Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #207 'The Empty Spaces'

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'The Empty Spaces'

An old downed, hollow tree trunk. A winter motif that cannot fail to evoke a thoughtful moment. Downed trees are a sorry symbol of constant change and passing, reminding us that the tall ones also fall. One hollow tree lying like this could even mean more than that. Its emptiness can easily measure up to nothingness and transience to some place we know nothing about.

Dynamics of this photograph are interesting. No so much for the contrast, which without a doubt plays a part, but for the strong linear perspective of the hollow trunk leading the eye down, toward the exit on the other side. Behind the top side of the trunk, background lines take over and lead the eye straight up. The composition has only three areas made of pure shapes without lines. The ground which we see through the trunk is the dominant one. The little path in the background and the leaves in front of it are second and third. This can also apply to the parts of a lawn in the distance but they are very small because of the trees in front of them. Further away from us the shapes become smaller and smaller.

There is not much colour. The photograph is almost monochromatic. The washed out hues remind of the bleach bypass film process, which seasoned photographers probably know of. It is still quite often used in the film industry when the image treatment demands rough whitish look with completely drowned blacks. However, today it is done in postproduction what is easy compared to the complicated nonstandard lab process of developing the film negative.

If we look at the photograph with a completely different mindset, the overall idea may be different as well. The trunk might, as well, serve a jolly purpose of walking through, as a part of children's play!

Enjoy! :)

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Perfect as always @velimir

you are great man.

Nice looking dead tree

is that a small tree house ?

Oh, I really like it! The photo is super!

I absolutely LOVE the commenting of your own shot, since I'm not a professional photographer my any means it really enriches the photo to hear what your personal thoughts about the shot reveals. 🙏🏼

Didn't even think of the linear lines at first but as you say, gives amazing perspective, big thumbs up 👍🏼

Don't know your other interests but if you happen to be into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around!🙌🏼

Few thoughts came to my mind while reading your post:

  • After looking at the picture, I was wondering that how you captured this simple log. You must have a real sense of photography.
  • Your observation is very sharp. Like, how many people would pass by this hollow piece of a log but nobody looks at it in the way you did and extracted so many lessons. You way of seeing the things is totally different in a good way :)
    Everything has a fall, so why to be arrogant over what we have. Be humble and enjoy every moment. :)

This post gives a good message "Maybe once in a while we think, why it feels the day the higher the trials come." The wind is more pronounced when the tree is growing tall. Likewise with the life we ​​live at this time.

The higher our level, or the higher we grow and grow. Undoubtedly the more diverse the trials that come, until the semaki heavy and feels great challenges are also facing. Everyone also feels no one is not affected, everyone also applies his ordeal respectively. So be calm, not just us who are struggling. They are above us, also struggling with their own story line.

Thaks you .....

The photo is another game of the mind.
First of all it tells us that in the world there is nothing eternal. Even the fact that our universe is infinite does not make it eternal, it expands and has its age.

But we will return to the earth and continue to reflect. After all, from different mental positions, we can describe the photo in different ways. For example your expression

the high ones also fall.

For me, this is more of an allegory that shows that even the greatest man sooner or later will fail. This is primarily due to the main meaning of the picture that "nothing lasts forever." Velikiki people are no exception. The same applies to dictators, if not someone else - that time is capable of "removing" them.

No matter how high you get up or in any situation you did not remember, the main thing is enjoy the present moment.
Thank you

Great photo; love the contrast and think this would work really well as a B&W image too.

I'm a new follower of yours, but I know you're a keen biker, so I'm assuming you take these on your rides.

If so, I think that by placing your crash helmet within the main focal area (on the floor, in the hole of the tree stump @ bottom-right thirds intersection), it would provide a nice contrast of nature/man-made and contrast in textures, from the rugged tree to the smooth helmet. And, if the helmet was brightly coloured, a great HDR shot too.

Just an idea, but I like the shot as taken too.

With me it creates a feeling of comfort, perhaps because the darken side of the the emptied left side of trunk leads out to sunny light and beautiful, forest scene. I also get the feeling looking at the composition that it is warmer in Serbia then it ought to be and that also created a certain 'warmness; within me.

Beautiful. You took something that mostpeople would see as ugly and useless, and depicted it in an excellent way. It reminds us that everything has a purpose.

Reminder of good old days of this outgrown trunk of tree. It was a time when it was a towering character with magnificent shades and majestic height. Time is the precious thing we all have. Do good to humanity that will last longer then we are.
Awesome picture and quality content. It's really an artistic work.

I love the detail in your photos. you create very artistic attraction areas. This point of view is very nice

nature is extrordinary, capable of transforming the hollow and lifeless of a fallen trunk, into a beautiful environmental form, refuge of wildlife. I love ... I hope you read my publication and can count on your vote and follow-up. Thank you.

