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Hi everyone! A while ago @slobberchops went to the Allsprings House and snapped some great pictures. While looking at his blog I really liked one of said pictures and was determined to try and paint it someday. I am rather bad at painting landspaces and buildings and nature in general, so I was almost 'dreading' the day I will finally leave my comfort zone and try to paint this. The day finally came and really glad I finally opened up myslef to learning new things that I suck at :D

The painting is not the greatest, but with more to come, I will surely improve :)



This is the sketch phase.


This might look really complicated already but truly it's not, the almost done leafs only give off that effect.


And here almost done, things are way more rendered than before the colors are in place there are some highlights. At the very end I added some color dodge, but you can see that in the very first picture so I won't bombard you with the same pic again :)

This process is very crude and you probobly can't see much so if you'd like to see more of my progress you can go take a look at a vide I made here :)

I am really happy with the results of this because when this drawing is the size of a thumbnail, it actually looks very good, like it might be a photo. And that means I must have done something right with the values and that makes me happy :D

Thanks for checking this out, I hope you have a great day!


Yes, I'm sure you will improve :).
And the picture looks great, it does look like a photo from the thumbnail. You did a good job.

Thank you! Yea I will improve little by little, but I think I need a bit of a kick in the butt, I was really lazy the past few days :D

I can't make out the software you are using, what is it? The leaves look a little blury, is that colour dodge?

Its mightily better that anything I can do!

Ill be out doing more UrBex this weekend, and have some more from the last stint yet to post.

That's photoshop cc, I use it for all digital art I do. Yep, I used a soft brush throught the whole drawing and added quite a bit of color dodge on the leaves, I guess that why they look extra blurry haha :D

That's great! I really enjoyed drawing this, I might borrow more pictures from your UrBex in the future!

I might borrow more pictures from your UrBex in the future!

No worries, you are welcome to use them :)

It's a very beautiful painting, with an interesting style. Well done, sir!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like this style, I am yet developing it :)

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