Realism Art - How to Draw a 3D Object

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Hey everyone Vaan here. Today I'm going be teaching you some really basic realism drawing of a 3D glass. The thing is with realism as long as you do the correct points which I'm going to go over today it's a lot easier than what it seems.


The first thing we're gonna do is proportions. There's this saying in art and that draws how it seems not how it is. Basically, our brains are really good at filling in the blank. So if you see a face, for example, you're going to want to draw it. You know head-on but if you're doing realism that's not necessarily how the head looks. You know it has all these turns and twists and shadows and highlights.


Step number 2 for the realism side and that is adding pure white highlight. Notice I'm using grey paper instead of like the traditional white and the reason for that is so I like pull out the white highlights. The reason you want to have white and black values in your drawing and everything in between is that's kind of how life is. You know life isn't just two colors two or two shadows. It has black white and everything in between. Always remember to build up your value and shadows and highlights and include everything in between.


The next step is adding in your mid-tones. For those of you who might not know what mid-tones are, they are all the values in between black and white. The thing with mid-tones is a bunch of values, but how you get them is by creating them softly and building them up. What that means is, when you're adding mid tones is you want to add some shadows in there and add some highlights to get it all 3-dimensional looking. I'm a 2b charcoal pencil. It's not pure black, it's not pure white it's just a nice in-between and it's really easily blendable. I'm darkening that mid-tone to give it more depth and make it look more 3D and more like a real object.


Once I'm done I'm going in to blend. I personally use Roney blending sticks for blending. What I do is I blend out everything that way it will look like an actual shadow and it can look realistic and smooth and give it some texture. I get a white colored pencil and just kind of go over it and that wax from the white colored pencil will spread out the pigment and it will give you a more smooth transition. The next step is adding these little extra shadows and lines and little reflections and things that really bring it to the next level and it'll kind of trick the mind to almost automatically recognizing that it's an object as opposed to a drawing.


The last step is casting a soft shadow. It's really important to have a shadow on your drawing and the reason for that is because when the mind looks at an image that has a shadow. The brain automatically assumes that it's 3D and so it gives the illusion that it's an object rather than a two-dimensional piece of paper. That's basically it. I hope you found it useful. Thank you, everyone!


That is really impressive! Thank you for the tutorial ;)
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Your welcome :)

If I drew like this guy I wouldn't greet people lol just kidding but this is really impressive

wow esta super fantastico

tratare de hacer uno espero pueda quedar igual a tu dibujo, saludos


Wow you made it so amazing and's so realistic thanks for giving the step by step instructions.

Thank you for the compliment

How amazing ! Maybe I shall give this a try :)

Impressive! I'll just do my hands down to you bro such amazing talent of you has to be respected, for I, also an artist in different way i was able to try liked what u did, then i just realized that i'm not as good as yours, anayways i'm just good on design and creativity of making something old thing to a new one my artwork has been display in my previous school. I consider my self as a frustrated artist... So thanks, for your works, for i was able to reminnisced the hobby and my artworks im doing in the past.

Thank you for taking your time to comment. That’s really nice of you. I’m sure you’re also good. Keep going my friend!

Dude, you are one of the best artists/bloggers I have ever seen. I really, truly mean it. Awesome drawing! Bravo!

You're welcome!

Awesome work of art, very realistic painting

Thank you. Really appreciate that.

I like your paintings, You are very talented artist

As it is all brother vaansteam, very good explanation, I will take it into account for my drawings, thank you!

Thank you very much

Great job! I wish i also got a talent like yours. Keep posting such good work of art.

Thank you so much

very nice the way u explained how to draw in 3 D so simply....Thanks mate

I’m glad it was simple to understand

Great!!! Realistic drawing requires persistence and a lot of practice, it shows that you are fine in both.

Thank you. I practice everyday :)

i can't believe it too perfect i never seen perfect painting like this you have great talent thanks for sharing step by step process .

That really means alot thank you

amazing.....its just look like a real one....and u also showed very clearly....thank u so much for sharing with i will try to do it

Good luck to you. Hope it turn out real nice!

i hope so....really nice of u

Your welcome Thank you!

That is soo cool! thanks so much for sharing :) you are very talented xx

Thank you for the compliment! Have a wonderful day!

Hey there! Just ran into you by the kindness of @faithfulomoy ! Need to give some love to him for the deed! Your drawing is cool, I wish I had those grey papers, I'm going to try to find some over here and start practicing again. Cheers, you have an amazing blog. Nice to meet you!

I'll take advantage of this opportunity and tag my bro's @davvas and @javiervasquez, I'm sure you'll get two more followers to your art in a bit! Thanks for taking the time to make something good for us to share and learn. Have a great weekend you all.

Thank you for dropping by. Very nice to meet you. I really appreciate the support!

Hello! I am very glad to get acquainted with the artist! Subscribe to your blog.
I have a question, do you do 3-D graphics from nature, or are you redrawing the photo?

Thank you for your comment. For this one I redraw from a photo

It's quite easy to make a copy from a photo. And you tried to draw from nature, such as a still life, in which there are several objects? Is it possible to do this in 3D?

How this is amazing. Let me go through those steps again 🙌

Yeah please tell me how it goes :)

Wow this is amazing!!! thanks for this post bro @vaansteam you are one of a kind

Thank for your your nice compliment

Hey man u are gifted in the act of creativity, I love Wat u drew, it very nice, looking out for more from you man.

Thank you, really appreciate that.

I thought it was a real cup! It's a wonderful talent!

Thank you 😊

Wow, that's really cool.

Thanm you! :)

Hi man, i like it, you are verry talented. My best wishes for you!!!

