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Hello, friends! Today I will show you a view of winter Tallinn, which I painted on one of the recent online webinars. I've been there once, and I've only been there one day. I like this view from the hill to the old town, the tower and the bay. I saw the theme of the webinar and was happy. My collection of watercolor cities is increasing.

I tried a new technique - I used flat brushes. But I hope you like the result. Roofs of houses look chaotic and abstract.


I made a pencil sketch. I drew the horizon line, the tower and the roof lines.


I started painting the sky and the bay. I used a pale mixture of blue, yellow and pink colors for the sky. I used darker shades of blue for the Bay.


I took a flat brush and applied light yellow strokes on the sunlit places of houses and roofs.


I took a wider flat brush and applied blue strokes to the roofs of the houses. Abstract picture, but I hope that then everything will look good.


The next step I began to paint the tower, the roofs of houses. I used a brighter reddish-brown color. I also started drawing trees and blue shadows from them on the roofs of houses.


Lots of chaotic brush strokes and my painting is finished!


GIF process

Гифка с (1).gif

The drawing is made on the basis of MK





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I like watching the step by step of how you paint, Veta. Your blocking technique is really efficient, and the end result is a good looking town :).


Thanks for the nice words @scrawly ! It's a strange brush technique...but I like variety and I'm getting more and more knowledge of watercolors.

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You're handling the brushes and the lessons so well, @veta-less <3 I love this landscape very much ! The palette is so wonderfully considered and it makes a wintery feeling!!! <3


I'm glad that my art gives the feeling of winter))) Maybe it will make your Australian weather is not so hot @veryspider :)

What a cool and beautiful painting, @veta-less! Thanks for sharing!


@trincowski I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment)

Cool city is Tallinna :) And Hi from Viljandi :))


Hi) I looked at the photo on Internet-Viljandi-beautiful city! )


Hi :)) it is small ... :))

It's really beautiful! Well done! Have you ever been in Tallin?


Thank you! Oh, Yes, I was in Tallinn once! And I remember this view from the observation deck. Truth was I autumn, not winter.


Well it must have been a unique experience, the city seems so beautiful!


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Рисунок получился очень живим! Потрясающая работа!


Спасибо большое!

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Wow that painting looks so amazing! You truly are talented! May you continue becoming the best artist! Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!


Thank you very much for your kind words! I am very pleased! )) Have a nice weekend too!

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