I Made My First Scene Using Decentraland's New Easy to Use World Builder

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I've been excited and inspired by the idea of Decentraland for the last year but as a 2D cartoonist with no coding skills I found myself with lots of creative ideas and no way of executing them. I watched in wonder as 3D modellers and developers created imaginative buildings and fun games hoping that one day I could learn the skills to emulate them.

When Decentraland announced they would be launching an easy to use drag and drop editing tool, complete with built in 3D assets, that takes away the need for any coding skills, I knew that this was my opportunity to get creative. I signed up for the alpha testing and got straight to work. As I am an advisor for The Festivaland District I decided to make a scene that might be useful for that purpose. A small stage in the opening of a glade, the kind you might find on the periphery of a UK Summer festival.

I have never been able to get my head around 3D modelling software before. I've looked at it many times over the years but I'd never had that moment of clarity where everything made sense. The new Decentraland interface is different. It's so instinctive and simple that within a few minutes I had a clear understanding of how it worked and could get to work creatively building my scene. The assets are super cool, although they are limited, there is a great variety, and I expect that they will continue to add to library as time goes on.

After a couple of hours of tinkering, and then maybe another hour of tidying up I had created my first scene 'The Poco Mondo Acoustic Stage'.


Decentraland will launch the world builder tool in March with a content creator contest. Design scenes using the drag and drop editor to earn MANA (Decentraland's cryptocurrency) with big prizes in LAND and MANA for the top 50 entries.
It's a cool way for creatives to get involved in Decentraland and earn a bit of crypto.

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there is more information about the builder and the contest here

or to keep up to date with the latest news - Decentraland on steemit



3D modellers can be pretty hard to wrap your head around. Maybe you should try a few open source ones out though and see if you can't figure one out. They've changed a lot in the last few years, with 3D printing becoming more and more popular and more people using Linux, so there being more open source coders out there.

In any case, your scene looks really nice. Maybe you can end up making a tidy sum somehow doing that in the crypto space.

I watched in wonder as 3D modellers and developers created imaginative buildings - that's you :)

That is so awesome! I have been wanting to get into Decentraland for a while now and this is really encouraging. Great job!

This looks great mate! Maybe I will even have a go myself?!

you really should, you can sign up here - https://contest.decentraland.org/

Cool! I'll check it out if I get time... working a lot now... :-(

Nice , i like the idea of combining blockchain and vr.
But what's the point of it, do you sell these graphics? Or is this to use in your own virtual reality land?

indi devs are building a city of experiences that, as a user, you'll be able to explore for free

So you use it for your own city in decentraland?

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Nicely done! Congrats!

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