This one is funny, and very well done.. like the style :) and sorry I don't have or need a cheeseburger ;)

It'd be a lot cooler if you did! :D

great knee definitions


Thanks. I like pokey knees. :)

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I guess it's funny, but he looks a little woebegone to me. Well executed, though.

I have shown this piece publicly once before and when I did I listed the title as CHEESEBURGUR? [sic]: A self-portrait. I opted for a shorter title when sharing it this time.

I actually drew this shortly after having my large intestine removed. I was on a very restrictive and very boring diet for quite a while, both before and after the surgery and was craving something different. I was definitely feeling a bit more 'woebegone' than 'funny' at the time that I created it. That is for sure.

It's interesting how that feeling comes through. We are what we draw, but in your case (and mine) not what we eat. Who needs burgers? We're find without them :)
Be well...

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