How to Draw a Realistic Eye for Beginners! - Drawing Tutorial

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Hello everyone Vaan here. In today's tutorial, I'm going to be showing you how I drew this eye using charcoal pencils.


The first thing that I like to do is create the initial sketch of the eye so I like to block out all of the general shapes of the eye and the structures and to do this, I use a really light pencil so for this, I am using the 0.5mm pencil. I'm just blocking out the general shapes so firstly I created a small circle for the pupil and then a larger circle around that of the iris and a lot of the iris might be covered by something like the upper eyelid and the waterline. I also drew out the basic shape of the eye the tear ducts the upper eyelids and the waterline.


The first thing that I did was I doctoring the pupil using the soft charcoal pencil so that we can get it really dark the pupil tends to be the darkest parts of the eye so I want to block that in first. What I'm doing is I'm using the 2h charcoal pencil and I'm using this on the iris and adding a really light layer of the 2h to indicate where the highlights are within the iris and also where the shadowed areas are so when I did my initial sketch I blocked out things like general highlights in the iris.


I'm applying a bit more pressure and building up more coverage on the shadowed areas and I'm leaving the highlighted areas completely blank so that we can clearly see where those highlighted areas are. I'm also going in little pencil strokes and lines rather than lots of circular motions because there is kind of like this spoke pattern in the iris of the lines going from the outer edge of the of the Iris tends to be the darkest part as well as a little portion surrounding the pupil.


It's important when you look at the direction that's the flex in the iris are going in so that you get this three dimensional kind of look and it is important that you block off the highlights because this is what is going to add shine to your iris. I want to do is soften it out a bit so it's not so gritty and so all of the pencil strokes aren't so defined so I use the blender stump and I thought this was really good it created a really smooth look. I'm building up the coverage with the 4b charcoal especially on the outer edge of that iris as that is the darkest part. I want to go in with the 2h again and I'm going to use this on the white of the eye. A common misconception is that the white of the eye is just white whereas in reality there's quite a bit of shading throughout the right of the eye to give it up spherical 3D look. With the HB pencil to darken up the shading especially under the eyelid and above the waterline and in the corners as well so this is going to give you a really three dimensional and realistic look.


Now what I'm doing is I'm working on the waterline and the skin around the eye and again I use the same technique I use that 2h pencil for this first layer of shading and then I added the HB but the difference is now that when I like to blend out skin. I like to use a tissue because you get really soft smooth shading. I'm also working on the upper eyelid and even though this upper eyelid is quite dark again I'm going to start really lightly. I don't want to kind of rush and make it too dark straightaway. I like to build up to those darker values slowly over time otherwise you can risk it becoming too muddy and too dark. Adding the eyelashes and there are a few things that you need to bear in mind when you're drawing eyelashes firstly the upper eyelashes tend to be a lot thicker than the bottom eyelashes. You need to look at the direction that they're going in and the way they curve so depending on where the eyelash is it's going to curve in different directions and you also need to look at the length of them and how many there is.


I'm also blocking in that crease and the eyebrow as well because they're dark areas as well when you're drawing the eyebrow try to use lines rather than just blocking it in in one block area just try and feather it in with some line strokes going in the direction that the eyebrow hairs would usually go in.


That's basically it for today's tutorial I hope you found it useful. Thank you, everyone!

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perfect for an eye painting, all the details are clearly painted. I see in the picture in this painting shows a woman who is beautiful, has a beautiful eye shape and intelligent mind.
Amazing @vaansteam 👍

You're very good at guessing my friend. She's indeed very beautiful. Thank you for the compliment.

I like your work ... A different style to mine ... here this picture drew my cousin with a cardboard of thread and I did it with extreme patience, since I draw quickly and my strokes are very explosive, gestural ... So much so that, when I concentrate my hand, it begins to tremble as if I have Parkinson's disease ... I apologize in advance for this ugly comparison.
(Then I publish all my drawings to share some art).


This is a very beautiful piece of art! Don’t be sorry. You’re very talented. Keep sharing your amazing art work!

Thank you..! making art is what should move the world ...!

