Silly Microsoft Paint Doodles

in art •  10 months ago

When I'm not working, being dragged around by my dog, or fighting with foam swords, I sometimes take the time to do art.

While I have done beautiful work that I've invested days into, I much prefer to doodle. My notes in school always had margins full or swirly lines and weird little creatures.

Lately, with more time being spent on the computer, I've moved to digital doodling. The "works of art" below were done in MS Paint mostly during my lunch hours at work. Captions are intentionally silly and random.

Sledgehammer-Wielding Cyclops-Squid
Fear me.

The Chomwuzzle
It brings good luck... And bacon.

That feeling when you been working real hard to bring the Cyclical Recom'gurbator back online but your senior Chak'hamaluk don't think you been doing working fast enough.

Is There Anybody Out There?

Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight.

Napolean Harvests A Cheese In Russia
Next he will harvest a broccoli muffin in Jamaica.

Chombo Under The Sea
I don't know who Chombo is, nor why he is under the sea, but it is truly a marvel.

Thanks for enduring this terror. Follow me and check out my other posts for more randomness!

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What witchcraft is this?!

I would upvote this all day err'y day if I could.


i modelled it, was bored and saw your post :D


you can have a look on my blog, i model random stuff :D sometimes i do better sometimes worse :D


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