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Hi there! I'm back here with something different again :)

I never thought I would do these 3D line drawings, but here we go, I got an assigment :D


It's my first time doing something like this....and what can I say, I guess it does look like an arm so that's good :D



Step one I sketched a somewhat muscular, veiny hand aka a nurses favorite thing.

skeych on a3.jpg

Step two I sketched the same thing on a big piece of paper. Also sorry the next few pics will be low quality, I snapped them when it was really dark,but I tried to edit them so it looks as best as it can.


Now I fallowed the general idea with a twist! The background lines are straight, and the lines of the hand arc out to the form of the hand. But I did a twist, squiggly lines. I'm not sure if it look good or not, I just love goofy lines and I wanted to put some of my personality in this.


Now the last step. As it was, the previous pic looked really boring, because there was no weight in the lines. Maybe the squiggly lines gave an interest look to it, but not enought to really catch the eye or to look interesting. So I added some weight by making some lines thickerin places that a real hand would most likely have a shadow.

And that's that, thanks for checking this out! I loved trying this out, It was really unusuall for me, but also good, I got to try and experience new things. More like will come, because I have a few more assigiments of stuff I would usually not do :D


Oh wow this is so interesting! What a lovely style, very different and arty <3 I kinda want to try this now :D Great piece, @wilnonis <3

Thanks! You should try it, it is really nice trying new art things :D

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