Thank you. Best wishes to you well!

you make it look so easy when doing this, but somehow i fell if i going to try it will look more something like this

Lol the drawing is actually pretty nice!

yeah "right"

Amazingly done my friend. Big respect :)

Thank you so much!

Wow it really looks like real, you are very talented. I wish i can draw like you!

I’m sure you can too. Just some practice:)

You really are good at making a realism artwork. Keep it up the good work! 😃😃😁

I think you are just fooling the people, @vaansteam! Actually you just put real glass on the surface of the paper and photographed it! ; )))

Ahaha I’ll take that as a compliment! Thank you! 😆

Wow. It looks so real! You are so talented. 😊

Hello @wincee long time no see. Hope you’re doing well! 😀

I was not so active with steemit lately. I just find time to post some blogs but I don't have time to browse so often. I am glad you still remember me. :)

Of course, I remember you. Same I haven't been on as much. Good to see you again.

wow great tutorial sir, if you continue about drawing then we are also expert. thanks for share such a useful post.

Anyone can be expert. Good luck 👍

Wow awesome, very realistic, greetings @vaansteam

Thank you, greetings

Wow, so nice and creative..... There is no difference between between Real glass and the drawing.... Maybe I'll start drawing too... Lol!!

Yeah you should give it a try :)

Wow so realistic drawing. I love it.

Glad you like it !

Yeah I'm a drawer too..

Ecxelente trabajo, nunca he dibujado criltal, gracias a tu post intentaré hacerlo, muchas gracias. :-)

Gracias! Have a nice day!

(゚▽゚) I love your drawing~ nice work👍

Thank you so much 😊

Whoah! Very cool tutorial, and great drawing :)

Thank you. Glad you think so!

Just woww!! Love your work👍

I'm really glad you love it

woah! definitely, looks real! should admit, it caught my interest. will absolutely try this one. :)

Thanks, hope you got a chance to give it a try. :)

It looks like a cup is on top of the paper! You art keeps on amazing me!

Thanks for the compliment. Means a lot!

Wow im really impressed infact so impressed this work of art is so realistic and because of you im begining to think ofy long forgotten talents of arts (drawing).
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful content i have already followed you before so ill just resteem this post .

Thank you. I appreciate the support.

This is really amazing. So realistic !

... and i am still struggeling with basic shadows on my cartoons. ^^

Greetings from Germany (voter no 100)

I’m sure you will do really well. I love drawing cartoons too :)

hands down! this is amazing. I am going to practice this for sure. Regards Vaan

You’re too sweet Maria! I know you’re very talented. Keep it up :)

Quite insightful and great tutorial. Good artistty display.

wow... Is it real?? +_+

I fully voted this post for 200 Follower Event. Thanks for following me :D

It’s not real but I try to get it close as possible. Thank you for the support! :)

Have a nice day : D

I can't tell the difference. That is so cool! How long did it take you?

Thank you. You are cool too! Lol

You really had a talent plus the skills! It really looked like a real glass.. Thanks for the steps you provided, i’ll try it next time 😉

Great, give it a try. You might like it :)

Very nice explanation.
My problem is that I don't have talent, so even after 1000 times trying you won't see a glass and for sure not 3D one. :-))

Thanks for posting.

I’m sure with practice you can too :)

Yeepee...! Thank you for the Gift Sir
I never expected it!
More comments​ to come

Thank you for the support @faithfulomoy

wow that really looks so real. Very good.

I practice drawing a lot to make it look real :)

Wooow this is amazing, your post very interesting @vaansteam, I follow and vote you...

I really appreciate that! Thanks!

Don't forget upvote me
I hope we can a good friend

Yes always thank you!

It nice I love your write up and I give my upvote

Thank you I’ll do the same

Loving this post. It's crazy how you can make something look 3D

Thank you. Means a lot! 😀

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Thank you for the info :)

Very nice tutorial! You explained the steps very easily and the result looks great :)

Thank you. The result is what really matters in the end ;)

Go! your work is great, I like like sifuminas to give the softness, I do similar jobs, work with realism in graphite, I do not use much the white since I use common white paper, nevertheless I make the lights with a moldable eraser, it is more laborious give the tones in gray but I find it more comfortable because I get better the tone I'm looking for. Congratulations is an excellent drawing!

I use eraser for the lighting too. But in some case I use white. You draw really well. Keep up the work my friend!

you draw very well . i follow you

Thank you!!

Awesome drawing and good information. Your highlights and shadows are wonderful! It has been a long time since I drew realism, but I was never that great at it anyways.

You're welcome. I'm sure you're great at it.

Your drawing is amazing :)

Thank you so much!

Wow I amazed how the glass look like a real one

Thank you 😊

Jealous of people like you, you have an awesome gift you can draw

Thank you so much!

Youre welcome :)

Absolutely gorgeous work - I love the way you've captured the light and shadow within the glass. :)

It’s very important to get the light and shadow so it will look realistic :)

Starting with a mid-tone paper helps too! That really helps to make the highlights pop.

This is absolutely beautiful. I do hope to be able to draw such things sometime in the future, but dedicating the time is really hard...
In the meantime, I take photos and make jewelry instead. You're welcome to check out my profile, I'll definitely be following yours :-)

Taking photos and making jewelry wow that is amazing skill. I’ll need to check out your blog!

Woww amazing :)
I like your post and thanks you for upvote :)

introductions greeting :)

nice post, upvoted plz if you have time visit my blog ,, best of luck

I will. Best of luck to u!

How wonderful you are!
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I'll do the same

Thank you @five34a4b

Admirable! Super realista en verdad!

Thank you so much!

It looks like a cup is on top of the paper! You art keeps on amazing me!

Thanks again lin! You're always so nice!

Not being nice, I'm just saying as I see it!