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This week I finaly got around to finishing the first robot. I have made 2 more in the mean time, but I've been taking my time experimenting with rust patinas and colour.

Meet Dave. The first of the Urban Robots.


I've always liked Urban Art and Street Art, but didn't really see how I could join that movement or even if I wanted to. But after visiting an Urban Art Fair in Paris last year, I had a few ideas and a plan started to form.

So the idea is that these are decommissioned robots, found on the garbage heaps and in the streets of a dystopian urban society. They're broken, rusted, dented, tagged with graffiti, etc... To emphasize the urban feel, they're displayed on concrete bases.

It's been a lot of fun making these and minutes after posting Dave on Facebook, I already got an invitation to display him in a gallery. So, I may be on to something here.

'Mitch' is going to be painted this week, so expect a new Urban Robot pretty soon.


This is great! The concrete base with graffiti totally does give it that urban feel. Also love the flat top head design and patches of different color in the patina to make it look like it has worn off or rusted in places. This is obviously still 100% fitting with your style and previous work, but definitely has a different feel. Very promising start to the Urban Robot series, looking forward to Mitch as well soon! Cheers

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Thank you for your feedback. This was basicaly the response I was hoping for, confirming my intention. :)

For some reason, perhaps it is the urban grunge, it makes me think of the film Chappie.


Really cool idea with the base, it made the portrait more complete and beautiful:)

Thanks. It does work well together.

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