Best reason for attempting a self portrait

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Hi everyone! Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 20, I'm still young but it's scary how fast time is flying by. It feels like I was only a little kid just a few weeks ago. I figured if there was a good occasion for making a self portrait, it would be my birthday.


I have attempted a self portrait quite a few times before, but the results were always extremely distorted, I was never able to draw myself, the results always looked like a extremely buff phychotic dude on drugs with a broken jaw. :D

Today self portrait didin't go well too...After a few tries I took my own picture and traced the basic porportions and that was a good choice because now I do look a lot like myself! I guess now you will have a basic idea of how I look hahah :D

For most people birthdays are a happy day, even the most favorite celebration of the whole year. Some people are not that happy about their own birthdays and are not really enthusiastic to celebrate them. I am one of those people. My birthday usually leaves me felling a little sad hah :D

If someone out there doesn't like their own birthday's too, hey that's absolutely fine! :D


Excellent work, @wilnonis. Amazing self-portrait! Nice meeting you!

Happy birthday, woooo!!! And a nice self portrait too, though there’s really nothing wrong with drawing yourself like an extremely buff psychotic dude XD. Ummm maybe there is, but it sounds so hilarious that I am curious to see your past results hehehe.
You look like a chill person in the drawing, not psychotic at all :).

Hahah thank you! I am not psychotic or so I think, but when it comes to drawing myself oh man all kinds of results happen xD And Ironically I always tell people I am very good at drawing portraits haha :D

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Thank you!!

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