Drawing Miranda Kerr Portrait - Step By Step Process

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Charcoal Time-Lapse Portrait
Materials: Charbothello chalk-pastel, General's Charcoal Charcoal Black Medium,
Strathmore Bristol 300, Charcoal Primo, uni-ball Signo

Music: Last Summer - Ikson


Do a proportional sketch of the whole portrait and then start to shade it in and get an accurate sketch. Avoid outlining all of the features if you're going for realism. Avoid outlining all of the features with heavy outlines especially like the sides of the nose or that sort of gap between the nostrils those areas don't need to be heavily outlined. It's just subtle shading.


Really look at how those tones and values transition into each other. As I'm drawing each feature you will see some reoccurring mistakes like outlining parts of the features is quite harshly done. I just used the black charcoal pencil for her hair. It was simpler to do this hairstyle then if it had more values because hers was basically pretty much black.


Next, I get some powdered charcoal with a blending stick and blend it out all over to get a nice base layer and add any shadows so on the sides of the face where it'll be darker. I'm using a smaller blending stick to add the shadows and the contours around the face and the body. I just used a bit more powder on there to make it a bit darker. There you can see that it looks really smooth.


Then I go in with a 557-2b med charcoal pencil and add in the detail. I used the charcoal pencil with a really sharp point to get in those eyelashes on the bottom lower lash line. I use the mono zero erasers to pull out some extra hairs and the hairs that are highlighted to give a bit more dimension and make it look highlighted and stand out more.


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Wow, you are really talented. Keep up the good work! It would be awesome if you posted some tutorials on how to draw; I'd love to try to follow along (though I know I'll epic fail...)

Even I would love that. I have a little artist in me and a basic tutorial by someone so talented would prove motivating. Probably you could give rise to some new talent (though I know that won't be me ;) )

@manilagg. Nothing is impossible, I sure you’ll be very talented.

Thank you for having said that. But I am a full time coder and coding sucks every else talent from you.. haha (just kidding or probably not ;) )

Yeah, maybe I'll be making real-time tutorials soon. Thank you!

Vaan K. Art right. I have followed you in everywhere possible. Subscribed to your YouTube channel, facebook, etc. Seeing and viewing your art works carries in it all the motivation that I need to grow in my art career. Am amazed at the rate you were able to have more than 3,000 YouTube subscribers in less than a month, and you've risen to be a whale here on steemit. I really need your mentorship to bring out my talent to limelight. You're an extraordinary artist

Wow thank you @whizart I am flattered. I just checked out your art. It’s really nice. I’m sure you will be successful soon. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I wish you the best! :)

Thanks sir @vaansteam. I feel honoured to have received your reply, ain't easy to spare out time to reply to all your messages considering how busy you'd be... I hope I become successful soon. Your support is highly needed to achieve this. Thanks

So beautiful artwork!! Love her sweet smile @vaansteam

Thank you @livvu she have a very nice smile. U do too!

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Thank you I appreciate it

Phenomenal! You are really hitting your stride.. keep going

Thank you, I will! :)


Amazing...I drawing a picture, me too.
you're excellent artist..
I would Follow and Voting .

Thank you for the great support @jiwoon 😊

Wow.... enormous....

WOW!!!SO amazing

Thank you!! 😊

Excellent drawing and better finish, @vaansteam. The technique you use is clean and detailed. I am a lover of good painting and this is a really good portrait. Can you imagine if Miranda Kerr could see your work!? Congratulations!

Thank you for the compliment! Nice to know someone who loves art. And I don't think Miranda will ever will haha

Amazing friend, quite realistic. I am aware that the portraits are very complicated to do, be it black and white or color. It should delineate very subtly and focus on each element of the face.

I loved how you used the game of shadows especially on the chin up to the neck, and the details of the hair also shows a good job. I think it's great that you explain the procedure in order to learn one thing or another.

Thank you friend. I guessing you’re an artist as well.

wow it looks very realistic. great drawing vaan, you always amaze me

Thank you Maria! You always have something nice to say. :)

The portrait of Miranda Keer painted by you is very beautiful and very realistic too, it impressed me from the very beginning and with every step it was getting better and better! Chapeau bas @vaansteam! 👏

Thank you @adazone. I’m gald you were impressed with my art :)

Keep up the good work :)

I will! Thank you!

Fantastic drawing on the pic

I like the way you sharpen those pencils!

I always sharpen the pencils to a point :)

Really goooood. I hope I'll learn to do this soon. You are so amazing and talented @vaansteam

Thank you so much @knthalo

That's very nice!

I love how detailed the dress is, it looks so real too. So talented! Super well done :)

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Impresionante, si tuviera hasta siete días la publicación igual le doy mi upvote. Felicitaciones.

Wow so amazing work great finishing really nice work excellent drawing skill work done by really professional way it's amazing

Thank you! Glad u think so! :)

Wow amazing ....

I am happy with your painting because you only use pencil but the result is real.

Me encanto el dibujo, quedo sumamente genial.

"Nunca dejemos de hacer Arte"

Miranda Kerr she is so beautiful celebrity. And you have nicely drawn her. Her smile is so impressive in your drawing. I always appreciate your great creativity♥

Thank you so much @msena

Wow! Amazing talent you have! Keep it up! You inspired me to do some art. Thanks man! GodbleSs.

I will! Thank you for the great support! ;)

You are really talented. You have to make more like this.

I will soon. Come back for more :)

o boy,your just too good at this...really cool stuff.

