Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #162 'Puppets'

in art •  9 months ago

The name of this art photograph is: 'Puppets'

I get a strange feeling when I see puppet soldiers. I cannot really explain as to why it happens. Is it an acknowledgement of the absurdity of war on some inner level, or some unconscious thing from the childhood showing up as a weird feeling? No idea. When I think about it rationally, it might be a felling pertaining to questionable morals of the ones who send others to the fields of fire. All those young puppets proudly marching forward, toward their likely deaths for someone to enforce ideals whose rotten financial background they cannot grasp. They march brainwashed and driven by emotions that they cannot comprehend. In the end, some of them come home in body bags and their devastated parents receive "respect" from the government, after they've received a letter from some backstage paper pusher who's never seen the horrors of the front lines. Ones who do come back alive, come back different, changed forever.

It is exactly for these thoughts, why I choose to surround and envelop the toy soldiers in darkness. Dark, gloomy atmosphere completely change this photograph which only appears to be playful at the first sight. I am sure you can easily feel the vibe, even though there are a few glittery areas carefully composed to fill the empty spaces, and only appear to keep the image "in-between" playful and dark. Notice the importance of the soldier's sizes. Ranks and hierarchy, eh?

Saturated, red colour carries the idea further and, in contrast with red, creates an aggressive note which I find very welcome. If the soldiers had green uniforms, I'd probably not bother to take this photo. The red stands against very little calm and rational blue.

On the other hand, I believe that being a part of an army unit, during times of peace, could be an absolutely awesome adventure during which boys become men and learn about the discipline as well as a few other things. The problem arises when a war starts. Then the whole illusion falls apart and harsh reality takes over. Ask the veterans if you don't believe me. I've spoken to more than a few.

I love their teeth. Did you notice them? :D

Enjoy! :)

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What an excellent post, short and to the point!

I think you answered your question from the beginning when you wrote:

"All those young puppets proudly marching forward, toward their likely deaths for someone to enforce ideals whose rotten financial background they cannot grasp."

It really underlines the perversion we live in a paradigm where greedy old men send young people to their demise, whether or not they die physically, they are asked to commit their souls... The horrors of wards go far beyond the dead, mutilated or handicapped bodies, the psychological effects are scares so deep they can hardly be healed. as my grand-father said to my dad, if your children are asked to go to war, take them to the woods and don't turn back! His thoughts after the war really changed him forever and he never wanted any of his children to experience such horrors.

Thanks a lot for the harsh reality check, necessary to be reminded to most, so we will find ways to live humanly.

Namaste :)


right on, brother! :)

Whe else has fears of puppets?


I do have fears of puppets... But Since they are only in the picture and away fro me I like them lool


I wish to fight a few in a holodeck kind of environment to see how long I could last.. make them as strong as their size.. a medium sized cat of puppet punching power!

The teeth are the first thing I noticed, they are so apparent!

It is a bit complicated to me as do not want to get to politics, but I will say this:
I was a soldier, in Israel, military service is mandatory. also - the army at here is needed in an acute way and sees a lot of action - there are many who want to harm us without regard to who is right and who is wrong. I did not feel I am a puppet, but I do feel a strong emotion of solidarity with your picture because I hate the idea of an army - litlle kids may think it's cool and manly to be a soldier, but in reality - holding weapon that can kill and being forced to be tough to people. I did what was necessary but was nice and caring to enemy citizens because I am human and I hate to see people suffer and because in my eyes - this is a thing that can bring us somewhat closer to peace.
Your photo ridicules the soldier entity, and I like it, it transmits a message that the uniform and weapons and macho are not something you should be proud of, they should be only tolerated as long as they are needed. I can see in the picture a flicker of hope too - in the bright colors of the soldiers and the sparkles of light in the picture, I see in this the hope that one day a soldier will be just a nice fella that helps old ladies cross the road and things like that - like it says in the bible "and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more"

Thanks velimir, every post of your makes me think and face moral ideas, I appreciate it.


Amen, brother! :)

the picture at first glance seems slightly aggressive, I think it's because the soldiers and everything is shrouded in darkness and they are red in color, which in itself is more aggressive.
your views on war are worthy of a modern sensible person who is fully aware of the absurdity of many human wars and understands that soldiers, especially young ones, are only puppets or tools in the hands of insidious people. The most important quality of a soldier is an unconscious submission and a lack of personal will, which makes them puppets ...
Thank you, as always for the opportunity to reason together with you :)

My granddaughter, who is also creative, sees a story in everything. These nutcrackers always remind me of her YouTube post using this same character...


Awesome! :) Bring her to steemit! :)

again your great posts :)


hey, you re back! :)

Excellent photo and wonderful post. Very beautiful dolls. It's a pity that state politicians send young people to war on which they often die. War is very bad.

Once again! You proved that you are James Bond. ;)

I'm just trying to say is, your another design of art is so adorable. Can you tell me does puppets feel fear to us? I mean it is just an ordinary thing which you can control by your hands then?
I noticed their horrible teeth as well :P

Please visit my flower blog post as well. Hope you will be loving it too :)


hahaha that is a cool question, actually. do the puppets fear us? :D


Woow! Great post!
well I'm new in here and I post amazing pictures about yoga because that's my passion! I follow you! kisses <3


Remarkable photo!

