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Hello! Today I had an extra 20 minutes lying around so I decided to try out something a little different from what I do. And since I was also a little homesick or well puppyhomesick I decided to draw one of my pups - Mickey.


The new thing that I tried is to paint and try to think in big shapes. I painted most of this with a big fat brush so I wouldn't get the desire to jump into details. Less is more they say, so I did less today :D I usually only paint in black and white, I am really not comfy with colors, everytime I try to put some in it feels like nothing works. Little steps is what I have to do I think :)

Now about this pupper muffin, his name is Mickey and he is a sweet popatoe shaped dog. When he was small his ears were almost bigger than his head.


I'm proud to say that he grew up to be a very loving chubby dog with a lot of nicknames.


Suspiciously chubby even if though he get's a lot of exercise and healthy food. We go to the woods everytime we can, so he get's at least a few hours weekly to roam around and spot and chase a rabbit here and there.


I am only at home during the weekend now, so I believe he might be getting a few cookies too much in his diet. But he is definately not complaining :D He does complain about one thing and he makes sure I understand :D once again I am home only during the weekends, so when I do get home he makes sure that the first thing he does is to bite my ass :D
Can't blame him, I would be a little bit angry too if my owner left somewhere without me :D


Mickey was a beautiful little one and he looks a beautiful adult dog now 🐶 the portrait is very very nice 💚

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Thank you, he sure is a pretty pupper. Mickey says thank you for the compliment too :D

Wow, he's such a cutie! Great drawing, @wilnonis.

Thank youuu! ^^

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He is sooooo adorable in the first pic, and handsome and lovely in the others. Your art of him with the big brush definitely captures him nicely. I like that mischievous look :D.

I know I know he was the cutest pupper when he was little :D Thank you! ^^

OMG Mickey is so cute <3 I love that you include his photos as pupper and fully grown :D :D he does seem to have grown up to be a bit chubby but I think he's very handsome still * ___ *

Love his ears so much !!!

So great that you are experimenting with different methods of drawing, ... it has never occurred to be to use broad shapes! I quite like the result :D :D :D He really looks like Mickey ! Happy and bright and smiling huge <3333333333333333

What a gorgeous doggo! <3

And aawwwwww, I hope you hug him heaps whenever you do visit at the weekends XD (and i hope he doesn't bite you too hard hahaha~)

Hahaha thank you!

Yep the drawing did come out to look like him, but I think I made him a little older looking :D

Oh he sure gets a lot of hugs, a lot of belly rubs, ear scraches and 'full body massage' he loves to lay down on the side and you are supposed to well do a massage :D

He does bite me hard sometimes, he somehow calculates if a was a bad owner that week or not :D

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