Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #148 'The Crack'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'The Crack'

Grey sad road under fat white clouds. Nothing can hide under their white dispersed light. Even though this is a simple oil spill, we walked passed so many times, it doesn't mean that there is no beauty in it. When I look at this, I feel as if the circle is sucking me in, almost hypnotically and I have no wish to fight it. I prefer to let go and stay in the feeling. Try looking at it for some time and let me know how does it work for you.

A closed central composition of a circle, made of rainbow colours, immediately catches attention and drags us to its depth. As far as colours are concerned, I love the top part of the image virtually colour-free, while the rest of it brims with tame hues enveloping each other. The outer rim of the circle consisting of cold blue and turquoise is spreading all the way to the bottom edge of the frame. But, when we follow the progression toward the centre, blue changes into green, then yellow, orange, purple and back to blue. What I find most interesting is the warm colour spot in the very middle.

Why did I name it like this? Well... Take a closer look at the photograph. The crack at the top left is pointing toward the centre and benefits composition with quite a bit of depth. Do you feel that? One simply cannot overlook its significance. Without this "perfect" imperfection the image would simply be to lean, to clean and too direct. Thus, I named it after the crack to point it out an, also, to deliberately divert the observer's attention from the main element as it is already dominant at the first glance.

Note the pointillist structure. The whole image appears as if painted with very small pin-pointed strokes of a brush resembling neo-impressionists. Paul Signac is my favourite artist who painted in this manner. He and Georges Seurat led the movement. Check out his work if you have no clue what I'm talking about. :D

Enjoy! :)

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Po mei custa nn estiun cosa de pagai cun tottu custu dinai. ma custu logu esti mera stanio e inzandu deu pensu chi tui deppisi essi una persona mera potenti. Mi deppisi scusai ma oi tengu gana de iscriri in sa mia lingia. Su Sardu. Have a good Day, very nice post!

Oh. Great photo. Thanks for your sharing.

I just feem like getting all your abstract works and printing them 4 by 4 on my bedroom door.🤩 I could just dream away on them! I tried to post something more abstract as well just now! Some trees and stars which dont look like that!
Keep it up! You are making some serious dough out of your passion! <3

hahaha if you do this and post it, I'll make sure you are well rewarded :D

Hahah, well maybe someday :) For now just finished my final day at the oncology department as an intern. So there is a little bit relaxation needed! Let me see what I can do in the near future 🔮

this is a great photo, most of all I like how you focus on things that for a simple person has little value ... when you look around for a while, the circle seems to expand, mentally absorbing you, this is an unfamiliar and interesting feeling :)
A beautiful color palette, but one of the most important here, is a crack that as it were reaching for a spot ... all this complements each other, merging into a single picture. Thanks, I got aesthetic pleasure

you got it! :))) thank you for this awesome comment!

Nice colors and texture, would probably look better if you change contrast and saturations.

Its fascinating how we can find a beautiful complexity in such simple byproducts of our everyday lives. How often do we drive over and through small oil slicks? I really appreciate your in depth analysis of your art- I find that insight from the artist on their creative process adds tremendously to the overall value and experience of the work.

I remember as a child being told by my mother, "you should not play in those rainbow coloured pools in the road" and I would reply, "but why? They're so beautiful!"

Here's to getting gas sickness! #huffingisthenewstuffing

love it! :)

@velimir I think the crack is a key element of the photo. It reminds of the lighting bolt on Aladin Sane and the colours are very ziggy stardust, hope that you are a Bowie fan too ;-)

I love your comment ;)
Sure I am. Shall we crush his sweet hands? :D I've also seen him back in 1990. but the maestro departed...

@velimir Im jealous!! never got to see him, but lived close to Trevor Bolder, the Ziggy Bassist when I was younger so got to meet him a few times which was very cool :-)

You are breaking records man, nice work :)

agree with you... voted.. @generation

hahaha it is not a 100m race, my friend. it is about enjoying it ;)

When you enjoy what you do, the quality always pays off :)

Amazing! I want to touch the ground!

hehe love it :) the shallow focus especially!

Hmm, fascinating, this picture actually brings out some old memories.

When i was 18, and got my driver's license, i bought my very first Honda civic, the reason why this brings up this memory is, that the Honda had an aftermarket exhaust system, the muffler tip of that system was burned titanium, which creates almost the exact same colors like the oil spill...

