Week #5 “fox tales” story image and announcing the winners for last week!

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If you love writing stories then this contest is for you! Write a one paragraph story about the image above and leave your entry in the comment section below. Be creative and think outside of the box! 

Here is last weeks image and winners! Congratulations to the winners and I hope to read more of your stories this week!!

1st place // @katharsisdrillThe third Eier

She tried to laugh, not sure that it would propitiate him... or was it a her... or an it? The mirror showed her nothing but herself, the insincere grin painted on her face like a smear of badly applied lipstick – but only because she held her hand tightly against the thing. "Let me be," she pleaded. "I plan to have a family! I want to have a house... I want to be normal!" It sounded ridiculous even to herself - why would he... or she... or it... let her go now that it had taken up residence in her forehead? She tried to lift her hand. It was still there, had even grown a bit – a third eye in the shape of a fried egg. She didn't know how she knew, but its name was The third Eier. "Sunny side up," she said, and she could her the resignation in her own voice. "Sunny side up!" 

2nd place // @cizzoJust one hit

Pat's shoulder hit the stairwell wall as he slunk down to the basement. His eighteenth birthday and all he wanted was a moment to himself. His gut contracted and tightened. Just one hit they said. Just one hit. He could hear his friends upstairs jump around and laugh. At least they were having a good time. Pat went into his bedroom; something pulled him to the dresser drawer. His hands glided over his socks, his shirts, his jeans. He held up the ‘I Heart NY’ shirt and smiled at the memory. He heard more laughing, this time able to make out who was who. Nausea dissipated as a warm glow spread out from his stomach. Eyes closed, he smacked himself, right dab in-between the eyes. His jaw dropped, the euphoria had now spread even to his toes. He looked up at the white stucco ceiling thinking of all the people upstairs. Tom, Sue, Corey, Brandy. Just one hit they said. He grinned, opened his eyes and ran for the stairs.

3rd place // @emdesanA Present to Himself

Peter entered his room with a wooden chair in hand. He walked out again and came back with a pen and paper, then dragged the chair in front of a table. He sat slowly and began writing carefully on the paper, making sure every thought flows smoothly. When he reached the end and signed it, he stared at his surrounding and tried hard to think what's missing. After a few minutes it hit him, "Oh, right," bringing a palm to his forehead, "I'm sure is the dumbest person for forgetting that!" Peter walked out again and came back this time with his father's gun. He sat again on the wooden chair, closed his eyes and pointed a gun to his head saying, "Happy Birthday Peter," then the clock ticked midnight and everything went black.

I can happily say that I am now disciplined enough to sit and finish my drawings. 👏🏼 I also gave myself a little pat on the back earlier since I got some praise from @kommienezuspadt. His opinion is one I really value because he’ll never bullshit me. I’m also brutally honest when it comes to his work. 

Here’s the start of the sketch with some painted shading. I wrote a post titled “textures and colors” earlier this evening. In it I briefly wrote about merging my old and new style together to create something entirely me. 

I threw in a light raspberry wash. I really struggle with red tones in my art. It’s a difficult color for me.

I added more layers of colors on top of the sketch. Switching between the round brush and gouache tool for a slightly different texture. The highlights pop and that’s one thing I missed about sketching on toned paper. 


1st // 5SBD

2nd // 3SBD

3rd // 1SBD

A portion of the prize pool is a contribution courtesy of @artwatch. Thanks so much for helping to sponsor this writing contest! Please give @artwatch a follow! 

Contest Rules:

Resteem this post.

Create a separate post with your ONE PARAGRAPH stories and use the #foxtales tag.

Feel free to use the current story image for your post.

Submit your post in the comment section below.

Maximum of 3 entries - only one story per person will qualify for a portion of the prize pool so everyone has a fair chance.

The length is to your interpretation. There is no real ‘rule’ of how long a paragraph is but I’d say to use your best judgement. If it doesn’t flow right and you know that it is indeed going over then edit your writing.

Deadline // Friday December 1st //  5:00 UTC

Thanks for stopping by and good luck to those who decide to participate!

Do you have any questions? 🦊

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Another great piece and another challenging week, here is my entry - https://steemit.com/foxtales/@cizzo/lost-in-a-crowd-fox-tales-5

You’ve won 1st place! 🎉👏🏼

eJuvermillion ofx0xOv.jpg

Art by @vermillionfox

That day you could breathe the sea in the air, the shadows palm trees cloned below a cool breeze , It was a long vacation to an earthly paradise, that day I met a girl in a beautiful house near the beach she turned to look at me when I was buying a diving snorkel , "Do you know swim well ? ". she asked me "Sure, why? could you teach me?". I replied... In a few minutes I was walking by her side talking about her family and what they were selling.! I tried to improvise a wooden seat but in that moment she had disappeared , I felt restless and I started looking for her in the beach feeling the hot sand on my feet I didn't see her that day again.

You’ve won 2nd place! 🎉👏🏼


Ha hahahah!

Ok, this sounds like fun. Here is my first go: https://steemit.com/writing/@kellyjanderson/fox-tales-catcalls


You’ve won 3rd place! 🎉👏🏼

Yay!!!!! Fox tales my favorite :)

YAY! I’m so happy to hear that it’s a favorite!!!! :D

Great one. Me I most write German. But Upvotet and resteemed! Hope to find more talents like you or @asperger-Kids for example! Steem on

Thank you for the prize @vermillionfox and congrats to the other winners. I'll have to mull over this weeks drawing, nice work :)

Congrats on winning! I’m hoping to read more creative stories this next round!

Submit ur post in the comment section means i post the story in reply section right?

Yep! Make a separate post and then share the link in the comment section.

Cool contest! Sad I missed it, but I'll keep any eye out for future prompts!

Don’t be too sad! The first photo is the new image prompt for this contest and you’ll have until December 1st to write up your stories!

Sweet! Im in!

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