Blonde Hair Girl - Colored pencil drawing

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Materials: Chalk-pastel coloring pencils, Charcoal Black Medium, Charcoal Black Medium Dark
Strathmore Bristol 300, Charcoal Primo, uni-ball Signo

Music: Black Panther Inspired Dark Angry Trap Beat By Danson

The first common mistake the beginners make is that when they're doing their initial sketch using graphite they just do it a bit too dark and the problem with this is that if you have a dark initial sketch when you add colored pencil over the top especially in the lighter areas, those pencil lines will really show through. So what you want to do is use an eraser to lighten up your sketch before you add all of the colored pencils. When you're doing hair or portraits it's really important that you layer up lightly rather than going in and burnishing straight away if you burnish straight away it's hard to add layers on top and get that smooth kind of finish. The more layers in the hair you have the more sort of depth your drawing has and that's what gives it that look. It looks like lots of layers of individual hairs. When you're drawing blonde hair, blonde hair isn't yellow so you don't need to go in with really saturated vibrant colors so make sure when you're doing blonde hair you don't go in with a yellow color. Another mistake that I see people make when they using color pencils is that they use their pencils blunt and they can't fill in all of the grain at the paper it just lays on top and you have the white bit showing through so make sure you sharpen that pencil.






200_s (1).gif


You're very talented. Not only does she look very real. She also looks very much alive. Great work!

That really means a lot thank you!

Beautiful, I'm not that great at free form art.

I’m sure you’re good at programming?

Beautiful art 🎨 work👌 wow. How long did it take to finish?

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Thank! It took me 5 and half hours to finish

Amazing man, keep it up 👊

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Very nice drawing.. I love to draw pictures as well.. but I not able yo draw human pictures.. you have very good talent in your hand.. please keep it as it and incourange,teach,help others in this art.. best luck.... have a good day!☺✌👌

Thank you so much! I'm sure with a little practice you can draw human too :)

I will try my best.. will send you drwaings some day.. thx

I'll love to see it :)

@vaansteam nice drawing. I can't draw pictures but I love your art. I will vote all of your posts. Thank you for share.

Thank you for the great support!

I'm always excited about the way you draw hair in your art. You can tell that it's one of your strong points, as you say, it's good to work in layers in order to give it realism and make it look the best it can be. I think it would be fun to see your first drawings sometime to see the change and improvement! :)

Ahaha yeah my first drawing the hair was horrible. I always look at my drawing to see where I need to improve. My weakness is coloring. It’s not where I wanted to be yet.

Hello how are you? I am surprised this really I am very beautiful, it is like seeing the girl live also the model is very beautiful and you with your talent plasmas in a role as its beauty

You give a little tutorial some beginners, you're great!

Greetings from Venezuela

I'm doing well. Thank you for asking. Yes, she really is :)

Thanks to you for sharing your talent and how you manage to make it so beautiful

I loved the video and you put a very good musical background

Wow! Very beautiful art. So cool. Its fun to enjoy, my friend. 👌

Glad you like it :)

@vaansteam beautiful piece of art and a fantastic drawing, I love all of your work, please keep sharing with us.

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I will! Thank you for the awesome support!

@vaansteam do you often make youtube/dtube tutorials. Man u are damn good and i wanna learn from you so bad.

That’s really nice of you to say!

Wow so wonderful art ! The girl is looking so pretty and beautiful specially her leap, eyes and hair. I like your art all time that really awesome.

You’re always so sweet and nice Thank you!

Hi Vannsteam! Do you do watercolors? It's become my new hobby! I never knew that I would enjoy so much! You have certainly inspired me to want to draw, so thank you! I'm not good but this is my first one of peony flowers.IMG_4315.jpg

That’s very beautiful! I haven’t tried watercolor yet. But I’m thinking of giving it a try soon since you make it look so good 😊

Ohh, that's so sweet of you to say that. I have no clue what I'm doing but I'm obsessing to become better and better everyday! :)

I must say you are very good in sketching because it seems so real like 3d sketching you're sketching is very impressive and another thing which you pointed out the silly mistake which is generally happens this is real comment from my perspectives because i am a lover sketching the reason is my girlfriends makes awesome sketches @vaansteam

Thank you for taking the time to write this. You should do some sketching yourself. That will be interesting to see :))

Wow! It's amazing!