Ooooh them good ol' days, thanks for bringing up these old memories @Velimir

nice prospective it is oily asphalt when rain drops its becoming like galaxy of stars in Clear night the gravel like planets

nice words :)

Great image and interesting commentary! I love the color and placement of color in the composition. The texture is awesome too, I LOVE good texture. As far as your nod to Impressionism - I agree, and the impressionists were my favorite painters. Love this and look forward to seeing more! Following :)

Please can I ask where inspiration for this art came from, cos I can'T even imagine hw I would think up something this awesome...I love it! Ive got low steempower, I wuld have contributed in the upvote...

What? You can really observe this reminds me of the little chemistry I studied i my secondary in so far as the litmus paper turning blue or purple. In this photograph @velimir I think the hardest color to notice is the green.

this is the danger for you and me on the road with the bike. Luckily I never fall because of oil on the road. But when I driven in the big city Frankfurt once, there was a lot of oil drops on the road. My backweel turning and turning... Because of raining same time. But I heard from a friend that the got hurt but such oil drop and slip away. Very bad and dangerous. I never wish that to any Biker.

so true... thank you for sharing!

that's a nice way to see things. That oil spill does look like a portal of some kind.

The crack is a great title for this artwork, thank you for sharing, and i followed you for more great content

Man i really love your post's..u deserve my follow :D

you have quality pictures and i am in love with it. More so, Picture speaks a lot especially when they are colorful and catchy to the eyes.

Above all, good pictures brings smiles even when oneself is unhappy.

Velimir my friend, your post is marvellous. You are too much. I upvote you.

your presentation is always interesting to follow. Thanks for the information that you provide. Let me share your posts @velimir

please do, be my guest!

Nice. I like the pointillisation and texture. It almost looks like an 'oil painting' ;)

at first I thought "what crack are we talking about here?" but overall, beautiful photo! great work!

I like your every post. Following you

Splendid! you’ve got positive and beautiful view of nature.

Beautiful abstract capture!

The below statements matches my observation after viewing the oil spot.

... catches attention and drags us to its depth.

Now i see that Color composition really has a lot to do with getting ones attention.
NIce post Mr Velimir.

Hi, I Upvote You, Please Upvote Me Back ,Thanks

Nice presentation 😀

Kindly follow and upvote my post

Bir yola baş koydusan sonuna kadar gitmeli insan

Bu yolda üzülmekte var

Great art . Very nice of you to share this with detailed narrative. Keep it coming

good post love :)

hi @velimir thanks a lot for photo :) We are waiting for more...

Great job keep it up and thank for sharing this great post with us!

Following up on this
@steemitdollar just followed you. Help and upvote and resteemed his suggestion

Have you shared a really great photography photography? The photo you uploaded was very beautiful. I liked it very much. Thank you so much for sharing so much beautiful photography. I hope that there are many more good posts like this

you are amazing author @velimir ...

an interesting photo review!
Nice photograph btw :)

What a lens, @velimir
Capture a beautiful closeup.

It's looking beautiful .
Good photography @velimir

I'm very excited to see your picture. Your photography is amazing

Woow: Really good Photography I'm really inspired by your great work.this is amazing.

Looks like my driveway with salt tossed out after a snowstorm.

Nice, please vote me @velimir

Impressive stuff. It keeps getting better and better.

amazing for your article

I looked at it for some time and my focus falls on the smallest/inner ring that has a colour like purple.
I just googled Paul Signac.
And I love the creativity you put into this series.

very excellent Your art photography is getting better bro awsome post man

Your art photography is so beautiful #velimir
Thanks for sharing

incredible textures..

Amazing photo! Thank you for sharing! Awesome post! Two thumbs up! :)

This art photography looks great and it looks like a crime scene in other view 😂 😂 😂 I will follow you to see more amazing pictures in the future. Thanks for sharing

From traditional black-and-white photographs to innovative digital prints, art photography offers endless creative possibilities. my vote and follow. doing great

Good job !
upvote post

Hey I’m an inspiring artist please check me out @talhoresh

Another great photo, can yo tell me what filter do you use?

Thank you it helps

güzel çalışma. teşekkürler

Hola, me encantó tu fotografía. La reflexión que haces sobre tu trabajo, sobre la foto es clara y emotiva. Es toda una seducción. Gracias. Te estoy siguiendo, te invito cordialmente a que me sigas. Soy escritora, poeta. En contacto.

Nice texture and color bro !

Wow very very nice photo
I like it

a great contribution, common to my own learning, thanks

Magnificent beauty from something so common. thank you for sharing. Looking forward to see more of your artwork.

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Very interesting photo

Oh. It is great. Thanks for your sharing.

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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Wow nice photograph @velimir

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