Incredible Techno Art Exhibits

in #art5 years ago

This video shows you how to "Step into and Lose Youtself in the Art" in one of these techno art exhibits built by the Japanese company TeamLabs.

My daughter has been to one exhibit with her significant other and said it was really amazing experience. She's really into sports and thought it would be lame. But she said there is just something unique about it that it sends chills down your back as the people inside are also part of the beauty that keeps ever changing.

They actually have a ton of different exhibits in a number of places inside and outside Japan. Here is their webiste listing them:

I want to take my boys to one, but I need to pick something my younger one can go to that isn't too bright and falshy due to him having seizures (which is one reason I haven't been posting lately). But I know they'd get a kick out of it and I think it would be more fun to share with family & friends during the art experience.


@tokyodude thank you for sharing the video, haven't read my bloomberg and forbes posts these days due to steemit addiction ahahah so thanks for sharing this one -

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