Wow great work, how much time you have spent for it?.

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That's a really good question. I sort of lose track of time too when I'm doing it. All parts together, probably around 4 hours, not including the time to render. But when you consider that a professionally-done cover image starts at around $600, it's time well-spent. :-)

I can see that you are not spending this much time to get enough but also you love what you do.

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It's a little of each, honestly. I knew I could - and I wanted to be able to... and now I'm obtaining the skill set to let me do it. It's even better when I'm able to use one of my photographs - as I did here - as the background. Honestly, when I was writing the scene, this picture came to mind as the setting.
Now, that I know (mostly) what I'm doing, I really do enjoy it as well.

I love how much thought you are putting into those images, btw, I nominated you for the #Seven77 challenge ;)

Thank you. Yes, a lot of thought does go into each cover image. How do you encapsulate an entire book into one single image? (Or two, if I do a bordering image...) And how do you make that one image speak? You are an artist as much as I am. I'm sure you understand this concept. :-)

BTW, the reason why I didn't see the tag is because you left out the hyphen, lol. I'm surprised that one bot didn't chime in...

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