Deplorables Leader Super Trump Billboard To Debut In Times Square

in #art6 years ago

Super Trump, leader of the Deplorables, will have a 55-foot tall billboard sponsored by the 'Committee to Restore America's Greatness' will run on Broadway between 46 and 47th street for the entire week. Then it will move to the I-4 corridor in Florida next week.

This comes on the heels of his arch-nemesis Hillary Clinton withering, wobbling and collapsing during a 9/11 commemoration ceremony.


what a great way to stoke the fire and divide the nation further.

Yep. It's called "divide and conquer" and the international banking cartels (the new world order globalists) just love this kind of stuff.

I think Trump will be better than most Presidents. Until we have total Crypto domination with Blockchain Governance ;-)

I agree. He's also pro-cannabis and states rights. Clinton is with big pharma. You fools are going with the new world order.

Clinton is a proven globalist. Very anti-bitcoin, anti-states rights and the true racist. Trump will let bitcoin tech thrive and allow the states to accept cannabis.

I think if he wins he will try to add another face on Mount Rushmore... but hey that's just me ;)

It got on the news!

Ha ha good one trace! Love listening to you interviews!!

Very interesting!

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