Sparkling beauty to discover that's beautiful

The picture is very nice everyone will like it The picture is very well liked The good picture everyone loves

His daily digital art is great Mr. @xpilar, its details and originality.

Like a picture of a building in a ball-shaped pattern.

thanks for the description @elianaelisma

@mukhtarilyas, high-level digital art. @xpilar always success.

Saludos @xpilar, muy bonita creación , ese color dorado le da categoría a su imaginación.

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Ancient Gold In The Cave.

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Another gourgious one..So nice work sir..

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Keep up the good work! 🏂
DFacademy Team 🎯

You're welcome 🙏