Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #226 'Rich Man's Gate'

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'Rich Man's Gate'

I found this gate the other day. It leads to an old estate now owned by a rich guy. The golden colour of the small areas of the door works really nice with the pink and purple clouds in the background. Obviously, in this guy's world, no matter the snow, even the clouds look pink. However, there is a counterpart to that in the dark shadows of the gate reflecting in the wet road.

High contrast between the white part of the sky and the dark ground create drama that one cannot avoid. The rich-looking door and the two stone posts only push that further. The snow on the naked tree branches adds a touch of fairytale feeling to the photograph, which I like very much. Late afternoon atmosphere is the key of this photograph. The light is what brings the most out of it.

Would you open the door and see what's there? Sometimes there are doors waiting to be open. If not anywhere else then, at least, in our imaginations. Oh, did I forget to mention? The guy ran away to London after his misdeeds came to the courts.

Nothing much behind this door. ;)

Enjoy! :)

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Beautiful picture, but I so want sunny spring!

Amazing photos I like your style .. Creativity
Thanks for sharing

Sometimes for the rich people there are "low" deeds. But this is only sometimes. Perhaps this is the case. Nevertheless, the gates look exquisite. The gates in the classical style look very beautiful. Although I prefer modernity more, but I respect old things.
Like other your photos, this one has a certain meaning. I see it as you described it. For some people, even the clouds on a cloudy day look pink. But these people live in illusions (although they live well). Sometimes they do not count with those below them. They look up and see everything pink. In other words, simple words - everything is fine. But at the same time the ground under their feet is black. They go ahead seeing the pink sky. But one day they stumble and fall to the ground ... on the black and cold ground. It's the same as removing pink glasses. Sooner or later, all actions have to be answered. Probably this guy is this case. Judging by your description, he did bad things and he had to flee. This is exactly what I wrote about.
Thank you.

It's a beautiful photograph.

I see gates every day on my walk (or more correctly my dog's walk). No rich folk gates on our walk, I'd have to walk a different way and the dog wouldn't get his time off the lead so we walk past normal gates.

I understand why I have my gates closed, it gives the dog a demarcation so he doesn't run in the street. But I often wonder about the number of closed gates and the lack of welcome involved with them. Ah well.

I don't know why it tickles me that this guy ran off to London, but it does seem somehow fitting.

Thanks for another great post.

I love the pink/purple glow everything has

Thanks for your reflective post again. There are many people who have a great front where they live a dream lifestyle with huge monthly income. Many of these people due to their lifestyle did not have saving even though they have a huge income since their spending and maintenance of their lifestyle cost a bomb. Your article should be able to give a thought that we should not envy the rich who appeared to be rich but yet has no saving and may even be in great debt. Live a honest life and be content with whatever we have.

Wow that was really dope @velimir. Your writing is like sipping on really good wine..

I think you were busy Today ;) That's is why you didn't write anything about this beautiful door.
The Door Whose beauty is increased by this snow ;)
Thanks for sharing this amazing photo!

no lol I pressed "publish by mistake"! will write now...

hahaha :p write write :p waiting for it.

there :P hahaha

I'm not buttering, but that really was missing man!
You are a cool writer <3 and what you write beautify the image like this one, I didn't notice the pinkish effect but when I read it, It look more beautiful.

Thank you! :)

You are really an asset for this community

wow,this is a very beautifull photography.your photo pic up skills very high level.your choice always best.alots of snow the door sides,its really amazing scenery of nature.i am no compared your photography any other person.the sky is pink,overall was perfect.thank u very muvh for your good post of art photography. @velimir


I am @junsusukhairi from indonesia. I really like to see this old building or this gate that you have post mr @velimir. To me, the works of ancient architecture are more artsy and classic than the architectural karyaseni of today. I was really fortunate to see this gate drawing leading to an old plantation. Timeless, pibtu gate still looks luxurious and sturdy. The gate looks even more amazing when covered with snow and even look more attractive when the color of the cloud was seen pink there. when I look at the Photography picture of this gate, I imagine if I could see it in the real world I would have been very lucky but in my country in Indonesia it is impossible because in Indonesia there is no winter. Maybe one day I can go abroad to witness the magic of this god.

Great photography

little bit spooky...


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Thank You! ⚜

wooo! what a beautiful designed,thus amazing photos,i like the purple and pink colours mixed together

nice photography

Este hombre está de acuerdo con que siempre hay una oportunidad para causar una buena primera impresión, sin importar lo que venga después...

Great photography @velimir
Good work ❤️😻

Amazing !! almost art
Your photo pic up skills very high level..

Excellent art photography @velimir.
What is the ice around the door?

Such pictures of nature make people happy.
text (2).gif

Waaaaaoooooo. La puerta al Éxito. Estupenda narrativa. Saludos

Why only one photo? The scenery is very charming and pamper the eyes. Hopefully for the next @velimir Want to post very good photos and not just one ...

beautiful photography dear

Very captivating shot, I feel something calling out to me in the picture, and that Pink Sky is wow.


Wow! this door is very meaningful. Very nice photo. I love colours! You are amazing.!

Very dramatic shot! Upvoted!

Once again, NICE capture :)

I love how spooky this looks a lot!


Amazing photo. 👌🏽

Very cool photo and gate. :)

Wow! Indeed it is for the rich man the elegant details of the gate, jts beautiful.

The old building is very beautiful. I liked the classic building. more natural and slightly creepy. in the country of Indonesia is a little classic building. the government renovated into a modern building. the value of history just disappears. i hate people who forget history :(

It always looks pink? Cool. It’s like looking through rose-colored glasses.

nice gate, i would like to have in my house

Özgürlüğe açılan kapı gibi

this colors are so peacefull, it's my favorite color palette

The gate glow the essence of a rich life

The gate glow the essence of a rich life

Good Post!

Wow, what a mystery in your descriptions of the lattice

Its very nice and informative post, thanks for sharing dear sir @velimir

@velimir73), Amazing picture. The story is very good. The humans' life is really distorted.

Now the image is looking more beautiful ;) really,
I really like the way you write and the way you describe your journey <3

Hi steemians .. Your post is very good, and I learn a lot in every post you that I follow. whether it is a photo or writing. Thank you for accepting me as your friend. I'm so glad .. And it's an honor for me if you would like to visit my blog..by @imranpase

Is the orange-coloring a result of rust? It is a beautiful gate.

Nice photo and description, love it!


More than seeing beautiful artwork... I love to hear the visual interpretation by the photographer. The iron you have or Beauty is apparent. Please continue to capture each vivid moment to share with others.

Something cold photo, but I like it a lot.

This is a damn beautiful photo with the rich pinks and purples. As a side note, I'm so glad the cold is almost over though. Upvoted

Beautiful, I follow you & resteemed this post.

Wow....Amazing photography, i appreciate your post. all the best. keep it up dear....

Well done your job very nice click