The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

in art •  2 years ago 

  The pictures I make in a 3D program from e-on software - Vue 5 Infinite    

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In order to use the pictures in other context you must have permission from me

  What does the picture tell you will be nice to hear what you think about it  

 If you write a good story from my photos, you may get a good upvote from me 

 enjoy the picture   

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a space bar!
a bar in space !
where you could drink and dance have fun all night long till you pass out hahaha -
we both know am allergic to alcohol so how about a space mall instead :D

hehe, we serve lovely drinks without alcohol.
Alcohol is not allowed here, but it is open all the time 24/24.
The music is playing all the time as the visit is big from the whole galaxy.
So just take the hike here and meet many different human beings.
And the sun shines around the built-in beach with the ocean 24 hours a day.
It's just beautiful here @englishtchrivy

see you in a minute hahahah
oh wait I still have to return ups
I can't doze yet :D
only accessible when asleep isn't it?
but in the future - that shall be done ;D

Yes, it is.
But not long in sleepy state, hehe just a few hours.
And in the future just a few minutes


Regards @xpilar

after I see in your picture

there you have created a rich artwork with High Definition color
the artwork you create,
grow and grow from the small earth,
surrounded by a small planet above it.

you have flown this artwork,
as the beginning of the success of the color world.
which you create neatly using digital code code 2018

From all this, I conclude that,
the world has now developed a digital world of High Definition color
in order to work together to build artwork into the community

Regards @sultan-aceh

Thank you for your thoughts and a description I like @sultan-aceh

thank very much @xpilar


yes right friend the image is made by imagination n thought

Nice to hear @shabana1234

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hahaha.... I like this games, and I like you too with whole of your idea. The clear message from this games is " lets freedom your mind to adventure " yea.... you smile bro, a picture is million's meaning, isn't it?. Lets me guess it.
Your picture told a Roulette Table in Casino City and bloody from gamblers..... very busy hahaha... I had seen you walked at Vegas, haaaa.... don't say not. And thanks for the games, you do understand how to refreshing the brain because lot of people stressing cause of the coin laying down... hehehe. thanks bro and have nice days.
Best Regard

Thank you for your thoughts and a good description @fajar16

You're welcome bro.

Hi @xpilar

meet again with your post that is very inspiring once, you have skill that occupy in this field yes.

Okay I will try a little berimaginasi on your post this art.

I imagine it as one of the modern aircraft of the future, this plane is used to explore space time to several countries that connect fellow steemian.

this aircraft is special for the steemian who has original content, and if they want to get the services of its flight simply by paying some SBD or steem only.

Hopefully this plane of your work can really be used someday, and my dreams around the world to meet fellow steemians can be realized with the payment of steem use: D

Much love


Thank you for your thoughts and a good description @ericha

you're most welcome sir :)

It's like an alien plane in the 2016 independence day movie. It's just a bit different in shape, but the hole in the middle is exactly that. in the film was told that an enemy from outer space down to earth to take the earth's core with a drill ray from the hole. but the man in the story has been very advanced and able to stay on the moon, has a fleet of war. hehe. I think when you make this you seem to be imagining a very advanced human future. Thanks @xpilar, I am happy, this is sharpening logic.

Thank you for your thoughts @taufik

Wow. I can see the imagination flowing like a river in the picture.

Thank you for your thoughts @braxton101

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

it is very hard for me to explain about this picture, I think this difficult challenge is not easy to guess, but here I try to explain in this imagination, it seems that the rule of law in each country is different in common with other countries, and also each state legislation should not be opposed to international law so that it can adapt to each other even if different countries, because it is protected all under international, so here equally protect the world, thanks @ xpilar, this is a test for me.

Thank you for your thoughts @sailor01

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

my ability is limited, thanks @xpilar, I wait for the next challenge.

Want to make this awesome, 3D need to help

this looks like a new planet, which in the recent news, I forgot the name of the planet, whose news the planet will be inhabited by humans from the earth, is this like its shape, hahaah ... just my imagination? ..but very beautiful indeed

Thank you for your thoughts @riezalzulfa

A hole between dimensions is not clear where the purpose. At first glance looks very far, the hole is like invite to explore ... but there is a concern that dimension brings to a goal and can not return, his invitation clearly visible if it is an exciting and challenging trip ... Good job @xpilar, I feel like in outer space, seeing a hole full of challenges ...

Thank you for your thoughts @heriafriadiaka

You are welcome @xpilar... sure i want to know what you are imagine about that drawing...

At first look it gave me an idea of Crypto currency. Black color is showing how switfly crypto was rising high in market and capturing the major market share. Red color circles show how strongly ceased the growth of crypto currency by robbery of wallet and imposing ban by different countries.

Nice to hear, Thank you for your thoughts @kamchore

To me this abstract art is : The stars are revolving in any galaxy in which blood is spread everywhere that shows war is happening there and peace is needed soon.

