What a beautiful color of your orchid. I love these flowers and I had so many at home already. But for some reason these are the only flowers that I can't take care of :D They always die! So I stopped buying them and I told my friends that they should not give me one again, lol :D

Your painting is stunning! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend!

I am sorry about them... I had an orchid flower too and but my little nephew teared its petals. We both unlucky I guess :)
thank you for your comment

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Really beautiful, next week I will attend an exhibition of orchid growers. I love orchids.

thank you so much

That's a pretty good replication of the original. What type of medium are you using? Watercolor? I can see a buckle in the paper so i am assuming so. ;-)

yes I used watercolor :)

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I really love orchids. You drew them beautiful. :)