I was really suprised when i saw @vaansteams post because here in steemit most steemians always seem to be doing the same things and because what they are doing is always based on someones post or some articles read during research ,because of that we end up getting lower reward even with more upvotes ,"i said we because i have also done things like that", but your creativity has not only excited me but have also inspired me, because i @ovimax also have some talents which i never thought of showcasing here on steemit but because of @vaansteams post i have decided to take a new step to my success here on steemit by using my God given talents to help others by creating qualitative post like @vaansteam.
Im really happy to have come across your posts and know and believe that i am taking a new lead.
Thank you [email protected] for being different..

Thank you for that. I hope I can be different. I know most posts are the same things over and over. I just do the things I like and hopefully, people will like it.

Excellent, sure I'm wonderful, I really like this technique in fact and developed many times, I really like the technique of hyperrealism, feet that is one of the best that can exist because it can be captured with luxuries and details all the features that Conte Ne an image, either from a photograph, a person in flesh and blood or from the same imagination.

Here I show you part of my handmade portraits:


You have a lot of Talneto brother. Best regards.

Awesome! That's pure talent. Me encantaría poder dibujar retratos así de buenos pero la verdad me inclino más por las manualidades. Maravilloso talento. Greetings

WOW, you're very good. I can see you using grid method. Awesome work!. Keep it up!

I've told you before
Your post is very good indeed

Thanks again my friend!

বুক ফাটা কষ্টের একটা গান - না শুনলে চরম মিস করবেন

Amazing work. I have never been much of an artist other than having a bit of musical talent, but this hits home with me.

I have wanted to try making my own art with this type of method, as I feel it may be something I have success with. I think it would be a lot of fun.

Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

I know a bit of piano. That's pretty much. You should try it maybe you will like it. :)

the painting is very good, keep the artistic talent @vaansteam, vote resteem
I also have paintings like @vaansteam


You're very good yourself!. Keep it up!. Looks great!

Nice your Looked at @lovebird

Thank you much :)

Wow! That's amazing.. It looks so real.

I love drawing realistic drawing :)

You are really good at drawing dude..
Wish u all the best :D

Thank you so much. Wish you the best too!

you are welcome dude.
Thanks for your wish :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

May I ask how do you develop the sense of proportion in your lines? I seem to mess up this all the time and instead of a woman, my drawing becomes a man or instead of a child, it becomes an old man. Does it come with experience with 10000+ hours of drawing or can you train your eye a bit faster?

It just takes lot of practice. Take a reference picture and try to draw every single details and in time you will get better. :)


Thank you so much!

WOW !!! nice work @vaansteam.
You always find a way to amaze me and i really like your works, its all full of passion.

Thanks again my friend the support!

Wow such a nice work of art @vaansteam really appreciate your talent nice going and keep us entertaining by showing your talent

I'll just keep doing what I love to do. Thank you for the support!

I am a one eyed supporter:)

I always like eye the most haha :)

Nice, detailed, instructions. Thank you.

You're very welcome! Have a nice day!

excelente dibujo amigo trienes mi voto

Thank you

Dear it's been years since I tried to draw something,but this post is superb showing step by step details. It's worth trying
Excellent blog 👍

Thank you so much. Good luck with your drawing. I'll sure you're really good!

wow amazing work. i believe that i have a talent in drawing, but lack of practice and drawing materials. this post inspires me to practice more in drawing

I'm sure you have many talents you don't know. I actually start off with white printing paper and just regular pencil.

oh, just like what im doing right now.

I really proud with people have drawing skills, many people like that art, i want it, but i can't do, i just have skills in furniture, I write my skills on my post, but the people maybe not like my skills, because i don't have some high votes from anyone, so bad..

Still in furniture is really good. I don't have that skill. It's the thought that counts. Thank you!

yah I'm still in furniture, because thats my job, drawing is a good talent, because so beautiful, furniture too, but many people like art drawing, and you have It, congratulation for you @vaansteam for amazing drawing, I'm very like.
if you want to see my post about furniture
here the link
thank you for appreciate me!
success to you

Great post ;) thank yo for sharing will follow to see more.

Thank you so much for the support!

