Food illustration + speedpaint!

in art •  last year

Hi steemians (steemits? steemios? steemies? idk im new here!), I wanted to give people an idea of my painting process alongside the programs and tools i use for my digital art, so I decided that recording the progress of this piece (with some lovely background music provided by Louie Zong ), would most easily portray that!

I honestly had so much fun painting this because most of the time, for me the biggest concern isn't getting it to be "photo-realistic", but to illustrate the food in a way that is not only appetizing, but also depicts it in the light in which my stomach "sees" it, be it with warmer colours, a surplus of highlights or just a general "I need to eat this now" vibe :p

Anyways, here is the finished illustration, alongside a handy desktop background sized one!

food banner.jpg

food background.jpg

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

sign off.png

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very nice 👍🏻


ty! c:

You are going to do so well here. Welcome :)


tysm :D glad to be here!

I really enjoyed your post as i was going through everything! Good Job, keep up the great posting. I also went ahead and added you as a follower and upvoted!


thank you!! sorry i only saw this now ;__; steemit has been bugging out a bit for me and not loading things correctly, but thank you so much for the support!




oh noooo, good luck with your steemit struggles!

decide up , It is nice to follow you. follow up


thank you! sorry for the late reply I hadn't seen this yet! ty for the support c:

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Hi. Didn't you said 6 pm not am? And that wasn't enough i think. Even lucio was better cuz you made a video how you do it.. What about you make a video and show us? Also so many tags makes fast 1 dollar upvote. You made 1 post after another in just 1 hour?


no i did say 6 pm, that last one was just before going to bed, the one at 6 pm will have a video and everything


Ok do you have anythung so we can message. Fb or if you are on yt often.


How about email? I check it more often than fb or yt :p It's


I sent.