You know, I have a dream to have a portrait like this. It's not a huge dream and it is easy to be realized. But still... Every time when I see an artist drawing a portrait of someone, I take a few minutes to admire the process. But I get so shy to ask to draw a portrait of me. Hmm... Strange, right?:) I wonder, if there is a portraitphobia 😅

Anyway, your work is brilliant! 😊

Ahaha I know what you mean. I never had anyone drew me before. You’re pretty, I’m sure one of these day your dream will come true. 😊

Thanks for a compliment 😊
P.S, But you can do a self-portrait, right? 😉

WOW I really love your drawing, it is one of the best I've seen in terms of realism using colored pencils, I love drawing, I hope some day to draw and color like you, while that happens I can take a couple of tips from your video, Excellent work .. !! Greethings @vaansteam

I didn’t take too long on this drawing. I happy that you think it’s one of the best you’ve ever seen :) means a lot!

at first I thought that it was a camera taken looks so real......
You have given some amazing tips..thank you!!!
You are just great..God has gifted you with a special talent and the most important thing is that you are also using it well.....
I wish you best of luck for your future posts....

I’m very happy you think so. I’ll do my best. thanks for the support!

welcome.........strive hard to achieve whatever you want...

Amazing I love your drawings seem so real they are like a picture but you can see every detail better

I loved the way in which the hair looks very soft

Ahaha thanks for the awesome compliment

If I may ask sir, what's the best type of drawing materials for traditional art? I mean the colored pencil name, pastels, drawing paper,paints etc. I'll like to know sir

I think Prismacolor is quite good and not too expensive. And paper I always use Strathmore

Hello Vaan, and I have commented on another post but I repeat it again, I like and I do not get the texture of the hair as you do jajajajajaja, I love how it is, but I am very stubborn and will continue to try, congratulate you on your new drawing and classes You leave us in each post, are very grateful and you instructive, good weekend and enjoy.

Thank you for commenting again. The hair can be tricky but once you get it. It’s super easy to do. Don’t give up. Have a nice weekend my friend!

Thank you for your teachings Vaan, and I will not give up I'm very stubborn and I'll get it. Good weekend to you, too.

Beautiful I love the step by step of this looks so real you also colored some beautiful eyes that combine very well with your hair looks so perfect

Thank you for the compliment. I’m very happy you think so

WOW...Cool song bro!

You always have the best meme

That is beautiful

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So beautiful blonde hair girl. She is looking amazing. I appreciate your brilliant drawing.

I’m glad you like it :)

With such talent, you are the one who should be receiving prizes, instead of giving them. I can see you have trained your hand and eye over countless hours, for you are able to translate what you see in your mind onto the paper/canvas, without having to constantly re-draw.

Yeah I’ve been giving away since I started but the compliment and comment on here is rewarding for me not the money

Beautiful work. Amazing technique. Thank you for posting ORIGINAL content.

Thank you dear! I got one sbd from you as a winner of your contest. I remember the day when I had earned one sbd in the same manner months ago. That was the first best thing which I witnessed on steemit. I used that one sbd to promote my posts at that time. That was the turning point of my steemit expedition.
Thank you once again.

You’re very welcome. Congrats on winning. It’s not much but I’m glad it help just a little. Have a nice day :)

Thank you dear! Same to you.

Nice work! Adding you to my list of great steem artists that I follow. :)

Thank you for the follow. I’m honored

Wow, another one from my man. That's a happy art, she's happy U made a good piece of her

Thank you so much my friend :)

Just beautiful, you should see my work too!


I will. Thank you for sharing

awesome work. I'm also UI designer but i never draw this artwork like u. I'm very glade to u.