Thank you for your thoughts @salmanbukhari54

it resembles a space shuttle and I have revived a world of great technology. Imaginary world is my fan. also the harmony of red, black and white colors is spectacular. I love this technology.evokes the infinity of space and space.

Thank you for your thoughts @banum

What I see in this picture is the black and white of the main disk - resembling the wrong racist thought that a man's color might make him different from a man with another color, maybe better than him.
but looking at the bigger picture, at what envelopes the whole disk, and aided in the interpretation by the little round red disks - we can see that actually, just like everybody's blood is them same color - red (and here the little red disks looking like blood platelets helps us understanding it), we are equal human beings on this planet.

Thank you for your thoughts @kivsha

What an amazing Ufo sir, You have a good skill on 3D, It awesome to see of your own art collection... :D

Nice to hear @dilimunanzar

Well it does looks like an UFO by the way ;)
Nicely done buddy !

hehe, yes i do @rehan12

thank you @xpilar, your picture is very good, a work of extraordinary and very beautiful. I really like your 3d picture, where I can tell about your 3d picture

Nice to hear @cakphotography

Super incredible 3d art . You are amazing artest and you give us very unique art 3d pictures. Sir @xpilar I impressed your nice drawing . This picture look like rocket (udan tashtri) who use for going on moom.
Thanks for sharing with us your art.
Stay blessed.
Steem on!

My imagination. I was flying in beautiful orange cloud. What it is a new ufo in your imagination @xpilar?

Thank you for your thoughts, yes it is @halidabahri

wow.....wondarful photography.....& excellent art.... i love your all post.... thank you so much for dear #xpilar & @sultan-aceh

Nice to hear @numanahmed

Didn't know that you are star trick fan lol, the next thing you should do is speak clingon, akhbakh dakh, haha, u re an à alien supernatural extraterrestrial😂😂😂

hehe, thanks @racemlaadhar

The image you are drawing from different facets can fool the eye. The 3D image already illustrated above makes the drawing image even if it is in the real world.

Nice to hear @jamalgayoni

A very nice, this image looks very real.
I had to learn to be like this.

WoW! Awesome 3D art @xpilar.

thanks @emma28

wow beautiful art dear @xpilar
wonderful photography dear
@love you dear
I @resteem your post dear

thanks @alamgir1001

loveliy post dear..

thanks @sabbir42

You are so beautiful photographer.....♦thanks for sharing a beautiful photography♦......@xpilar

thanks @rojib

it's very cool, thanks friends for the tips

thanks @rozipasee

equally, garden may i follow you

Good design...
Liked it

thanks @hunny437

Good photos

Thanks for sharing.You are a great photographer.

thoughts are really beautiful and amazing creative person you are bro

thanks @starboye

wow👌👌👌i think you are a genious photographer...
i like your design,art very much..
please carry on...

thank you @riyad11

Waw great pictures @xpilar
I still haven't been able to make 3D

thanks @adson

amazing @xpilar sort of space object. nice pictures similar to uvo

thanks @lamkuta

wow this is wonderful to see nice design :)

Nice to hear @cityslicker

Wow..Amazing art...I appreciate photographer.thanks for sharing this post...

Nice to hear @sharminkona

good work....

thank you @mdmunna

Wow....very nice photography, beautiful art, amazing post , thanjs for sharing

thanks @utpolbiswas

good job dear @xpilar

thanks @kayes12345

beautiful photographer..lovely photography..thanks for sharing [email protected]

thanks @black35

wonderful to describe the beauty of it amazing

into a different horizon wow this is quite beautiful

thanks @brainceo

The image is like a spacecraft ، thank u for sharing @xpilar

thanks @faresellouz

Excellent image dear @xpilar

thanks @naeemahmedd

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That's a great designing dear @xpilar

thank you @upmebot

superb quality work on this one wow looks amazing

Nice to hear @blazing

Your imagination is limitless, your works are somewhat like aliens to me hehehe.

thanks, Yes it is @asbonclz

you showcased the best of you wow this is amazing

thanks @starving

wow.! awesome dear @xpilar

thanks @siddik1092

hd painting is very nice
I really like your post @xpilar
how yes i can join [email protected]

thanks @cobadile

A good work , it allow you to navigate deep into the world , upvoted

at first i thought this was a planet in itself wow it looks at first for sure very unusual stuff :)

Nice to hear @wandering

What a great art i like it @xpilar

thanks @myeasin

good job @xpilar

thanks @usaha

I like your post
in the perfect

thanks @siatteuk

amazing art

thanks @kalaitam

mega post amazing

thanks @arsyad-aceh

Wiw wondearful post i like you post dear @xpilar .......

thanks @tanvir123

you made an awesome image from the 3d program software thanks for sharing it

Nice to hear @cutiepie

wonderful post, thanks for sharing, carry on dear @xpilar

thanks @nazira

This is very interesting, difficult to explain

thanks @nazarul

good .

thanks @danyl19


intelligent work dear

thanks @shaikatkm