That 's amazing art.how can it be hollow☺

This reminds me of the concept of Buddhism "Everlasting is the never lasting" Excellent review!!!

Your post won't cease to amaze me, how did you get that picture? And you seem to have knowledge about everything around you. What do you really specialize in, what's really your discipline Sir?
I visit your blog daily. Well-done Sir.

@velimir I've always love your post, because you are known for real things and that what steemit is looking at for..how I wish I had good Steem power, I would have giving you 100% for your real post.

Nice photography,

Sometimes, emptiness is way heavier more than any weight we could carry in this world.

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you

Outstanding photography also good article thanks for sharing with us ur lovely post @velimir

Is the best, your post

cool pictures, i really like. full of inspiration
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wow nice art.realy good job.

beautiful scenery

Beautiful shot :) I really enjoyed reading your written description of what's going on in the photograph. Made me appreciate the photo even more. Thanks!

Your photography skills are great. Your photography always amazes me. And this title is kinda perfect for this picture @velimir

If we see at first glance looks like a crocodile, but it cheats us, nice photo @velimir

i really like to read your thoughts since you are taking us to think more deeply than what we see..great job sir :)

Good idea to use a log for art, who wouldve thought! Good job!

The picture is very beautiful and looks alive. Greetings know Mr. Velimir

I love the angle. My eyes were confused at first. I had to look for a minute to make sense of it. Truely beautiful.

great post. great comment

great comment

cool pictures, i really like. full of inspiration
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inspiring sentences and artistic nuances are very good

Nice. Up vote. Pleas follow me and vote thanks.

Wow! Beautiful photograph, is amazing

such a beautiful work of art :)

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

I like to read yor posts mr @velimir it's a plesaure to me :) you are a awesome person as well! I like the way you write and every photo you post is spectaculous! Resteemed and upvoted !

Awesome @velimir! This is another very creatively thought up artwork.
Keep it up you did some really genius and
I am wait to see your next post.

its centre was burn/it is naturally hollow.
anyway seems beautiful.

Hey I have shared my motorcycle with my best profile. I hope you like it. I did it very novice. I know. But I will improve myself.

the hollow wooden trunk is very amazing!!!

Wow its really amazing art photography. What a Creative mind. Wish you avery happy and bright future.

what a photography!!!!!

i really appreciate to you

Merece la pena leer y visualizar FELICITACIONES

Increíble imagen, ese tronco nos cuenta una historia, la vida de ese árbol caído y surgen así muchas preguntas, ¿Cuántos años tuvo? ¿cómo pereció? ¿habitó en el algún animal? Es lo maravilloso de la fotografía. Te felicito, por tu gran creatividad y esa mirada capaz de encontrar y ver lo que los demás ojos no captan.

nice post.
Upvote and resteem.

What good pictures! you have a lot of creativity and ingenuity

good comments

nice shot!

simple yet amazing. you got very great angle there.

wooden chunks that are very meaningful to all [email protected]

great image, I liked it a lot.

Thanks to this natural boss for bringing yet another lovely shot. Truly, tall ones also fall. No matter how important one thinks they are, there is always something there, capable of bringing one down. Most time we think too much of ourselves and don't look down to those little ones beneath us...Tall ones always fall. And from another view to this photo, in my own mindset, this falling tree stand as the falling heroes who have defended their own for so long, paid their dues, made friends and its time to say farewell and the trees bidding farewell too as they become less visible, moving slowly away, saluting a great hero. Thats my view though...hahaha! I could see the background lines, so beautiful and really want to ask, what gadget do you use in taking your shots sir @velimir? It really gives every of your shots this natural feeling and I always have a different story about your pictures...really. Salute Sire!

In my place, I have a lot of wood like that, but it does not occur to me that it is a work of art, it is amazing you can see the art side of an object... salute

You are a perfectionist. And this photo depicts that. Thumbs up

Yeah, every fall has a rise and every rise has a fall, and for us these both have lessons. We should learn from these lessons and never consider ourself prior from other human's . We are the same.

wow amazing photograpy,, you did a great job my friend..
i just joined steemit and post for the first time about photography..
i will fpllow you because i like photography and hope i can learn much from you

follow me and vote me please

what a picture!! its very much realistic

Your pleased me, and also pleased as you conduct the blog.I wish you to blow off a large jackpot.Successes to you and good day

the angle of the photo shoot makes this photo very awesome ... I love this photo.

If we talk about the real life i would relate this empty wholes to the hate we have in our heart for who i suppose are not good for us, but i think it is just our thinking, we all are human's and we all have love and peace for each other in our heart.
We Should fill these wholes with love and peace to overcome this hate of our mind :)

Interesting photo! Thanks for sharing.

What a nice shot? You need the eye to capture perfect shots like this one. The daylight was necessary for this click.

Excelente fotografía y la creatividad que tienes te felicito, muy interesante

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