Trying to Take a Shot at the Painting on a Wall, in Moscow

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Last week I've shown you a Graffiti paying A Tribute to the Beatles, in Moscow.

The next shots were taken just a couple of steps away from it... by the Лепим и варим joint. This reads as "Lepim I Varim" and is roughly translated to "Shape and Boil". This name hints at their speciality: the famous Russian Dumplings.


I have no clue who these guys are... but the dude in red was a bit tipsy and insisted I took a photo with them. His mate was sober. First he tried to pull his friend away... but realising nothing he said was going to work, he played along and we all took a photo. Ah ah! 😜

When I got there, only the guy in red was sitting in front of the artwork.


I wanted to take a photo of the painting on the wall and I kindly asked him to step away for a minute, so I could take a clear shot. He eventually did... but not before I agreed to took that first shot with both of them! 😅

Funny guys. They were not Russians. Judging from their accent, they were both from the UK and they were having a great time with their Russian friend, the Vodka.

Eventually, they went inside and I could take a shot of the artwork on the wall.


Right next to the place's entrance, there was this oddly decorated piece.


That's all I have to show for now... I hope you have enjoyed these photos.

CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
LocationMoscow - Russia
Edited with GIMP

@trincowski signing out.


When I saw the guy in the middle I thought he was either Irish or British.. I don't think that Russian guys would do this :) The other two looks a bit latino..

Have you been to Moscow recently? I love it there. The city is so full of life and it never sleeps. That artwork is nice.. I guess there are many of them in Moscow.. when I was there I wasn't that interested in art yet so I didn't pay attention. If I would go now I would probably look behind each corner to see if there was something interesting :)

I also enjoyed it... but only for a vacation. I could never live in a cold place like that for too long. I'd go berserk!

Thanks for your visit! :-)

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Lemme take a wild guess and point out who I think you are between the 3.

The guy in red!
damn...I suck at this :P

but seriously, that guy just made this post 401% more entertaining haha! The painting looks way better with him in front of it.

In all seriousness, you really have a great eye. You always somehow find the most magnificent looking pieces!
Keep it up!

It sure was fun. A good way to break the routine!

Yep, you missed. I ain't that tall! 😊

For a second I was wondering if the guy in red was you hahaha!

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😂😂 they look a bit weird😊 who knows they already on steemit @trincowski 😆 I haven't seen all the pictures because nithing appeared on esteem except the thumbnail on the feed page

Oh? That's not good...
Thanks for your visit, anyway!

You are a very attentive photographer, notice many details.

Thank you for the photos and their interesting description, @trincowsk .

Thanks for stopping by, Svetlana!

You guys look great in those pictures😁😁 i love Those paintings 💪💪

Yeah, it came out alright! 😊

Thats cool 😃😁

At least you made new friends even for a short while. 😃

Ahahaha. It was a brief moment!

They say some moments last a lifetime. And who knows your paths will cross again. 😄

wow, its special art and yups also meaningful. I realy love the second pic sir. telling us about bar activity with many characters. great. greeting for them the author from me :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

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