Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #229 'The Black River'

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'The Black River'

I called this one 'The Black River' because it was my first impression but the name could easily be quite different. In there I see a beast roaring on a little man or dwarf with a long pointed nose. See if you are able to spot it for yourself. Therefore the image could easily be renamed right now into 'The Beast Roaring At A Little Dwarf with A Pointed Nose' but that would be too long and too funny :D

This abstract piece has three main areas, the pink-golden one, dark one and the green. We can feel a lot of dynamics coming from the uneven surface and very linear approach. The ratio between yellow(golden) and pink is very interesting to observe in relation to the green and black areas. It goes into my series of abstract art with objects to be found but the main story is too obvious with such a strong motif.

The whole art piece appears as if painted with a brush. In there, might be other things hidden. Have fun finding them. :)


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"The Beast Roaring at a small dwarf with a pointed nose" is a ridiculous name. But nevertheless, I was not too lazy and went around the line as I see this picture :)
It turned out pretty funny :)

Nevertheless, at first glance, this picture presented itself to me as an abstraction. To see what I noted was not difficult. But nevertheless it is water. Thanks to the unevenness, it was possible to create such an effect. Nature is not perfect and that is its value. I think that if you include the imagination, it's possible to draw a few more objects :)
Thank you

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is the guy who sees it! :) But, you also missed the eye of the beast on the left ;)

Sinister photo

You have a very wild artistic mind . And here I am cant see the beast or the dwarf with pointed nose . 😁😁😁

So.its a contest or a simple post?
I found a beast with Golden nose! right?
And dwarf at the start of the black area,
correct me if I'm wrong.

hehhey i think you did!

Hahah thank you sir! :p @velimir feel free to visit my blog for home remedies. ;)

After reading this article twice and trying to concentrate on the picture for 10 minutes ...I want to say that I am so unable to find anything :( My bad..

what i see is ... A golden rock on one side ..
A green rock or you can say series of mountain on other side...

And dark black water stream running in between... :)

Wait I can not find any creature that is there, have tried it. Viewing images in your post is like a metaphor image by complementary objects in the painting you want. The observer should pay close attention to knowing the contents of the additional objects made on his artwork. The face is made of flowers, birds and even butterflies. Paintings display other characters or even animals as in the creation of his Mona Lisa painting. Every piece of art has a secret hidden in it. I have no ability in this one, but thanks for sharing. Creative and extraordinary ideas. Hopefully other friends can be found.

Where did you take this? When I first saw it I thought of a shot of earth from space. Then as I started reading through I had this vision of lava flowing down into the water and cooling off. I love how everyone can see something different in a particular piece of art. Super creative.

Within the background of black, there are pictures that can be found if we look carefully. The artist certainly has skills to showcase his talent in abstract art with intentional bright colours at strategy area. I would like to use this as a reflection thought as well. In life, we do not always find bright colours everywhere. There may be times we are faced with difficulty but we need to look more carefully into the situation as there may just be fragment of hope within your darkest moment. Look closely even though there were so many struggles to look more to the positive areas rather than focusing on the negative around. Thanks for sharing even though it is art appreciation to find hidden picture, it is also a thought provoking picture if you look at it this way.

Art has a thousand interpretations... photography is also art, unfortunately I can't see any monster with pointed nose, the color of the water reflects me but a current of volatile hydrocarbons of high api grade! Maybe it's because it's my profession, but the contrast of your photograph is great.

this black river to see very good.its possible always your art creativity thought causes.i like your good creativity and art drawing.black river to art doing very perfectly..thank u very much for your good post..good job sir.. @velimir

A photo express thousands of thought but there pictures which excel from others.😉

Hola @velimir
De verdad que tanto la bestia como el pequeño hombre están claramente definidos. Al menos para mí.
La interpretación que le das es representación exacta de lo que dice lo que yo asumo como una aerografía.
Me gusta el trabajo.

I see the complete Lord of the Rings series. Seriously. These pieces are great for that. Wonderful work in contrast and abstraction.

I also see this picture as a black river. In addition, I see more of its random rock formations. Anyways, it's a very nice photo, it's eye captivating. Have a nice day ahead

Wow it's great :)

Yes it is indeed.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I like the pictures where there is water, I really like the sea or river or things that have water that nature gives us, beautiful photo, When I saw the picture I thought there was some animal there under the water and that I think I see some orange eyes and kind of a carapace

Wonderful imagination. :-) At first I thought of kind of black jewely!


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I give u UP

I like: the pictures ;where there is water I really like the sea or river or things that have water that nature; gives us beautiful photo,,,,

I love the depth and texture.. The water looks to be moving fast. I don't think I would want to be caught up in it. Thanks for sharing

Good shoot. The black river abstract is a standard photo shoot. Thanks for sharing.

Oh wow that's incredibly awesome black river, wonderful dark shady view

I hope to see more good photos from you @velimir. You're starting to be a legend here my friend :)

Wow excellent photography & nice art this is very useful for the crow.I really like the sea or river or things that have water. keep up it

Almost reminds me of the coloring in the inside of some bigger sea shells and such. Like the oil on water look.
Nice shot though!

Didn't see anything hidden there. Probably need to come back for another try later!

Unbelievable photographer and incredible picture...

nice picture

I love the pictures.I am really amazed how you take these photo.Do you use some kind of filter or something ?

Nice post, nice to meet you @velimir

Wow it looks lovely.

This photo is kinda confusing for me, I mean maybe it is not that beautiful as I would expect, but at the same time it is really inspiring... so good job! :)

Im resteem brader...👍

This is strange picture.. I wish to see this life..

Is this a river @velimir

Love your art and imagination!! Thank you for sharing :) Keep the great work:) Peaceful day:)11039154_10206389970614850_5599569763559782609_n.jpg

Really awesome,,,,,,great work,,,,,its seems me too deepth touch of heart....

Hermoso. Parece una fotografía tomada desde el espacio exterior. Me gusta mucho la zona dorada, representando riquezas inexploradas.

It certainly draws you in…

Try as i may, i couldn't find the hidden thing. It was no fun since i can't locate it. Black river is more like black devil :))

These posting....... they really tell that you have imagination, emotion, artistic skills and so on... and so on :)

Nice! It looks like a contaminated area from another planet.

awesome photo. keep on clicking photo and keep on posting.

wow!!!!!it just awesome.mind blowing art and photography.i love it.keep it up brother.@velimir

I just joined steemit, I see your post is very interesting and also an inspiration for me in writing, I just posted for the first time. please see and check

'The Black River' an awesome piece of art with a perfect title!

What a beautiful photo you have,awesome animation

Looks like a wet but depleted river