Taking a rest

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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I was able to sit down a bit and sketch.

This is little sketch of a boy, taking a rest in a field. There is wheat behind him, he was taking the wheat down and got a little bit tired.


I think I am very lucky. I am not old by any means, only almost 20, but I got to see how things were done on the farm old school time. When I was little my family was still planting wheat by hand. We were still cutting grass by scythe, making huge heaps of hay only using our hands. Used horses to help around the farm. I think that's very cool, it is as if I was able to get a glimpse into the past, I know how things were done back then and hard it was. My dad does have all the modern machinery that a farm needs now, but that time back then, for me it's almost magical. And I do miss it, it seems like things back then were much simpler. This little drawing I did is insipired by memories.



Thinking of ideas, figuring out shapes. I wasn't sure at this point how the main character would sit or if it is a young boy or an old man.


I decided it would be a young man and started adding some details :)


From the initial sketch his left leg seemed to sit very awkwardly, so I changed it up a bit. There is a technique for drawing limbs mainly that I sort of used here. Since it is hard for many people to put things like legs and arms in perspective, you can draw continuous cirles in the direction you want and somehow it makes thing easier... I am not even sure how to explain it of how the technique is really called, sorry about that :D


I am done with drawing the character and I figured out that drawing feet is a very veeery hard thing for me to do. Must go and fix that some day ^^


I put some very simple background around him, no one wants to be sitting in the middle of nothingness after all :D But that might be kind of nice now that I think about it...


Because sketching is done and ready I started inking with my black gel pen that I probobly stole from my brother 5 year ago. The pen is absolute beast, I'm surised it still even works :D


Character inking done.


Inked everything else and used a pencil to add some values here and there.


Cleaned up my sloppy pencil usage, added a little shadow drop from the character and that's it!

Thanks for checking this out! I hope you learned something and as always have a nice day!


This is a lovely sketch especially since you drew it based on your childhood happiness :). I wonder about farming life sometimes, it looks magical from the outside, but surely it’s actually a lot of hard work?

Thank you! :) It sure is a lot of work, but it is happy work if done right. It always nice to grow something from scratch and see progress day by day. Some people also love to 'do something with their hands' , for them farming would bring a lot of satisfaction :) Farming is most difficult because you have daily tasks that cannot be ignored, if you become sick or injured that's the worst part, you can either go do the tasks while you are sick or try to find someone that can fill you in while you are recovering.

Yes, we need some rest and this weekend it is the right time for it!!!
Have a nice we and Steem on!

Very sweet and charming sketch! Sometimes I still go and rest in a place like that. There's nothing like being in nature to relax the mind!

Thank you! I'm glad you think that way, there is nothing better than to rest in the peace of nature :)

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