Hello @ velimir Amazing post about Puppets! I used to some of them in christmas, they were very old and I tried to fix them as far as I could...I read this post and i think is very interesting...Would you like that I translate some of your articles into spanish and share them in my blog and let you know in my hispanic community??

You wrote a great story.You know that little things get great inspiration.Keep doing wonderful things with your imagination. :)) @velimir

I was reminded of the famous Holiday ballet The Nut Cracker. Our school district had us go to every year!! I had fun with friends so I got the opposite first impression!!Kinda glad of that!!


Hahaha I love that ballet!

thanx for our post really

very nice

Awesome post, keep going.

you have written it nicely.after watching the film "Annabella" i too get a very scary feeling when i see dolls at night.so i have put all my dolls out of my sight.so i think i can understand your feeling

Great work, very touching. I like this photographer, not because he's a creative artist but I like him just as a person I think that's what makes this artist profile so well done the human side of it. Thanks for producing this, I guess you can say this is a work that matters

I was always scared of them😬😬😬 Cool post, it brought my attention. BTW, really nice of you to suggest another users at the end of your post. Together is Better :)

good content
the wonderful thing in this post is your puppets
I like it
thanks for advice
I try to be my self and put my finger down

Odlično kao i uvijek. Razmišljao sam da bi morali mi napraviti neki Croatian-team hashtag jer nas ima sve više i više na steemitu i tako bi se povezali. Također bi promovirali postove jedni drugima. Vidio sam da dosta zemalja to ima i radi


Bilo je pokušaja...


Šteta onda :/ Čak se ni na steemitu ne možemo dogovoriti kao ni u državi :P


Prvo sam to napisao, a onda reko neću kenjkat pa obrisao... ali eto... javi mi se na discordu pa popričamo. klikneš na onaj veliki coin na dnu mog posta.

What an excellent post, short and meaningful

Great post !

This is a very cool picture

thank you for sharing the posting.
I follow you and wish you follow me too.
have good day~

I just discovered your blog and really love your photography

it reminds me of the nut cracker but a horror effect.. must because of my dreams too.

Interesante la manera en que recreas o das vida a tus fotos.... Posees una imaginación increible para escribir lo que tu mente desea expresar. Nuevamente aqui estoy felicitandote!

I'm not going to lie, those toy soldiers give me the creeps. Good read though.

The association with Christmas is interesting as well. The sacrifice of war versus the holiday about giving. Selflesss service of being a soldier and the ritual sacrifice of war in relation to Jesus dying for the sins of humanity. Crucifixion of generations upon the cross of culture.

Those are some creepy puppets

Yes you r correct ..

im also noticed that..

I love their teeth. Did you notice them? :D

The Teeth is hilarious!


The teeth creep me out...

i really like it, great post! keep like this!!

yes of course we also pay attention @velimir

Maybe because you've watched too many Chucky... They look scary in the dark!

How its possible to you always coming up with different various contents every time.Really your posts always influence my thoughts with great stuff👌👌👍

Not bad at all! Keep it going.

Any good fine art photographers you recommend? I'm going to start shooting more fine art and am looking for some great photographers to follow.

Another great work from you...
I hop you keep up the good work.

Happy new years..💐

I really love your post ! Thank you

You evoked me the memory on this old, sad cartoon:

Welcome to the episode number 162 'Puppets'

10 and half puppets with Army uniform giving a message of Bravery,Unity and Dignity.Also trying to protect their homeland in their respective way. It seems that country is running under Martial Law that is why toy seller are selling such puppets according to the situation created during the World War 2 :P

This photo was taken by @velimir to show us that when it starts war every single thing of the land become united and more than passionate.
It was my opinion about this photo so don't take it serious guys :D :D

Stay Blessed, Steem On!


I didn't say any of this. Quite to the contrary :D hahaha...


Ha ha ha ha I wrote all this with bad flu and headache. So, this is what one can write with such ordinary diseases :D

Keep Smiling :) @velimir


lmao :D

Really interesting post!

Lovely puppet soldiers. story written in a very beautiful and understandable way. I love the glitters around puppets which make the whole picture so bright. Keep sharing your great stuff and Stay Blessed dear @velimir !

When I was a kid I was really scared of dolls and toys like this. I had a nightmares about them!

Great post Velimire

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Lovely puppet soldiers

The shadows and colors are superb!

Beautifully scripted sir. I totally accept ur notions on the subject matter.

Lovely puppet soldiers
Although it scares me
There's something Interesting about them their teeth and I like it
Nice post sir

Thumbs up!!! 👍

Very good post, photo and review. I follow you. Thank you very much for sharing.

Yes, "ranks and hierarchy" eh?

I also have a strange feeling when I see this kind of puppet, woah -- it looks a bit like it's from a horror movie.

the teeth made them leery, i guess.

Good work, and the glomy atmophere easy captures my focus. Nice! Is there a puppet at the back with dark sunglasses on the right?