An incredible job as always!! I would like to see you draw Adele.💙💙💙💙

Yeah maybe I’ll will draw her one day 😊

Beautiful painting. You make it seem easy. I wish I had the time to draw. Im trying to find the time to learn a new language for now.

Wow learining a new language is really hard. Wish you luck! :)

Some posts before this I remember I said that I want to learn to draw. Today I made my first one, sort of a cartoon, but I feel happy for that. It's a start :D, so I have to say thank you.

Yeah I remember, I'm still waiting to see your artwork :)

Now I have to say that's amazing

Thank you!. I'm happy you think so! :)

Beautiful face, it is really well designed with shadows in the right place, especially it seems real ..

With the right shadows in the right place it should look real :)

Really spectacular your drawing technique, I really liked the video, I congratulate you I wish you many successes with your art.

Thank you @betzaelcorvo I wish u success too

The hair to me is the excellent piece of art, where it brings the portrait to life. Good shading as well.

Hair is very important and every details need to be there

Good job of capturing the girl's charming smile. And thank you.

Your welcome and thank you, my friend!

This is superb! I'm also an artist too (pen artist) I really love the progression from the sketch to final portrayal

I see you're very good with the pen. I hope to more of your art soon :)

Awesome man! Drawing is almost flawless!

Thank you! Always trying to improve

Amazing and good job @vaansteam Nice concept and idea is great. Thanks for this new update.

Beautiful portrait of beautiful lady Miranda Kerr. I think real Miranda Kerr would love this nice sketch of her. Your artistic skill and Miranda Kerr both are adorable.

Yeah she’s a beautiful lady :) thank you @akdx

Welcome dear!

Really good work ! Looking forward for more hot girls ;)

Thank you. But I don’t know if I wanna keep drawing hot girl :)

Very lively and emotional, thanks to the correct transitions of shadow and light on the face!

Shadow and light are very important. Thank you :)

You did not use strokes for chiaroscuro. What material did you use for shading? Coal?

Oh man you've got skills, you achieve really great depth

Beautiful, love the details in the hair!

Thank you, glad you love it!

I'm a fan of charcoal drawing and this one amazed me <3

Thank you. I love working with charcoal even though it's little messy


Very good drawing, you have been perfect you're a genius.

great drawing!

Delightful face, it is extremely very much composed with shadows in the perfect place. Good work [email protected]

Thank you. I’ll try my best! :)

great work of art where you stand out applying your techniques of effect and shadows, I congratulate you I really liked your drawing. slaudos from venezuela, successful

Thank you! I really appreciate your comment! :)

increíble proceso creativo

Gosh, I didn't know that you can draw like this! Absolutely stunning, bravo :D

Thank you so much @wilhb81

What a beautiful talent, Each portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the model. Painting like Renaissance painters, it took me a few years, painting as children took me a lifetime.

I did put a lot and time in all my drawing and wanted to improve every time. Thank you :)

Thank you for your great posts @vaansteam. Seeing you make so much Steem has inspired me to start drawing again.

Tu trabajo es pulcro y bien planteado. Tenemos pensado organizar un concurso de retratos y nos gustaría que fueras uno de nuestros jueces. Seria todo un gusto poder contar contigo. Saludos hermano bohemio del arte pictórico

Thank you friend

woau I hope some have tutalento

Thank you so much!

This just awesome. You are so talented, i just love this scketch :) Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much @airdrophunter

Awesome work! Will definitely follow xx

Thank you friend

Truly amazing

Miranda Kerr Portrait nice design very good drawing thanks share with us.

Thank you for the compliment!

Hello, Vaan. It is perfect portrait. Thank you very much for video process.

Your welcome glad you like it

Wow !!! Really very excellent and Mind boggling art this is ! O that I might be create such art

Thank you. Hope I’ll be able to see your art as well!

Amaizing drawing! you are really talentated...i'm excited to see more drawings of yours :)

Thank you so much @meimei07 more so come soon :)

copy and paste from my YouTube comment on your channel:
"nice work! I saw your work in steemit, and now I am impressed here, very talented. congrats"

Thank you. Wish you the best on the platform

thanks, I'm new and I'm getting acquainted with steemit, I have some drawings too (not as pro as yours) would be great your opinion.

This drawing is nothing short of magical
For me its like no matter how much I try I never reach this level :(

You’re quite good. You will reach this level soon. Keep at it!

Thank you about your share. You make drawing step by step so you write how to can make it, it is very good idea. I like it

Thank you. I sure lots of people already came up with it

Thank you too. Keep creative every your post. I like it

You did it again. So talented. This looks like a photograph. Is it someone you know?

Thank you! This is a drawing of a model.

Man, thats cool, but i see bad lines. Train your hand bro)

Thank you. I’ll keep on training.

You really are very talented. I would like to learn how to draw like you. I will try to guide you according to your sketches to try to make it similar. Thank you for your time and dedication to upload the step by step of this beautiful drawing

I’m sure you can draw just as good. :)

Which drawing do you recommend me to learn to draw? that is, with forms of eyes, face, body ..

Gracias por compartir tu trabajo con nosotros...Recomende este post a mi hijo @lart007 es un nuevo que apenas tiene un solo post, para que vea este excelente trabajo.

its really awsome ......

Mi primera impresión: Pensé que era una fotografía. Wow

Wow I'm still obsessed with your work, I find it spectacular and it causes me to learn to draw so perfect by hand, considering that I know but not as perfect as your work, anyway I invite you to see my work, which is digital illustrations. @vaansteam you are an example in this platform. I love your job

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