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Hi everyone, how are you all doing?

Once again I haven't uploaded much and I am not proud of myself :( I had a lot of free time this week but nothing good came out of it, I have no excuses, I was really lazy and I'd really like to change that. For a year or so, I was going on in circles, motivated and hard working for a few weeks and then I completely shut down for a few days and don't get any work done. I truly know that I am not the only one with this type of problem, so If any of you have some tips on this, I would really apprecate it!

Now, I haven't done much this week, but I did skecth a little and I'd like to share that with you!


First one is a little fantsay sketch of a goat man creature. I do love paranormal stories and myths. For this one I was inspired by a goatman bridge that is located somewhere in texas. And I am rather proud of this, I think this was my best sketch of the week.



Pupper and doggos are great. And little by little I am trying to become a better dog draw-er :D


I usually draw using hard lines, but never 'flowy' lines. I tried something different with this one, and I think I succeded because it does not look like anything I would draw :D


And lastly the worst sketch of the week! I was never good at drawing back muscles or drawing character from the back in general and I still am not good at it. A lot of trial and error in the future and maybe I'll get there :D

Thank you for checking this out! I hope you have a good weekend!


lmao nothing is fantasy silly u are!

ur remote viewiing real realms when u draw or u can just create them

Oh thats an interesting point of view, I never thought about it that way :D

Interesting sketches, sir. Don't worry too much about that. Don't rush things. Take your time. 😊

Thank you, I'm really happy you like them! :)

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Thank you so much @c-squared !

I really like the hand criss cross lines drawing.

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Oh thank you! I was experimenting with lines there, I quite like it too :)


so glad to see you back and posting again at Steemit :D I love these sketches very much, I think you have a wonderfully expressive lines, @wilnonis <3 <3 <3

The pupper and doggos are really lovely, you nailed their forms and movements really well, i think :D

The goat man is coooooooooooool, and the back of the man is nicely shaded, it looks like he's about to thrown down with someone XD And I like the arm/hand sketch one, also :)

Post more stufffffffffffff I LOVE YOUR STYLE eeeeeeeeeee

Ahhhh the pressure to post more from a very nice comment :D Thank you so much! I will try to post more stuff for sure this time, it's time to stop being lazy and art-on :D

I really like your studies and though you should feel bad for neglecting them, at least you come back and draw again so it's good :).
All of these are nice, I like that you keep drawing the stuff that you find challenging. I can see improvement for sure ^_^.

Thank you! Hahah little by little I am also seeing my improvement, it's a great feeling ^^

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