week's worth of figure drawing

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Hello everyone! As you might aready know I have decided to make 100 figure drawings. I have been drawing everyday for the past week. I think now is a good time to take a look at what I have created to far :)


First things first I have made quite a big pile of papers...I don't think there ever was a time when I drew this much :D


This is about 30 pages of drawing, I drew on both sides of the paper. I feel a little accomplished by that :D

I think it would be best to first show you all the 5 minute figure drawing that I've done and then move on to 25 ones. That way this post probobly won't get too messy :D

So here we go 5-10 minute drawings :







At this point I did some research and realized I should be drawing moving my shoulder and elbow, that way the lines look better, way more confident. That's what all the pro artist do :) Here I started using my whole arm to draw and I think it shows, there are way less unnecessary lines.



And now the 25 minute drawing!


Was very proud when I first drew this, but now after a few days I see a lot that could be improved and fixed in shading and proportion wise.


Some of the shading lines are really good, definately proud of that :D


I think my value look somewhat better in this, I wasn't to afraid to make dark lines. But I think I overworked this a bit, because when I was done my fingers hurt and I have never experianced something like that before.


This was by far the most difficult day of drawing this, that is yesterday. My hand and finger hurt a lot, so although I love drawing muscles a lot I was not able to enjoy this one at all....and It shows ahahahah :D

For todays drawing session I think I am going to take it easy and make sure to not strain my hand too much, it still hurts a bit and I don't think that's a very good sign.

Thanks for checking this out, if you have any questions at all feel free to ask, I will be very happy to answer everything! ^^


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Very interesting works, thanks a lot for sharing.

Thank you very much! :)

this is nice well done ill follow you :) check me out if you have time

Thank you! I will be sure to check you out! :)

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These are amazing, @wilnonis ! It takes a lot of dedication to do these studies, and you achieved a lot in the span of a week ! Love the body languages and the poses and how you captured the anatomies of these figures :D Even the quick ones, you can tell from the construction lines that you're really grasping the building blocks of what makes a given pose works ! I really love these <3 Wonderful post * ___ *

Thank you sooooo much for this nice comment! ^^ I am really working my butt off right now and I can't wait to see what 100 of these drawing will make of me :D

You work hard, and this is the second name of the talent. Your paintings are cool! And I can't believe that some of them are 25 minute drawing.

Thank you very much! I try to do the best I can :) That's true, I think I do draw very fast haha :D Now, that you mention it, it is probobly very hard to believe that some of them are 25 minutes only ;D

Oh, it's wonderful! I really enjoy looking at this different thought!
Have !rabbit, Have fun!

Thank you very much! I' really glad you like it and thanks fo the rabbit! ^^

Wow both your figure drawings and your dedication to art are awesome. It feels to me that you draw very fast too, that is a great quality to have because you can improve much faster. Keep going, but pay attention to your hands' health too :).

Hahah thank you! I would consider myself a lazy persn, so being called a dedicated person is a very nice feeling :D I guess I really do draw very fast, I never noticed it myself actually, but I think that speed is what tires my hand so much, so I decided to take one day off drawing and rest my hand up. Hopefully that one day of rest won't make me lazy :D

I loved all the bodies super interesting .

Thank you!! :)

good jobs friend

Thank you friend! :)

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