Thank you. UI designer are pretty talented

Your drawing looks alive .. i'm so amaze .. My daughter love drawing since she was so little .. Now She's in grade 9 shes and taking special subject in drawing and designing to learn more techniques .. I hope She will be good as you.

Wow your daughter is going to will really good you should be proud :)

Beautiful eyes... I like this work!

Thank you so much :))

beautiful, what's the name?

I’m not too sure. I google for the referent photo

@vaansteem you always making lovely portraits. I always have to wait everyweek to catch up with your lovely art. Do you whatsapp?

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That’s really nice of you. I don’t have whatsapp but you can contact me on Instagram

Woah, incredible! You literally got it spot on down to the strands of hair! Well done sir.

I really enjoyed drawung hair. Thank you!

very beautiful one , you are such a great artist

Thank you very much for your kind word

Wonderful girl - wonderful painting :-)

My wife is always drawing with paint by numbers, but your pictures are in an other dimension.
Fantastic colored drawing up for you! 👍

I’m sure your wife is really good too 😄

Very pretty and nice especially her eyes.

Thanks I try to do my best :)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Thank you artzone :)

Very nice drawing, I like.

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Thank you so much

great picture

Beautiful artistic

Thank you so much

You are a great artist, I really like your drawing

Thanks for the support

omg awesome art and awesome concept sir..

Thank you so much

very nice and beautiful.. looking alive and beautiful..

@vaansteam can u draw a pic for me...???

for your work upvote and follow you....

I would but right now I have so many request I haven’t got time to get to it.

Wow, i wish someone will draw for me..

I wish someone draw me too but I have to draw myself ahaha

Maybe someday you'll be surprised, someone will draw for you😊

Hi! @vaansteam 👋🙂. As always, incredible your work 😊. I want to see the next.

Thank you very much @perezt

Wow, beautiful art :)

Este dibujo quedó realmente hermoso. Me gusta mucho los detalles del cabello, es impresionante.

Beautiful drawing. Thank you sharing with us.

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your welcome :)

even picasso with his weird art will give you 10 of 10 XD

Ahaha I don’t know if he would 😆

Wow, that is very professional! I know that I can do that too, but I do not have the skills yet, where can you buy them? :p

Ahaha just need some practice:) you can buy art supplies on Amazon or Ebay

Your work is incredible great! New big fan here! @vaansteam

Ahaha Thank you so much

Great work and Talent. Resteemed,upvoted

I really appreciate that :)

awesome art bro.. you did really good job. how long are you drawing this type of pictures?

These kind of drawing took me around 5 hrs

Ohh she looks like she was alive!!! So beautiful.

Thank you very much! Glad you think so :)

nice post

awesome painting

I like it too much, you have very good skills, what talent


I still do not do portraits, but I encourage every time I see his drawings. I will take into account the use of the colors with a tip (I don't usually chop them often). Maybe that's why I don't turn out so well. Greetings and I'll be waiting for your next job.

Thank you much for the support! Have a nice day friend :)

Draw well

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Wonderful Art's 💓 picture

Thank you 😊

Hola ,hermosa obra de arte me gusto mucho tu técnica y tu paso a paso ,te felicito ,éxitos ,saludos

A la orden amigo espero que me visites pronto por mi blog para que conozcas mas de mi poder contar con tus apreciaciones ,saludos

To the friend order I hope that you visit me soon by my blog so that you know more of my being able to count on your appreciations, greetings

Very nice drawing and good talent

wow you just got me screaming out loud, this work is so amazing bro. i knew you were cooking up something nice i love this piece man great work.

Amazing realism.

Very talented ! this looks real!

Awesome painting bro. She looks so lively

i love what im seeing......good job

Very beautiful painting you have created Sir

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I love drawing..... Nice

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Very beautiful painting. :-) She looks so tender.

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I don't know much about drawings but I'm in love with this photo already.

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You're very talented and you make want to practice my pencil coloring skills

she is like a real lady.your a great artist.

Great work brother

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Great illustration as always :thumbsup:

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