Thanks for sharing have a great day :)

Great post can't stop laughing that's why I'm glad I joined steemit to see and read good post without the rat race it's been great scince I've been here and we can make money at the same time. it just don't get any better and with more choice's soon to be placed on the platform like dtube, porn streeming. Just to name a couple steemit's gonna get pretty fast.and they also have a crypto coin that is used with in the block chain. It's so many ways to make money here I hope you enjoy yourself and keep'em coming post post post steemit thanks.

Very true, Steemit is the best platform. You can make good money at the same time. :)

Amazing, mata yang lagak dan carong cara cok gamba. Deuh profesional foto nyoe

Thank you so much sir :)

Amazing drawing . I appreciate your art . I like it . Best of luck .

Thank you so much! I appreciate you commenting.




I really like this post vaansteam! keep it up!

Thank you so much, my friend!

help likes have ya i want ya thank you

Your welcome thank you

I think you are one among the best curators and author on steemit, very excellent and standout work. Thank you.

That's is very nice of you to say!. Makes my day to know that some people out there think that. Thank you!

Wonderful art.
I appreciate your creativity .
Thanks for sharing this of luck.

Thank you for commenting on my post. Wish you the best as well!

You are very good at explaining how to draw correctly, I like your explanation, I try to learn and draw. @lena1

Thank you so much, I try to best to describe the best I can. :)

These tips are wonderful, the eyes are clearly defined. The tutorials are very helpful. These tips will go long way to improve my drawing skills

I'm very glad it was helpful :)

Amazing tutorial. Hope this is a video on it. 😊😇

I'm thinking of making a video soon

wow this is amazing. For me, eyes are very difficult to draw

Thank you so much, Maria. I really like your style too!


Okay I will have a nice day

This is awesome + very well explained, love it!

Thank you so much, I'm glad :)

you really inspired me , thanks for sharing;-)

I"m very glad I inspired someone. And you're very welcome!

Trying to make simple drawing using a charcoal pen☺and got this idea from you☺thank you

Your is the best @vaansteem

You too my friend!

Fun to follow the visual evolution there.
Power to you.

Power back to you!

Fantastic! I like drawing the eyes too. Take a look my post, thanks! Upvoted and followed ;)

I saw your art. really nice thanks for sharing :)

Nice job!! I love the difficulty with drawing lifelike eyes. Its easy to see that you spent some time on this skill. Thumbs up !!

Yes, I spend quite some time. But I do enjoy doing what I love

Great work! I really like your post, it motivates me bcoz I so love art but art doesn't seem to love me, haha
i really want to enhance my skills, and I'm working on it! Happy Steeming!

I'm sure lots of things love you. :) Happy Steeming

Nice! Very helpful. I always succeed at doing one eye, and then the other looks kinda weird and uneven

The other eye should be the same concept. Hope you will get it :)

I wish i can turn back the hands of time... Being an artist was a talent i was born with but couldn't get the help i needed to develop it to the standard of professionalism. No hope lost cos i can till try my best in art work..... thanks for the tutorial @vaansteam appreciated

Keep going my friend, don't give up. Just keep practicing. I'm sure you will do well!

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wow, this is so very cool. i love how you draw this eyes, it's like there is a deep meaning and this so overwhelming

Thank you so much! Yes, there's some meaning in this drawing that's somewhat important to me.

sure you do :D and whatever it is, i know that it is full of emotions and that makes it beautiful

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Incleible muy bonito tu estilo me gusto mucho

Thank you

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I'll just used tinted charcoal to splash it all into this piece, free flow... hahaha

Very nice art the eyes look a bit sad though. But good job

Thanks for the comment!

Simply phenomenal, the truth is very talented, I respect him as a painter, I wish to continue to reap many fruits of those works of art that you create, God continue to bless you brother, a hug

Thank you. I also wish you the best!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi there.
I've been teaching myself how to draw since January... Here's an eye I sketched a few weeks back, it's not in your league guys... I'm just a musician who writes songs!
Thanks for letting me share.
Many thanks for your tutorial.

WOW I'm very impress with your art, my friend!

Thanks kindly @vaanstem!
I'll be following your art posts so I can learns some new skills!
Thanks for sharing your art!

Designed and created by @bembelmaniac

Greetings friend vaansteam, I have seen several of his works and are excellent, I wanted to share with you one of mine, which is the first since I am starting in this world, for you to give me your opinion. a hug.

Thank you for sharing. It's very nice!

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